Ascension - 2012


From the legions of heaven...

9/29/06 2:15pm

Who will speak to me this day?
“ There are many of us who wish to speak with you this day”
L: Who will be the spokesperson?
“I step forth beloved sister. I am Athena”
L: Good afternoon Athena, nice to be with you again. Do you have a message for me?
A: Indeed, from the legions of heaven I employ a message of forthcoming delight. The lighted realms abound and wish to advocate this transmission. I will speak as the voice of all present. Together we combine our energy to the highest level frequencies, is this comfortable for you?
L: wow…it’s a bit intense, but ok. I feel a little lightheaded, but the clarity is worth it, I can endure.
A: Excellent, we will monitor your vitals. We are many this day in accordance with events lined up in your realm on earth. We are embarking upon a special journey to employ the combined efforts of the command and the Lighted Beings of Nebadon in a mission of great cosmic intervention. What this means is the moment of your arrival is afoot and unmistakably you will know this to be true in a very short period of time.
L: I apologize Athena, do you mean me specifically or the collective?
A: I speak to all of like vibration at this time. This is the call to join forces with heaven. Many of you have experienced delays in the forward movement of life as you know it. This is indeed due to the shifting and realigning of frequencies better suited to support you. These energies have been shifting from discordant to harmonious for many years. Now, the shift is completed. For those of you who are preparing to journey forward into the light of the great central sun, hear this…the time has arrived. The upliftment of man shall begin with the rising of those souls stepping out into their new dominion. What has been prophecized as the Great Shift of Ages is now, and the coming of the Christ has arrived. The great shift begins in the consciousness of man and extends outward unto the realms of multi-dimensional creation. It is the rising of man that will put an end to the discordant energies and give way for the new light that is now upon thy earth. Each of you has been prepped for your roles as light showers, each of you has gained the awareness of a master. The coming times have arrived and the new world shall avail itself.

Beings of light, the time for greatness is available now to each of you. The choices you make will determine the best possible outcome to your destiny, choose wisely. Be astute and firm with your decisions and praytell. Never before has there been such a grand opportunity to fulfill your dreams for a better world, now is choosing time. In choosing your destiny you only need follow your hearts calling. Those of you who toggle between worlds must decide. Those who have filtered through their fears will know that everything is now possible. It is in this choosing that your decision be heard by the great universal laws. It is in reuniting with your latent abilities that you finalize your truth. Stand guard for all those temptations to be averted, now is the time to say yes to what is and no to what was.

The battlegrounds will become forests and the trees will become shade and the shade will become the shadows of a land that once was. No longer is it required to sit in the shadows of yesterday for the combined efforts of few have released enough light for all. Heaven is truly upon you and the swords of truth have cut through the illusion of man. Rise to the occasion by saying yes and divinity will bestow upon you. Let the fears and illusions of a reality no longer pass you by. The new day has dawned and the fight for dominance has ceased. Destiny is yours and the lighted beings are behind you in the victory that you have attained.

The legions of heaven unite in a grand effort to restore your earth and her people. We come in droves to implement the new ways of living, prepared to lift you up and bring you in alignment with the infinite supply of heaven. We send our mighty forces to lead you and our ground troops to support you in an effort to give you back your sovereignty. Each of you now must take the reins and march forward in faith, knowing your victory has been won. It would be impossible to employ a different outcome for the law has been written and the results are clear, you are to be lifted again.

My brothers and sisters hear our words…the lion has left its cage. It is the age of enlightenment and all aboard will sail together to the dawn of a new cycle. Stand up and be counted, for those who rise in the final days shall fall nevermore. It is indeed true that what goes around comes around and the law of attraction sees this through. Those who see power and greed shall see their demise, and those who see love shall see suffering no more. We have joined together this day to mark the beginning of a new earth. May the celebrations begin in light of all your accomplishments to save humanity and earth, you are the mighty saviors. From the Legions of Heaven: The Galactic Federation of Light, the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Lighted beings of Nebadon, we bid you farewell. We are in great anticipation of the days ahead. May the light of heaven shine upon one and all with eternal blessings.
L: Thank you.


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