Ascension - 2012


Stargate opening 09.17.06

Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.

Online Channeling August 16th, 2006

Anshai anshallah! Haleha nueve!

We greet you. We celebrate all perfection from within the Light.

Ahhh, you are finding that life has come up with twists and turns
which you feel are unique in your experience. Perhaps they are, but
your resistance to the changes is what is causing the twisting and

Be at ease. There is much happening on infinite dimensional levels.
In all of creation there are changes occurring. In such a way, these
changes affect you greatly and you affect the changes as well. We
wish to speak to you of this.

The Ceyelon Star Gate System is in the process of infinite alignment
which will culminate on September 17th of this year, 2006. One
aligned, the Star Gates will remain as such for a period of seven
years. Never before in human history has there been an alignment of
such magnitude. It is this very occurrence which begins the shift of
the ages that will culminate in 2012. There will be some residual
balancing in 2013.

In the ancient language of Light, this kind of shift is called

Lah hanai nu alan nahallah si en tallah ensitu

Which loosely translated means:

"The leaving of the storms upon and within and the coming of the
Rememberings of that which is Light"

One might consider that a shift such as that which is upon you acts
much like a cosmic enema.

Late this year and particularly in 2007 and 2009 there will be
escalations which bring extreme changes to your world. It is not the
end of your world, but the beginning of a new way of being, a new
era of reality.

As the Star Gate system aligns, it creates an infinite opening past
the void and fully into the heart of the source of all creation.
Because of this, all that has been becomes that which was and that
which has been created comes to fruition in the form of new
realities. How those realities shape up depends upon each and every
one of you.

This is so because all that has ever been and all that is, is
mirrored within you. Each of you carries light of the highest
vibration. The eternal light which can never be extinguished. That
light from which all things are made.

Because you are such powerful beings, containing the light of the
IS, everything that you do, every thought that you think, every word
that you speak, every action which you create and every reaction
which you have all communicate within the One in such a way that the
One responds to you.

That shift which you have prayed for, talked about, worked toward
bringing forth has begun.

It is a process, a shaking out of all that is not true, a bringing
forth of greater reality in such a way that your lives, your
beingness as humans upon your earth, has the potential to become of
the highest vibration that the density of creation has ever
achieved. Of course, this is all up to you.

We wish at this time to explain to you that which is in occurrence
as the shift begins and moves into its processes.

The alignment of the Ceyelon Star Gate System acts as a clarion call
to all of creation to respond in like manner. As the alignment
occurs, there is an inherent reaction within all beingness which
responds first by releasing that which does not serve the truth, and
then polarizing toward either the highest of vibrational existence
or that which is opposite. How you choose to step along the path
toward utopian existence is up to you.

You and your world are beginning to change. You are at a pivotal
point in the existence of humanity. There is at this time a struggle
for balance as this IS and the HAS BEEN battle into new paradigms.
That which HAS BEEN no longer has a place or works in your reality.
That which was and has been utilized as a guideline for discernment,
problem solving and even the creation of reality no longer works.
Vibrationally, it is impossible to live that which is not of Truth.

Imagine, allowing yourself to ride the tide of higher nature,
letting go of the resistance and being carried easily and with Grace
into greater reality.

As the shifting occurs and the changes begin, many of you are
finding that the world around you, your daily experiences and even
those experiences of the moment are fraught with changing values
which are in direct conflict of those which you have carried forth
unto this now. Those values have told you that to have and to hold
are that for which you exist. Those values have told you that you
must become outstanding above all others, to achieve beyond others,
to be special in your presentation to the world.

These values simply are not Truth. These values belie all that you
are and all that you can be in Truth.

We speak of intentional participation within the reality of all
things for the greater good of the balance, the coalescence of
individualized reality into one greater experience.

That experience being one of joy and ease, with regard and honor for
all others who are doing the very best that they know how in any
given moment to participate within their journeys as are you.

Some of those beings in the natural process of all change will not
choose to step out into the unknown, greater state of being. Do not
grieve for them. You must know that first of all that is a choice
and secondly, they will have other opportunities to rise to their
greater beingness. Do not fear, do not be of concern. Live your
truth and walk your talk. The time is now.

