Ascension - 2012


Lauren - Sananda says "take heed"...

3/30/06 12:15pm

Sananda? Are u available?
S: Hello child, I am with you.
L: Hi S…happy new moon.
S: Indeed it is. We have observed great activity associated with the new moon cycle and especially the spring equinox. Can you not feel it in the air?
L: Yes, the sun has great intensity this past week.
S: The sun is radiating new frequency waves which are penetrating your earth as we speak. These energy waves are responsible for much of the changes in consciousness on your planet at this time. We are in great admiration of the ways in which you are all affected by the new energies and as we monitor your progress we can see the success at which you awaken to truth.
L: I am aware of more, and excited at whats to come…do you have a message or update for me today?
S: Of course, my child. There is always something to share. I imagine we should first address the issues of your government since they are the most pressing at this time. I would like to start off by saying that we are anticipating great things to happen this week. There is a lot of information that is being circulated in your media and has been prompted by forces of light. This explosion in media awareness will bring truth to the masses, truth through portals of respected reputations and trust. This is imperative, that we gain the respect of those willing to listen to truth by using the mouthpieces of respected and trusted individuals in your nation. We are using many modalities to ensure the success of this mission and it is almost complete. We have observed that many are now willing to listen, that the state of affairs of man has become so dire that people will listen to any sound of hope. This puts us in an advantageous position as you might imagine since so many will be new to the information that will penetrate the masses shortly. We are guiding you to a winning solution and all the waiting and anticipating has served its purpose now. We are delighted in those who remain in constant communication with us because it gives us an opportunity to be heard. Your mission as previously stated, is an important one to spreading truth. Many rely upon the words that you and other telepaths put out to the world and your voices as well as ours are being heard. Because of this, change is happening. Are you beginning to understand the magnitude of your service to mankind?
L: I do, sananda, and I am honored and delighted to share your inspiring words with so many willing to listen.
S: Yes, those who choose to listen have great benefits over those who choose to remain in the dark. It will take the strong of you to live by example so as to inspire others to make the same choices you have. We are in great admiration of all who swim upstream in these tumultuous times and we encourage all of you to stay on course so others have these special examples to follow. You who choose to stay on course are headed for great rewards and we will foster those in our care.

With respect to your currency we anticipate that the truth of the federal reserve will be in full view by the weekend. We are strongly urging government leaders and constituents of truth to come forward at this time. We are in need of the courageous who have positions of influence and incriminating evidence to support the coming changes. We say to you, stand tall and proud and have firm resolve for only the truth shall set you free. Now is the time, dear ones, to be honest with yourselves and each other and to take back the governing of the people. Without your support, there is no government. Without your firm resolve, there is no sovereignty. Take back what is rightfully yours and claim your freedoms once and for all. Allow no other to control your destiny for each of you are co creators with God. We are supporting all of you on this journey to freedom and we applaud each effort that you make toward truth. Pull up your boot straps and dig deep for the will to change all that has kept you down. Rise up to the challenge and stay committed to your quest and you shall prevail. This is a Clarion call to justice, an opportunity to emerge out of darkness. Let not this opportunity pass you by for there are few more of this magnitude designed to take you all the way home. The energy that is calling you is backed by legions of fellow beings of light here to assist you back to your inherent sovereignty. Use the assistance wisely and be prudent in your applications for they will only serve you in the light of forward movement. We are here to assist you but you must assist each other in your willingness to not stand down. You cannot succumb to the fear tactics of your corrupt leaders in their attempts to dissuade you. You cannot be submissive to those who try to dominate your will. You must use your strength and resources now and gather the collective power in numbers to walk straight into the line of fire. You are capable of monumental changes when you gather together in the name of God. You outnumber those who rule over you and with this knowledge you can stand up against tyrrany with great force. Call unto others to support the cause of truth and to finally right what’s wrong. Countless numbers of supporters are behind those of you who are willing to talk about the truth. Show these brave souls your support so that they may take the steps necessary to free this nation founded on equality. As they step forth one by one, call out their names, send them your love, show them the rewards of courage and when they prevail be astute in who you choose to run your country. We have said to you time and again that this country is your responsibility to manage. Be not complacent in this opportunity to rise up against untruth. Take matters into your own hands now and forever more and when you succeed in removing all that does not align in Gods country, you shall truly be free. This is your time to shine, your nation depends on it. Be vigilant and wise of corruption and turn not a blind eye or deaf ear. Change happens when you happen to make change. Step forward now my warriors children of light and remember who you came here to be. We are counting on you. I Am Sananda Immanuel and I ask you now to take heed.


Coping with the Quantum Shift...2006

Coping with the Quantum Shift...2006
by Celia Fenn

Archangel Michael has asked me to share this information with you, in the interests of assisting you to work with the Quantum Shift that is now taking place. These energies are changing your reality in deep and fundamental ways, and it is the wish of the Angelic realms to assist humans to make this transition in the best possible way.

We would like to emphasize that this transition is different to the Indigo-Crystal transition that most of you have experienced. That energy was an individual awakening that enabled the person to "rewire" their body and activate their lightbody. That work is over, as you as a Collective have reached "critical mass," that is, enough awakened or Crystal beings to enable the next phase, which is the Quantum Shift.

The Quantum Shift is a Group or Collective exercise in which everybody plays a part. This awakening is being facilitated by those who have already experienced the individual awakening, and the New Children who are bringing in the New Energies to assist the process. You can expect that every single person and being on the Planet will experience the effects of the Quantum shift in some way. Those who awaken now will activate all their lightbodies in this process.

