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Posted By: X_Hermes
Date: Wednesday, 19 April 2006, 1:47 p.m.

This is my current thesis on how the up-coming
ascension might differ from what has gone before.

In the unrecorded history of humanity on Earth, it
appears that there have been three ‘civilisations’,
separated by large tracts of time, as well as many
visits from and involvements with extra-terrestrials.
Most of us have been a part of each of these groups,
as we have evolved through out long journey of soul
development. In other words, we inhabited these
earlier bodies as part of our journey through the
wheel of incarnation. To understand the nature of the
progression represented by these three physical
evolutionary steps in the making of the ‘modern’ human
being, it is helpful to understand a little about the
human blueprint.

In essence, our blueprint is a thought form. It
exists all over the universe. Whatever the highest
form of (suitable) life is on a planet, over very long
periods of time that life form, perhaps just one
specialised branch, will slowly evolve towards
becoming humanoid. The corollary of this is that, in
any higher-life-bearing place, the human blueprint
will always seek out the highest form of DNA
available, and use this as a basic building block with
which to start the very long-term physical evolving of

As an analogy, this might be likened to taking a
house design, and building it in brick in one place,
timber in a second, and corrugated iron in a third.
Why the different materials? – well, that is what was
available locally. The houses may turn out very
differently – but they are all still the same
fundamental design.

It is the same with using DNA as a basic building
block. When the first two civilisations developed
here, the DNA we hold today has not yet evolved. For
the first, the humanoid that developed became the
highest expression of the reptilian DNA, the most
advanced available at the time. This gave rise to the
beings we refer to as Reptoid – and the many myths,
legends and channellings about reptilian humans.

Later, after a considerable gap in time, the
blueprint once again utilised the highest expression
of the DNA available – this time from a specific
evolutionary branch of the dinosaurs which had
evolved, giving rise to the humanoid form we refer to
as the Dinoid.

I tend to think that both these civilisations may
have reached, and embraced, an ascension point of some
sort, and moved on from this worldly environment. We
are talking here, exceptionally long timescales, the
Reptoids being here around 220 million years ago, and
the Dinoids around ninety million. Neither group grew
to the huge numbers humans have reached today.

By the same form of naming, since we may represent
the highest form of mammalian DNA, perhaps we should
be regarded as being Mammaloid. For reasons set out
below, up to this time it has not been easily possible
for us to ascend, certainly not in very large numbers.
But everything is about to change………….

My understanding is that the Reptoid people became
very highly evolved, with their evolution focused
primarily on MIND. Perhaps this makes sense - after
all, we don’t generally associate much warmth and
heart energy with reptilian forms.

It is known that the dinosaurs, over their long
evolutionary journey, were becoming ever closer to
mammals, being truly warm-blooded. They also hold more
‘heart’ energy than the reptoids, and you can sense
this when you consider them.

Both groups, having become highly evolved, have
subsequently come back to Earth at various times.
Indeed, they have a very close, even proprietary,
interest, as Earth still represents the ‘home planet’
on which they evolved. Of course, there are other,
similar groups from many other places (in terms of DNA

Now, we, as ‘modern’ humans, have integrated some
characteristics of both our forbears, in the
evolutionary sense. Certainly, it is quite common to
hear the ‘reptilian side of our brain’ referred to.
The question is ‘Can we escape and move beyond these
ancient elements of who we are, or will we remain
trapped by them in denial of our higher (and
potentially superior) faculties?’

Or, put another way, ‘ Are we to be trapped by
‘mind’, or will we evolve to having ‘heart and soul’
as our primary driver?’

The initiation and death rituals of the ancients –
and Egypt is a prime example – were very much highly
sophisticated and ‘of the mind’. The rituals of groups
like the Masons still reflect this. Yet, more modern
teachings (Hermetic, the Buddha, Jesus, etc) show the
importance of disconnecting from the domination of
‘mind’ if higher states of consciousness are to be
reached. There is obviously a paradox here, or even a
complete reversal of approach, which for me relates to
the three forms of humanoid, and their primary
characteristics. So, which approach is right? The
wonderfully complex rituals evolved and practiced by
the ancients, or the ‘go with the natural flow’

Atlantis and the Seven Chakra System

Perhaps an answer is to be found by looking at the
current evolutionary jump being made – right now – by
our chakra systems. They reflect the cosmic energies
that are stepped down into the energy structure of our

It seems that there are twelve such archetypal
energies which are the energy building blocks of the
Universe, from which everything in existence is
ultimately constructed, plus a thirteenth energy which
is cohesive, being the sum total of the twelve plus a
quantum step up. The thirteenth is automatically
present when the first twelve are present, activated
and balanced. This latter ‘step up’ might be called
the Christ energy, or the Buddha energy, or whatever,
depending on one’s religious background. These
thirteen (or strictly, twelve plus one) rays originate
at very high frequency, well above that of the light
spectrum. In order for the rays to be useable in the
three dimensional plane of our existence, they are
stepped down to lower frequencies many times until
they enter the frequencies of Earth. However, they
always maintain the same relationships with each
other, a set of fixed ratios which define them.