As the Ceyelon Star Gate System brings a main line Source energy to
your beingness, to your planet, you will find that not only are the
veils thinning. You are moving into dimensional overlaps. What this
means is that the reality to which you are accustomed and that which
exists in other dimensions will occasionally come into your reality
all at once. You may find yourselves wondering what is real and what
is imagined. We tell you this: IT IS ALL REAL. You are existent on
infinite plains of reality simultaneously. Because of this other
parts of you are experiencing things quite similarly and quite

There are portals opening which you may use for multi-level
experience. You can exist consciously within all realms of reality
simultaneously simply by aligning all of your aspects (by intention)
in the same manner that the Star Gates align. As you do this
deliberately, you have begun to live purposely, participating
consciously from within the One. This is how you create conscious

You cannot do this from your thinking self; you must align from your
core, your three fold flame, your heart of hearts. It is there that
your inherent knowing resides. It is there where the vault of all
knowing has been hidden from you. No one has deliberately hidden
this from you, you have simply become unaware that is even exists
within you due to evolutional processes, the need to learn to
communicate in that evolution and the later development of both the
thinking self and the ego self. As both of these developed, the
emotionality fragmented into a plethora of subtleties that became
known as love, hate, fear, grief, happiness, etc., etc.

Each emotion being part of a greater whole that you could not see
because as each became experienced individually, you began to think
that you were and are individual. Doors to greater awareness closed
and that is where the illusion began. That is where the lies of
separation were launched.

But deep within you the truth remained. You do not need to discover
the memories, the rememberings, buried in ancient lands (although
they are there). You do not need to become an initiate of a school
or a form of thought or a system of learning. You have all that you
need all that has ever been within you. Let yourself ride the
current of blissful existence, for as you let go of that which was,
and do not worry about that which might be, that which you are
responds to the freedom of the moment and does not simply fly, you
begin to soar.

Physically, what is in occurrence is that the electromagnetic fields
within and around your DNA strands are changing. These fields of
energy act as transmitters and receivers within you and outside of
you on universal proportions. Infinite proportions. It is these
electromagnetic fields which bring information to you in each and
every moment, telling you what options are available, what doors are
open or closed to you based upon the choices which you have made up
to this now.

The DNA fields are re-harmonizing. Many of you have talked about or
read or heard about 12 strand DNA. Of course, this is not exactly
accurate. To denote a count of your strands implies that you are not
infinite. Of course, you are infinite. What we are saying to you is
that your little tiny electromagnetic energy fields are responding
to the opening of the Ceyelon Star Gate System.

As the Star Gates align and open, your DNA fields respond. As they
do, an amazing thing happens ~ The harmonization of the
electromagnetic DNA fields creates harmonic resonance in the form of
a single active field that reaches infinitely to the highest of
highs and the depths of the most base energies. You are becoming
infinitely balanced not only as part of the One, but as the One.

Do you understand what this means? This means that you, as
insignificant as you have seen yourself in the scheme of things, as
lacking in value as you may have seen yourself, are becoming
mightily powerful, more so in each moment that passes as you and the
Star Gates are one and the same.

From your universal harmonic resonance, there is nothing you can't
create. There is nothing you can't do. Everything that you ever
dreamed of is only a perception away. How is it that you see
yourself? How is it that you view your world? What ever your answer
is, that is your truth. In order to change your truth, stop seeing
with the eyes of others, reach way down deep within yourself and
look through your infinite eyes. They do not lie. There is no ego
within them. Your infinite eyes draw from the Source of your being,
the source of all things and know unfailingly of the greatness, the
purity, and the scope of infinite love that is you. Has always been

As the Star Gate System aligns and opens, there is a universal
response which occurs. All of creation begins to shift and respond
much in the same way as your DNA fields. All of creation is aligning
harmonically, based upon the level of reality and the reality within
that level. What we are saying to you in this moment is that
whatever reality you create is being responded to by all else of
creation. This is how your choices become the most powerful of all.
The power is in the choosing. What you create here and now is being
transmitted to and responded to by all of creation. It is in this
manner that you change the existence within which you are in this
now to a more utopian existence, the fifth world, beyond the fifth
dimension, beyond imagining.

At the same time, your planet, your world, is responding as well.
Your planet has begun to expel the pressure of untruth from within
its very bowels. This is so as volcanic eruptions occur, as
earthquakes begin to shift the balance not only on the surface of
the planet, but within its heart of hearts as well. The planet will
continue to do so and as the Star Gate Alignment progresses, you
will see more anomalous occurrences within the weather patterns,
seismic activity, volcanic eruptions and even in the behaviors of
the peoples upon the planet.