The Quantum shift is about Earth and her population moving to a new level or Harmonic of Experience and Love. The energy that is coming into the planet now may be called "Angelic Fire," and it is transformative and regenerating. Earth is experiencing a rebirthing by Fire, and it is a joyous and wonderful process. But you may feel some discomfort in the birthing, and so we offer this information to assist your process if you so choose.

The Experiences of the Shift

Physical Experiences: Many of you will feel the incoming energies quite intensely in the physical body. This may feel like an intense electrical energy that runs through the body, especially the arms and the legs. It may flow in currents and waves, and may feel very hot or very cold. You may feel "foggy" in the head at these times, and also very tired to the point of exhaustion.
At these times, the Angelic Fire is moving through your body in a process of "deep healing." You may feel toxic at these times, since the Angelic Fire is eliminating and removing everything in your body that is "dense" and "toxic." You are being renewed physically from the "inside." You are experiencing deep cleaning and healing.

Many people also report tingling sensations on the skin, as well as itchiness and heat on the skin of the arms and legs. Again, this is your body clearing out toxins, since the skin is the primary organ of elimination. Your liver and kidneys will also be very active at this time, and you may experience pains in these areas. Feelings of nausea and diarrhea are also indications that the body is cleansing on a deep level.

When you experience any of these symptoms, it is wise to rest and be peaceful. Sleep if you can. The body needs you to assist it in these processes. Be aware that you are rebirthing a crystalline body, and that you can help by honoring your body and its needs.

As for food, some people will not feel like eating at all, and others will have cravings for certain kinds of food. Allow your body to tell you what it needs, but do not overdo foods that are toxic. Your body still appreciates simple and whole foods at this time.Do not stop eating, food helps to ground you at this time when you may feel like "floating off."

Emotional Experiences. This area will be something of a roller coaster. Your emotional body may experience upheaval in the deep cleansing process. You may alternate between joy and elation, which are the emotions of the new energy supported by the Angelic Fire, and so-called negative emotions such as anger, fear, confusion and depression. You may feel "stuck" and you may judge yourself.

Remember that the emotional body is also experiencing it own healing into the new levels, and many old emotions of the collective may be activated in you as you work with the collective awakening. Feeling stuck and as if nothing is happening in your life is the effect of having to wait until the rest of the Collective awakens sufficiently for the next phase of the awakening to unfold. It will require patience and acceptance and trust. There is a greater plan and you are contributing to it just by holding your calm center and allowing energies to flow through you.

You are learning absolute trust in a Higher Purpose and your part in its unfolding. Just know that the Higher Dimensions are working to hold this energy with you and that everything is as it should be at this time. Stay positive and focus on being in the Moment and experiencing the joys and blessings of what you have. The Angelic realm is working to ensure that every being that awakens is cared for in this process.

Mental Experiences. This will be a difficult area, as the mind will struggle to come to terms with the nature of a reality that is shifting and changing. Nothing that was "fixed" will be so in the new Quantum reality. The mind may begin to panic, or experience anger and frustration. In some cases, paranoia may set in as people seek for a "reason" for the disintegration of their reality. They may seek to "blame" others in their experience field, or look to "dark forces" that are attacking them. They may seek to vent their angers and frustrations on others.

In these cases, it helps to understand that the energy that is coming in is pure love, and that as it heals it seeks to bring up everything that is not love. So experiences of "negative" energy and fear may need to just flow through you and be released. Remember, only Love is real, and that all else is an illusion. Do not allow yourself to fall into illusions at this time. Focus on what is real. Find the love and the support in your life. It is there if you are willing to see it and accept it for what it is. Each person who moves through the illusions and accepts the love contributes to the awakening into the reality that only Love is real.

Shining the Light

Remember that you are becoming a Crystalline being. As your activate your lightbodies and clarify your crystalline physical form, you are able to hold so much more light!

You can radiate that light out to the Planet. Visualize yourself becoming Light!

Practise Conscious Breathing! Allow yourself to breathe in the Angelic Fire from the Cosmos and breathe it out as radiant energy for the Earth.

Allow yourself to see the Miraculous and the Wonderful in this Quantum Shift.

The Angelic Fire is permeating every aspect of our existence, and we are becoming pure Light while still in our physical forms. This is indeed the whole purpose of the evolution of Humanity, and you are living through the culmination of many lifetimes of work.

It is time to celebrate!

© 2005-6 Celia Fenn

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.


Sheldan Nidle Update 3 28 06

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

12 Ik, 5 Mac, 1 Caban

Selamat Jarin! We once again take up our discussion with you on
more topics of interest. One of the more interesting is consciousness
and your physical body. Many on your world believe that consciousness
is anchored in the brain. While your mind is truly prodigious in its
abilities, the primary source of your genius, in truth, lies first in
your genes, and then your heart. But the pivot to comprehending this
is your eternal source-your Soul. This special, infinite collection of
Spirit is gifted by the Creator with unique wisdoms. Among them is the
ability to discern the real nature of the Universe and the means to
manifest the decrees of the divine plan. This potential is invested in
the eternal Light and Love that is the real you. This is realized in
your genes (the body's greatest Light receptor) and in your heart
(your body's greatest accumulator of Love). These divine energies then
interact with your spiritual and physical essences to create who you
truly are in each of your many lifetimes. From this base and with the
help of your physical and emotional essences, you daily encounter and
assess your world.

This assessment is often colored by the fundamental beliefs
acculturated in you by your family and friends. As you grow in
consciousness, due to the ascension process, you begin to question
these fundamental assumptions and search for viable alternatives. This
journey leads you down a path toward a new reality and is often aided
by new spurts of Light and Love energy. As your genes activate and
become more accustomed to this energy, you become more willing to
accept the Love energies accompanying this increasing influx of Light.
Frequently, the wisdom growing within you is severely challenged by
your peer groups and various familial support groups. This can often
lead to conflict and, on occasion, to physical health crises. This is
why your pathway to enlightenment is littered with key incidents that
have shaped your journey. Nevertheless, the new energies,
characterized by strengthening intuition, allowed you to move forward
and accept what Spirit has given you. This acceptance encourages your
voyage of learning the lessons of divine Light.