This ray system is sometimes seen as twenty four
plus one, when the male and female aspects are taken
into account as they are stepped down into our
physical duality.

Historically speaking, only seven of these
energies have been present on Earth and in human
consciousness since the demise of Atlantis. It appears
that the Atlanteans had grossly abused the powerful
energies that were part of the construct of our
planet, and higher beings decided to remove the six
higher energies, leaving us with a subset of six plus
one (this last being the violet ray, in effect
‘standing in’ for the Christing energy). All of these
planetary energies have subsequently been damaged by
the polarisation / separation we humans have been
experiencing on the planet. Thus, they have not been
‘integrated’ energies, but were affected by the
negative experiences of the planet and of the mass
consciousness. Since the energies available to us also
limit our powers and faculties, the removal of the top
six created a kind of downward spiral in our
consciousness – the FALL!

If my observations are correct, the reconnection
of the full spectrum of cosmic, archetypal energies
has now happened—all twelve energies have been
grounded on the planet, and more importantly, in our
human consciousness. This re-connection was heralded
by the harmonic convergence (a special and catalytic
event which took place in 1987), and, from the mid
1990’s onward all twelve energies, culminating in the
true, integrated Christ energy, have started to flow
in the energy structures of the planet. These new
energies are integrated, not polarised, which means
they each represent an integration of the light and
the dark! Starting from an extremely low level, they
have taken until now to reach full strength and the
accompanying multi-dimensionality.

Potential for the Fast Track

The reason why this re-built energy system is
important is that, since the fall of Atlantis, our
bodies have been energetically based on seven main
chakras, reflecting the energy ‘building blocs’ that
were still present. Now that the whole spectrum of
cosmic energies is once again available to us, this is
being reflected by the rapid development of a
13-chakra system by those who are actively seeking
higher consciousness - plus a surprising range of
others. Many children are now being born with the
thirteen ray system full operational.

Now, I have already said that the thirteenth ray
only comes into being once the first twelve have been
balanced and integrated. The thirteenth is the energy
I referred to earlier, creating the faculty that
facilitates the ‘Christing’ of humans – its’ presence
does not automatically mean that Christing has taken
place yet.

The associated chakra appears to be at the very
top of the head, and the name I have been given for it
is the Transdimensional Chakra

As I understand it, the rulers of both Atlantis,
and Egypt, were humanoids based on one of the earlier
expressions of the human form, almost certainly

It is held that these being were very concerned
about the effect on them of the emerging modern human
form, because of the – so far unrealised - potential
that our DNA holds. They knew that at some future
time, our DNA would take us through a transition /
transformation, and that we would then activate
faculties, the sum of which mean we shall be far more
powerful than them, and no longer controllable.
Therefore, some groups set themselves against this
happening. Others understood the importance of
allowing, even encouraging, this evolutionary step,
knowing that in later lives they would inherit the
same bodies with its astonishingly powerful DNA – but
only if the transition were allowed to happen.

The schism that this caused affected many cosmic
orders, perhaps all of them. This is why the final
resolution of the game that has been played out over
human ascension is sometimes referred to as ‘The
Redemption of the Universe’. It represents the final
healing of a schism that has spit many levels of
consciousness, essentially over the wisdom (or
otherwise) of creating a completely free-will planet,
and then putting it out of reach for all but the
highest connections. This scene was an unacceptable
risk for some, and a great evolutionary innovation to

I suspect that the distant origins of Faction 1
and Faction 2 are here. So is the story of Enlil and
Enkai from the ancient Mesopotamian records, and
indeed, perhaps it is the basis of the whole structure
of ‘duality’.

Returning to these profoundly sophisticated
rituals that were ‘of the mind’: the point is that I
understand that WE, as transforming humans ARE NOT

Up to now, the primary connection we have had to
higher planes of consciousness has tended to be the
third eye. A third eye connection is a very difficult
way to facilitate the necessary interaction with
higher states, so as to integrate with them. The
difference between third eye and the Transdimensional
chakra is like the difference between dial-up and
broadband. The third eye gives us a slow and difficult
connection capacity. The Broadband / Transdimensional
chakra is a personal portal to higher states of
consciousness, a conduit of immense capacity that
directly connects ascending individuals to higher
dimensions. When fully activate, the connection
appears to be permanent – leading to our capacity to
be fully multi-dimensional.

It will be a unique experience for each
individual, perhaps depending on the path (through
many lives) which got them to this point. The rate at
which this activation of our personal consciousness
broadband happens seems to be driven by a ‘hundredth
monkey’ effect, i.e., potentially expressed by some
kind of exponential curve.

So, the activation of the complete energy set on
the planet triggers the rapid evolution of our DNA
towards its true capabilities. Individually, then in
small groups, then rapidly increasing numbers we start
to fulfil our blueprint, and all that this means.

My strong sense is that it is this ‘conduit to
higher planes’ aspect of our DNA that the old
controllers have been frantically trying to disable.

It is now too late for them. We are, slowly,
relentlessly on an upward curve that means we are


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