The animals are already beginning to respond by changing their
migratory patterns. They are responding by behaving in unexpected
ways. And those which have always been loners are beginning to see
the value of living and working together, as many of you will begin
to see as well. The animals always respond before humanity because
they have no mental process to tell then they are wrong. They just
do what they feel. Learn from them.

As the universal harmonization takes place, there is another
fascinating and wonderful opportunity. Pathways of travel which have
not been open since the star nations came to your planet are re-
opening. Some of you call these worm holes. They are pathways of
travel which intersect within all of the star sectors, all of the
multi-dimensional realities, star patterning of pathways each and
all which culminate in portals in various locations throughout

There are many of the portals which enter into your world. These
portals may be used for conscious coming and going to any and all
destinations. Do you realize what this means?

Your consciousness is not limited to your body. It is your essence
free and light. Your consciousness can easily traverse these and all
other portals to take you into the infinite intentionally and
instantly. As your consciousness travels outside of time and space,
it is not limited to perceptions, boundaries, or destinations. Your
consciousness travels faster than the speed of light and because it
is light, your consciousness remembers everything that it has ever
experienced. Imagine, allowing yourselves the freedom to glide
through all of reality just because you desire and intend to do so.
You can bring to your now, your planet, and your current reality,
whatever and however much you choose.

At the same time, you can intentionally experience multi-
dimensionality consciously being aware of all other realities
simultaneously and still be functional in the dimension of the

It is in this manner that you become aware of how to command the
miracles and magic in every moment. That which you intentionally
project into all of creation instantaneously responds as a new
reality. All that you must do to achieve the magic, to live the
miracles is to believe in them. And why not? You are everything that
ever was, is now, wrapped up into a perfect representation of
beingness in this now!

There are many children coming into your world who come with
knowledge and remembering of the before times. Many of them will
step out as teachers of the ancient rememberings. They will remind
humanity of its perfection. They will demonstrate abilities that
until now have only been of the imagination of your science fiction
writers. Let it be so. The children know what they are doing. Do not
worship them or conversely, let them run amok, as even though they
carry the rememberings and the apparent giftedness of all time, they
are still fragile little beings who have needs. They need guidance
within your world, as they are sensitive in nature. Let the children
guide you back to your innocence and into the Light. They remember
the way home.

In the coming times, you will witness and perhaps even experience
much change in your reality and your life. So be it. There is no
reason to fear, what is has always been. What is, is. The question
is what will you do in each and every moment?

The world scene will escalate as violence makes an attempt at being
that which is the outcome. We tell you that the violence is only a
part of the process. Creating reality is not to focus on the process
but rather to know, to believe that the outcome has already
occurred. AS this is so, then the violence will become of peace and
there will form alliances for the greater good of humanity. What is
the greater good of humanity? That is for you, each of you to
contribute and decide.

You are the denizens of reality. That which you are you are
infinitely. Perhaps elsewhere in creation you have a different face,
different frequencies, different journeys, but you are infinitely

As the Ceyelon Star Gate System brings forth the truth of you, and
as the space time continuum begins to overlap bringing in new and
different realities to your awareness, do not hesitate to experience
them. Do not fear for your sanity. Your sanity is, after all, only a
perception which is of limited scope based upon what you have been
taught as what is acceptable.

Imagine if you never had to worry again about what it acceptable, of
what the consequences might be. Imagine if you accepted your freedom
with grace and ease, living the Truth at any given moment even when
that truth is perhaps unfamiliar, you would find that the Truth is
entirely of perfection. Because of this, you would also recognize
the perfection of you.

As you begin to witness and experience the coming change, do not
hide from yourself and others, stand in your spiritual might and be
among the counted, those who chose the higher road. Reach out and
touch your fellow beings, offer your strength, your wisdom, courage
and power and remind them of theirs. Empower each other and embrace
the infinite. You are that might. You are that great power, you are
the gentle love that resides in all things. You are the balance. It
is only for the choosing.

Many of you we shall meet within the light as you choose to travel
intentionally within the open Star Gate System. Greet us on equal
terms, for each of you is a Master of greatness.

Nahallah Anshallah. Ensitu, nui Anshallah.

Asi, Asi, Asi


"We shall meet you as One

Of Light, With Light Within Light

Be in Peace


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