As you develop your divine potential, you discover how to
meld the wisdom gleaned from the philosophies of the East with the
spiritual teachings of the West. This dichotomy blends into a special
brew that anchors your journey into the multitudinous worlds of
consciousness. In this exploration, you are not alone: strange new
data is emerging from the frontiers of subatomic physics and
cosmology, and the cutting edge of scientific research is engaging a
majority of your fellows either openly or secretly. In these studies,
consciousness is surfacing as a factor beyond its accepted role in the
physical self. We who are already fully conscious can vouch for this.
Your sorties in pursuit of the strange and unknown is to be applauded.
This movement has compelled your science to acknowledge the role of
Spirit and so begin a new area of scientific endeavor. Remember, true
science mirrors the realm of the divine. Science and its core
philosophy need to discard the primacy of matter and recognize that
matter is the child of Spirit. Thus, the many anomalies in your
current beliefs can be satisfactorily corrected.

Consciousness is deeply rooted in Spirit and wonderfully
nourished by the deeds of her physical counterparts. This
give-and-take is the divine cycle. When you move into a full awareness
of this, the joy of enlightenment soon follows. As Buddha, Jeshua, and
others achieved enlightenment, they discovered how this process
functions, and the eternal joy they felt soon permeated their
spiritual and physical essences. What you are doing is leading to this
same moment of sacred awareness. This time in your life is the
precursor to this divine moment. As you permit these special energies
to augment your own, your reality likewise transforms. This amalgam of
energies is altering the RNA/DNA in your genes which, in turn, is
opening and lightening your heart! You are becoming more aware of how
to transform this world and of the power you possess to forge a new
reality. It is this new reality that can sustain you as you mutate
back into your fully conscious selves.

The reality of a fully conscious society is quite different
from the one you now inhabit. Yet, these differences merely express
the potential inherent in your current realm; when positive intent
reaches a particular threshold, magic can appear in your world,
capable of literally moving mountains! You are at this point right
now. Your positive desires are enveloping your globe and affecting how
your realm operates. Because of this growing intent, much is happening
on a micro level that is leading to a macro-level event of immense
proportions. It is often hard for you to see how applied consciousness
can operate to effect change. The global anti-war movement of the
1960s and 1970s is a prime example of this. A similar event is now
taking place. The dark old guard of your world is being limited by the
growth of conscious intent. This intent is permitting much to change
for the better.

As this consciousness grows, the cover-up of our existence
becomes increasingly tedious to maintain. Ultimately, this growth in
consciousness combined with the fact of our existence is to become the
twin pillars of your success. Hence, the event of an open first
contact on a massive scale is the final throw weight that cinches your
victory. This connection is strengthening with each passing day. We
want to ensure that we arrive openly in your skies at the right divine
moment. We can tell you that this moment daily draws closer. Those in
the dark cabal are worried about the way you are growing beyond their
control. Yet, their arrogance is still openly apparent to all. Added
to this is the great apocalypse that these denizens of the dark
intensely desire to bring about. This, we can promise you, is being
thwarted on every conceivable front.

The implications of first contact for your future are quite
clear to us. In the past, we secretly nurtured your growth toward the
Light. This phase is now being superseded by the present requirement
for first contact. This need to act as the primary guardians of your
consciousness development is taken very seriously by us. We deftly
comprehend how sinister are the subtle actions of the dark. These
secret rulers of your world maintain layers of global networks
designed to restrict you to your darkest emotions and keep you in
ignorance of the positive energies that engulf you. We are meeting
this challenge with your continued assistance. Consciousness is a
process that, once begun, is nearly impossible to divert. And hence,
the many tools of the dark are crumbling. This is most encouraging and
is yet another sign of your inevitable victory!

This relationship between consciousness and first contact is
one of the mainstays of our operations. Normally, your current level
of consciousness argued against beginning this mission at this time.
But your importance in the scheme of things impelled us to alter our
procedures. This mission is dedicated to your success. Innumerable
things have been done to move you along in the past few years.
Presently, our task is to assess your levels of growing consciousness
and provide plans for our fleet to support this growth. So, we set up
teams to monitor you medically and support units to ensure success to
those working to oust your darkest rulers from power. This latter
operation is close to happening. The focus of this message is to
further your understanding of consciousness and to tell you of our
resolve to give you the victory you deserve as swiftly as possible.

Today, we continued our discussion of consciousness,
specifically its natural relationship to first contact. Remember that
we are a team, operating within your reality to help you achieve your
coming success. First contact is destined to be the watershed moment
in your history when your road back to full consciousness is
unquestionably secured! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones!
Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite
Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat
Kasijaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)


Planentary Ascension Confirmed - The Perfect Storm Is On Its Way!

Allisone Heartsong

© 1999 In God We Trust

Expanded Version © 2002

In October of 1982, during a deep-trance session which I was facilitating for one of my clients, Archangel Gabriel spoke through my client's vocal cords and informed me that Planet Earth was about to undergo an unprecedented process of planetary transformation which would begin in 1987.

In January of 1987, Dr. Jose Arguelles published a scholarly interpretation of the Mayan calendar, titled The Mayan Factor, in which he predicted that Planet Earth was about to undergo a 25-year process of planetary transformation which would begin with Harmonic Convergence on 17 August 1987 and would be completed on 21 December 2012 of our Gregorian calendar.

In August of 1987, during the week of Harmonic Convergence, the I AM Presence of the ascended master Saint Germain, speaking through his dedicated full-body channel Azena, gave five public presentations in Mount Shasta, for which I had the honor of making the preliminary arrangements. All five presentations were recorded on audiotape, and key portions of this material were subsequently published by Triad in 1993 as chapters 4 through 6 of Earth's Birth Changes.

On 15 August 1987, during the first of these presentations, Saint Germain confirmed the published prediction of Dr. Jose Arguelles that Harmonic Convergence marked the beginning of a 25-year process of planetary transformation which will culminate in the year 2012. During the following presentations, Germain then proceeded to explain that this 25-year process is nothing less than a process of planetary ascension from our third dimension of consciousness into the fourth dimension of consciousness, which he termed "superconsciousness".

He specified further that the pivotal point of this planetary ascension process will be experienced as a "rapture" in which those who shift into fourth density will no longer be perceived by those who remain in third density. (See Matthew 24:40-41; Luke 17:34-36.)

Of particular interest is the fact that during his fourth presentation, which took place on 20 August 1987 in the parking area overlooking Upper Panther Meadow, the I AM Presence of the ascended master Saint Germain revealed that our universe is currently in the process of being absorbed by a parallel universe which he said will be perceived by our astronomers as "a grand golden nebula on the horizon of your universe." He then went on to disclose that the absorption of our universe by this parallel universe constitutes the specific means by which the ascension of our planet is being facilitated.

Describing it as "the physical manifestation of the Second Coming of the Christus," Germain declared: "That which you call the golden nebula is the New Age perceived." He then predicted that its approach will give rise to an exponential acceleration of synchronistic events as we gradually shift into higher frequencies of energy, adding: "When you traverse this threshold, when you become one with the golden nebula, you are in superconsciousness."

Making it absolutely clear that the pivotal point of this planetary ascension process will be experienced as a dividing of the ways, Germain specifically stated: "Those not desirous of going hence into superconsciousness, into the golden nebula of Christus, will remain upon third-density Earth-plane, as you go into fourth."

Saint Germain also made it abundantly clear that lightworkers have a crucial role to play in facilitating this planetary ascension process: "Those entities will indeed assist in the conduction of the energy at its most receptive points into the Earth plane and allow us (the Council of Light) to bring forth the current, as you would term it, of the God I AM essence. The alignment and atunement of the 144,000 as you have called them, will become the 'rod of God' as it were, a direct influx of energy into this universe . . . There are about 550,000,000 entities who shall participate (as helpers) in the convergence of this time flow. Those entities will be likened unto a transformer, affording a 'stepping up' of the energy that has been introduced, to embrace the entirety of the Earth plane--all her peoples, all her nationalities, cultures, creeds, races, yea even brothers of other planetary understandings. It is indeed a time of celebration, of love. Know that the love that is issued forth from the heart will wave its magic wand and transform the Earth plane. The fruits of the labor of love upon Terra will bring humanity into Oneness--a humanity at One with God, where God is known."

On 21 August 1987, toward the end of his fifth presentation, Germain dropped the following hint regarding the timing of this cosmic event: "As another convergence comes forth, your next convergence as it is termed, you shall understand all four elements in experience of four-dimensional knowingness of convergence multidimensional. You indeed shall experience galactic understanding, not only of that which is within your plane, but within all the other planes as well. There is that which you call an axis of multidimensional understanding that connects all the planets within your solar system. And there is that which you call in 1999 will be [sic] all the axes or solstices in alignment. And you indeed will experience a linking of sorts with this galactic axis, for you indeed are part of the chain of it. You indeed are essence of it, energy born of the alignment that you have brought forth into fruition."

The extraordinary significance of these words becomes clear when we consider them in the light of the astronomical fact that the grand alignment of our solar solstice meridian with the equatorial plane of our Milky Way Galaxy, which began with first contact around 1975 and which will end with final clearance around 2021, reached midpoint around 1998 plus or minus three years. For comprehensive information regarding this alignment of our solar solstice meridian with our galactic equator, see the works of John Major Jenkins: Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 (1998) and Galactic Alignment (2002).

Since 1987, many different messages have been received by many different channels from many different sources regarding the planetary ascension process which is currently in progress. Although these messages are potentially enlightening, they are also potentially confusing unless we bear in mind the crucially important fact that the same event can be perceived in many different ways for the simple reason that each dimension of consciousness gives rise to an entirely different perspective. Thus, for example, the limited perspectives of the Sirians, the Pleiadians, and the Arcturians on the fourth and fifth dimensions of consciousness are quite different from the increasingly unlimited perspectives of the ascended masters on the seventh dimension, the lords of creation on the ninth dimension, the archangels on the eleventh dimension, and the I AM Presence on the thirteenth dimension of consciousness. Consequently, if we are wise, we will approach every channeled message as an exercise in discernment.

A classic example may be found in the channeled information that Sheldon Nidle received from the Sirian Council, which was published in 1994 under the title, You Are Becoming A Galactic Human. According to the Sirians, the pivotal point of our planetary ascension process was going to occur sometime between March of 1995 and December of 1996 as a direct consequence of the entry of our solar system into the Photon Belt, a vast doughnut-shaped field of photon energy surrounding the Pleiades, which was first discovered by Paul Otto Hesse through satellite instrumentation in 1961. This prediction turned out to be incorrect for the simple reason that it was based on the limited perspective of fourth-dimensional consciousness.

In January of 1996, Archangel Gabriel, speaking through his dedicated full-body channel Karen Cook at a public presentation in Albuquerque, confirmed that the pivotal point of our planetary ascension process would occur as a direct consequence of the entry of our solar system into the Photon Belt but then went on to state that this cosmic event was scheduled to occur during a seven-day period sometime in the year 2000. Early in the year 2000, however, an announcement was made by Archangel Gabriel through Karen Cook that the pivotal point of our planetary ascension process was being postponed by Prime Creator in order to allow a larger percentage of humanity to participate in the harvest.

In the meantime, on 6 November 1997, the following item by the Associated Press appeared in newspapers around the world: "A report of a previously unknown gamma-ray halo around the Milky Way has puzzled and excited scientists. The finding by NASA's Compton Observatory, an orbiting satellite that carries a gamma-ray telescope, was presented at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society. 'There is nothing out there that should obviously be making gamma rays,' said Dave Dixon, a researcher at the University of California at Riverside, who reported the halo's existence. 'Some high-energy process is occurring out there'. . . A single gamma-ray photon has about one billion times as much energy as a photon of ordinary visible light . . . Scientists are interested in gamma rays because they may be generated by some of the most fundamentally interesting events in the universe, including the birth of a galaxy and the death throes of a star . . . The halo measures several trillion miles thick and extends deep into outer space from the Milky Way, the galaxy containing Earth."

On 9 February 1998, during a private telephone session with Archangel Gabriel through Karen Cook, I asked the key question: "What is the relation between the Photon Belt which was first discovered in 1961 surrounding the Pleiades within our Milky Way galaxy, the halo of gamma-ray energy which was recently discovered in 1997 surrounding our Milky Way galaxy, and the parallel universe predicted in 1987 by the I AM Presence of the ascended master Saint Germain, who said that it would eventually be perceived by our astronomers as a golden nebula on the horizon of our universe?"

To this, Archangel Gabriel replied: "They are actually one and the same. The rays that your scientists have discovered are a precursor to the major brunt of the Photon Belt."

Although enlightening information is continually being withheld from the American people by the controlled media in the United States, such information is nevertheless available on the Internet for those who know how to access it. An outstanding example may be found in the pioneering research report, Planetophysical State of the Earth and Life, by Dr. Alexey Dmitriev, Professor of Geology at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Novosibursk, Siberia. According to this report, which was published in 1997, shortly before the discovery of the gamma-ray halo surrounding our Milky Way galaxy, the energy fields of our sun and all of the planets in our solar system are currently undergoing an extraordinary process of radical intensification. This suggests that our entire solar system is now in the process of moving into a larger and far more powerful energy field of unknown origin.

The clearest illustration of this is to be found in the energy field of the sun, which is called the heliosphere and which is shaped like a teardrop whose tail always points in the direction opposite to that in which it is traveling through space. Astrophysicists have been studying the glowing plasma energy on the leading edge of the heliosphere and have discovered that, whereas it used to be 4 astronomical units thick (where an astronomical unit is the distance from Planet Earth to the sun, or 93,000,000 miles), its thickness has now grown to approximately 40 astronomical units, which constitutes an increase of approximately 900 percent.

This means that our entire solar system is now moving into a much more powerful energy field in interstellar or intergalactic space, which is having the effect of exciting the plasma in such a way as to radically increase its luminosity or brightness. This, in turn, is having the effect of transforming the energy fields of all the planets within our solar system, including the energy field of our Planet Earth. Thus, for example, Jupiter's magnetic field has already more than doubled, and the atmosphere of Planet Earth is beginning to change.

According to Dr. Dmitriev, the number of significant natural catastrophes of all types occurring on our planet increased 410 percent between 1963 and 1993.

Of particular interest is the following hypothesis which he advanced during the course of his concluding remarks: "Our Planet Earth is now in the process of a dramatic transformation . . . There are reasons favoring or pointing to the fact that a growth in the ethical or spiritual quality of humanity would decrease the number and intensity of complex catastrophes."

Although earthquake activity and volcanic activity on Planet Earth has increased substantially during the past several decades, the Earth changes now being predicted on the basis of the revolutionary findings reported by Dr. Dmitriev are of a far more fundamental nature than this. As its energy field continues to intensify, a sudden shift may occur in the basic harmonic wavelengths that are emitted by the sun as solar radiation. This, in turn, could alter the basic structure of all matter throughout our solar system. The harmonics of the DNA spiral would then be altered, and a quantum leap in the evolutionary process could then result, transforming our entire planet and the forms of life that it will support.

If we wish to understand the real significance of these mind-boggling changes that are now in the process of taking place on Planet Earth, we must turn our attention to the enlightening information from higher consciousness which is currently being made available to us. Two of the most reliable sources of such information presently available are Archangel Gabriel, speaking through his dedicated full-body channel Karen Cook in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and the ascended masters Maitreya and Sananda, who are currently speaking to the world through their dedicated conscious channel Eterna in Mount Shasta, California".

2) Be Still - Prepare For June, July, August MIRACLES...??

Founder and president of Dennis Cramer Ministries, Dennis preaches, teaches, and prophesies nationally and internationally to numerous local churches and regional conferences.

Combining a unique prophetic gifting with a practical teaching style that equips the church, Dennis has authored five insightful and popular books - three of which have been published internationally.

He also conducts a dynamic "School of Prophecy" which has been enthusiastically endorsed by many pastors in the United States and abroad. This premier three-level school has trained thousands of believers to be properly released into active prophetic ministry in their local church.

Clearly gifted with the supernatural ability to hear from God, this servant has blessed thousands with his down-to-earth, yet extremely accurate style of New Testament prophetic ministry. With over twenty-eight years of prophetic experience, Dennis also sits on the "apostolic team" of several churches and para-church organizations.

The Perfect Storm Is About To Hit!

June, July, and August 2006!

"The Lord God will do nothing (worldwide) unless He first reveals His secrets to His servants the prophets." (Amos 3:7)

May I be perfectly frank with you? This well known verse has always made me a little nervous as a prophet. In fact, as a prophet, it's made me a lot nervous! Because I'm prophetic everybody thinks I should know everything God is doing on a worldwide scale. Boy, are they wrong! Don't forget, the world is a pretty big place.

I'm frequently asked, 'So Denny, what's God doing?' To which I answer, 'I have absolutely no idea.' This is usually not the answer they're expecting, but it is truthful.

Let me assure you that I'm more frequently "in the dark" prophetically than you might imagine. If God's not showing me, I'm not seeing. In this sense I am far more dependent on revelation from the Holy Spirit than most believers. When the prophetic switch is off, brother, it is off. However, when He turns the switch back on, I will occasionally see some powerful prophetic things. Prophetically I've "Seen" Something Powerful!

I would like to submit to you for judging-something I've seen for this summer, the summer of 2006. Of course God will be doing many other things worldwide during this same time period which He has not revealed to me. Again, this is just my "glimpse" and I'm very excited to share it with you now. So again, please judge this. Sizzle, Sizzle, Sizzle!

My "word in season" this month is actually quite short -short but sweet. The Lord told me that the summer of 2006 is going to sizzle. I mean really sizzle! It's going to sizzle with the supernatural. I believe the Lord has told me that, "In ninety days (June, July, August) there will be ninety days of unprecedented supernatural activity worldwide." Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready!

Approximately ninety days from now (June, July, and August) there will be a supernatural release from Heaven. It will be a 90 day "rush" of Holy Spirit power similar to the original Day of Pentecost. This "mighty, RUSHING wind" will release upon the worldwide church a sizzling 90 day period of...

* Unprecedented worldwide healings!
* Unprecedented worldwide signs!
* Unprecedented worldwide wonders!

Miracles, Miracles, and More Miracles!

But even greater than this outpouring of healings, signs, and wonders will be an unprecedented worldwide release of miracles-90 days of genuine miracles of all kinds, miracles of all shapes, and miracles of all sizes. The summer of 2006 will be a season of sizzling worldwide miracles: unprecedented, unparalleled, and unmatched!

* Unprecedented worldwide miracles are coming!
* Unparalleled worldwide miracles are coming!
* Unmatched worldwide miracles are coming!

The Lord would say, "There will be an unprecedented worldwide release of miracles. All nations shall know that I am God!"

The Perfect Storm Is On Its Way!

So beloved, enjoy the next 90 days-there will be 90 days of "calm' before this wonderful supernatural 90 day "storm" of miracles strikes the earth. The perfect storm is on its way! People will be changed, cities will be changed, and nations will be changed! Get ready!

Hope this helps, Denny


Lauren & Sananda - One nation, under God...

3/25/06 9:34am
Hi All, I hope you got to see Showbiz tonght on Headline News, yesterday. WOW! What an amazing and courageous feat for CNN and Charlie, I am completely impressed with the warrior in our dear Charlie. Here is a link to more uplifting headline news that was just sent to me by a friend and below is the latest from Sananda.

I also wanted to add that as I was receiving this information the words to the Pledge of Allegiance were running through my mind and the song "My country Tis of thee..." kept presenting itself to me over and over...very interesting.


Sananda? R U available?
S: Yes, my child, I am available for you.
L: Good morning, do you have a message for me?
S: Indeed. There is much to talk about if you so desire. First I would like to address the issues of your nation, as they are the most pressing. There is upon you a time of dramatic change, one that will ensure the freedom of the people once and for all. This time at hand is one that will shake the countrymen and women to their core for they will be in search of truth. Truth as you have known it up until now has been nothing but the gain of your leaders power. Now, truth shall prevail. Come one , come all and join in the parade for truth. The time for a revolution is now and all are needed to claim back their rights and sovereignty. It is up to you to find the truth, for the truth shall set you all free. Take what is rightfully yours, gather your sources and strength in numbers and you shall prevail. You all have the opportunity and responsibility to take control of your destiny in the coming moments, use this opportunity to ensure that you never fall short of your country’s potential again. Be righteous in choosing government leaders that will support your freedom, freedom for all. We encourage you all to see the bright future before you and desire for you all to know that in your heart lies the secrets to peace. When you are all united through the heart of mankind you will prevail victoriously in all of your ventures. When each deed is done with the thought of your fellow man in mind, you will have transcended the lower realms of physicality. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. This has never been truer for the people of earth. You all are beginning to see the interconnectivity to life and realizing that each action has an equal and opposite reaction. That what you think, you become. That what you long for, you gain. All of these truths are more apparent to you now and this gives you the advantage to create the best of what you desire. Ultimately it is up to all of you to pull together and create this world as a community of like minds. When all realize that you are united under one God, the Creator of All that is, then peace will prevail. No longer is it necessary to segregate and divide nations for you all will soon hold a common purpose, that of restoring your precious earth. This is no small feat and will require the participation of all, worldwide. But together and with the help of your galactic brethren, miracles will happen. We stand before you now ready to lift the veil of deceit, prepare yourselves for the moment of transcendence for it will be a thrust of great magnitude that will catapult you to a new reality, the reality in truth. We say to you, be at peace and know that all you have waited for is here and now. Buckle up, for it will be a bumpy ride but be assured that we are guiding your every move. All is in Divine order and the battle has been won. I Am Sananda Immanuel.


Gaia’s Great Galactic Wave Arrives

The Galactic Heart connects again in all her fullness of Light with Gaia’s Cosmic Heart. This harmonic wave connection, penetrates deep within the DNA memory of Truth. Our hearts ignite and expand and so does Gaia’s. Deep into her hollow earth where her Divine Blueprint is held. The Ancient Ones before time have been holding within her secret heart this hollow earth sacred and pure for eons of ages. She now opens within her to release and bring and connect her energies again within and within the galactic connection to be restored to all her brilliance again.
Oneness again connects with all dimensions. Two hearts beating as ONE. Divine marriage, (Unity) connects again, never to be forgotten . You each are the sons and daughters of the only begotten of the Source Creator. The return of the prodigal returns and there is a celebration and feast to attend. The wisdom of the Ages is once again activated within all life. This Galactic Wave of Light (the higher frequency), is receiving in mass multiple waves within waves of Light frequencies, color and sound incoming rapidly and in pouring light into the very core (heart) of Gaia. The vibrations of the crystalline grids and water, and bodies will be experiencing these Wave Events all over Gaia.
The teaming multi-life is gathered in Union as all connects into the reemergence as The Divine Cosmos awakens to the call of Spring. This spring equox heralding in the Shift of the Ages. We unite and begin as One Unified Field Merger of LIGHT!!!!! Gaia is sealed and imprinted and activated to her new Galactic Day!
All is set in Quantum forward movement. The future arrives into the now time of the 3D physical and implosions of Light collide and activate all cells of life.
This activates the stellar encoding within your 3D bodies and more. The Wisdom Movement is manifested in and thru each of you as a “Mighty United Collective” here in Service to the Truth of the Law of One. This Law is established thru each of you now as the healing and restoration plan unfolds as all your new gifts and your planting of your heart felt seeds of love into being here now. This Great Wave marks the very beginning of the Awakening!! All dimensions merge. The veil is lifted for all of Gaia. You (WE) are the SHIFT! Ye are here to be this SHIFT and to Live this WISDOM here and NOW! We have arrived to join with you . We are riding upon the Great Galactic Waves which contains your original stellar lineage and codes. The recorder cells have the ability to de-code for you your new lineage. The Heart codes are within you and are activating within this Great Wave connection. there is a new language. It is Light. The lineage of Light!! You are de-coders of this Light. You are and hold the codes and keys of the Co-creation of Paradise returned here and NOW on Gaia. The Planet of Light. Gaia is birthed as a Star! You each are Stars from many origins of Star civilizations. You came here to be a part of birthing Gaia into a Star!! The Time is Now. You have done this before many times. You are expert Transition Team Members of Galactic Origins! We join in Forces of Light as We all Unite. We are One and we delight in this most awaited event as we Shift into The Now Age of Light upon Gaia as her new reality to be manifested collectively. You each contain and hold the Visions of her Pristine Blueprint to be restored. Hold only to this truth within you and stand and build the frequency of Light. Welcome Home!
The Pleiadian Council Of Light ( Alcyone)
Received by: Kara Kincannon


Update by Sheldan Nidle for March 21, 2006

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
5 Men, 18 Ceh, 1 Caban

Selamat Jarin! We return once again, dear Hearts! Around you is a reality that is transforming rapidly into something wonderful! It is changing subtly on a number of levels. In recent reports, we discussed how these changes are affecting your entire local reality and her many "compadres." This process is being reflected throughout this galaxy as the dark followers of Anchara (the dark lord) adjust to these same changes in their former homelands. The cessation of a galactic war and the animosities that accompanied this long period of strife has brought new opportunities for change. These various dark empires, which were unused to the degree of freedom offered them by the Light, see your world as a fitting example of what they are currently doing. Hence, you are being watched closely by a large number of newly formed star-nations and star leagues. These many groups form the vast ever-changing fleets that ring the outer regions of your solar system. It is their sincerest wish that you quickly succeed in your tasks and permit this first contact to be summarily completed.

As you move toward your inevitable destiny, our fleet can observe how the time-space continuum that envelops your world is transforming. Each year, about 30 minutes of time is shaved off. At present, your day is actually just under 16 hours. This time change is not noticeable since your reality adjusts quickly to these changes. For example, your clocks and calendars function as before. Nevertheless, this modification has quickened your seasons causing odd changes in your weather and climate. Added to this are the environmental changes induced by worldwide pollution. These factors are joining forces with the ongoing reality shift that you are currently going through. In short, your world's reality is being acted upon by a number of immense global indicators. Many of the Earth's changes and even some of your most intense political and economic difficulties are partially due to the coalescing of these important factors. Our duty is to report this to you and prepare you for what lies ahead. Thus, you need to see Mother Earth and the Universe she is part of as a living, interconnected and highly conscious entity.

When you view the Universe from this mindset, you start to see things that were hitherto obscured. Change, as previously noted, can be subtle and quite contextual. An automatic process based on your past perceptions filters your understanding of your environment. Thus, many current observations may not make sense to your mind at first; they are altered by past belief systems into the verisimilitude of the commonplace. The solution is to constantly question all you see and hear. The Universe is reflecting back different images that are often blocked by old notions of what is real. One example is looking at "stars" in the night sky that behave in a strange way; your mind tells you that the odd light patterns and apparent movements are caused by distortions in the Earth's atmosphere. If you spend enough time with this, you can see that this is not the case. Likewise, weird sounds and unaccountable feelings of uneasiness can signal that something is amiss in your reality. These are positive portents that your reality is indeed changing.

What we are getting at is that your reality renders up her indicators when you are truly ready to see and hear them. This mode comes from showing your dedication and commitment to the Universe to perceive and accept her as a living presence. When this divine moment arrives, you begin to view the Universe in a more holistic way. Next, you can see consciousness behind every action. You live in a constant state of learning in which the "awe of the new" never leaves you. As a "child of Creation," you embody a never-ending learning mode. Even though you planned many parts of your life in detail before you were born, there are, nevertheless, opportunities in life for learning about new things and discovering more about how this wondrous Creation operates. You have come to Mother Earth in order to learn, and add your personal touch to this marvelous concoction-your living reality. In turn, this reality has many vital points of wisdom to share with you.

Your reality is as much a part of you as you are of her. All living Beings are immersed in a great unity that ultimately becomes the Creator. Your greatest prophets and seers have expressed this truth. This living Universe is composed of a divine Light ordered by Love. Indeed, the mathematics we use is based upon the transintegral properties of all things. This calculus uses consciousness as its base and not the natural material distortions of physicality. One of our purposes is to teach you the principles of our science of consciousness and how to quantify her properties. Then, the many anomalies present in your observations can be easily accounted for. As you begin to integrate the various aspects of this science with your own, you can see how the process called enlightenment operates. You can begin to successfully quantify "miracles" and learn how the gracious acts of Creation relate to the divine plan.

Consciousness is Life! Divine consciousness expresses herself in the multitudinous living forms that are a part of physicality. Physicality is just one aspect of these forms' manifestation; the endless dimensions and realities of the spiritual realms are yet another. Heaven and physicality are part of this greater whole called Creation. When you begin to find the wondrous connections between them, you can fully perceive Creation and behold the way the sacral has moved and manifested all life. Then you can intuitively and with great measure observe the innate beauty found here. This beauty brings incredible joy to one's Soul and shows you the greatness that lives within us. Your task is to absorb this beauty and apply it to your life mission. Our task is to guide you by showing you the path that can lead to your enlightenment.

The Creator has lovingly given us the means to apply our consciousness and, by so doing, to unfold Creation. This task is part and parcel of an even grander assignment. That is, to use each life divinely granted us to gain enough wisdom to enable us to affect the way Creation continues to reveal herself to the Universe. These tasks define each of our lifetimes. As you rise in consciousness, the connections you have with each of your lifetimes grows in intensity. As this connection is further realized, it increases your abilities to bring forth the materializing of the divine plan. Likewise, as you become more empowered, you start to see how each life forges the great Heaven-birthed Life streams and leads you back to the triune Godhead. Indeed, enlightenment produces an unbelievable feeling of oneness, expressed by the ever-rising bliss that becomes You!

This transformation into a fully conscious Being is a great joy that awaits you. We come to make this transformation possible and to prevent the dark from succeeding in any possible sabotage. The coming moments in your history are when the ridiculous can collide with the sublime and, in so doing, produce a new reality for your global society. This new reality moves you beyond the realm of your present planetary state and permits you to become galactic. In this mode of Being, you can swiftly achieve all that we have discussed with you today. Look upon your future with joy and know in your hearts that the new reality you seek is close at hand. Those on your world who seek to thwart you are now learning the futility of their dark ways. The crescendo of bells symbolizing your great victory is ready to peal forth!

Today, we talked about consciousness. We told you about how this reality is inevitably changing. We asked you to continue to become more aware of how to perceive these subtle changes. We further ask you to apply your growing wisdom to allow your great abilities to manifest the new You! Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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Diane 22-March-06

Diane 22-March-06.

Is there a race against time, we would say no as that is only a perception you have because of the actions taking place on Earth. In your own lives there seems to be a never ending rush to get things done and insufficient time. You also sense the changes taking place, and sometimes you become impatient at what you see as delay. Many are tired of the old ways of living, and see a wonderful opportunity presenting itself to replace them with those that are peaceful and fulfilling. You now realize it is possible, and also that the old is now breaking up. However, it is not a simple matter to push forward with the new, and it must manifest at the right time and cannot be rushed.

The fact that so many of you are now aware of what the plan is helps immensely in its manifestation. Your thoughts and desire for what we have promised you will help to bring it much closer. You are playing your part in creating the ideal conditions for the next step which will be of major importance. We credit you with doing your part, and without any obvious help from us you are moving events on to their inevitable conclusion. Of course we have a great input into what is occurring, and we can co-ordinate your actions so that the result is more meaningful. You have only to look back a few years to see how much progress you have made. Much has been achieved, because of the fact that your efforts are coming from millions of individuals throughout the world. You are a force to be reckoned with, and although the dark use all measures against you to hold onto control, they are losing that battle.

Some of you are part of large groups that are very active, and they cover various aspects that are necessary to see the changes through. Not all are concerned with the work of the higher realms, and many are grass roots organizations that are dedicated to political change. The beauty of your success is that progress is being made on several fronts, and it is now quite impossible to stem the tide of change. There may not seem to be a pattern in the movements taking place, but we can monitor what is happening and ensure that with our backing the maximum advantage is gained to ensure success.

Sometimes people despair and do feel that time is running out, but this impression is due to the speeding up of time. This itself is a sure sign for you that unstoppable changes are well underway. Some are defined as changes that originate from the higher realms, where others are earth based and prompted by the Lightworkers or simply those who are of good intent. We can assure you that the plans for this time were in place eons of time ago, and you have been carefully guided to this most important time in your lives. For at least the last century there has been a careful selection process as to who would incarnate upon Earth, with the purpose of speeding up your evolution. It has also ensured that not only would the right people be on Earth, but that they would also be in the right place.

You will understand that both the dark and Light are allowed to have a plan, and where the dark have the Illuminati the Light has a multitude of Lightworkers spread across your globe. There are obviously leaders on both sides, and the Light has to work every bit as secretly as the dark. This is why we cannot reveal to you the full extent of our plans, but suffice to know that Ascension is the goal and nothing or no one upon Earth can prevent its manifestation. You sometimes worry that the dark are preventing our progress, but be assured that we can handle their attempts to block our efforts. At best they create minor delays, but we have so many options that we no longer see them as a realistic threat to our plan.

Look at our resources and see how the Illuminati compare, it is a contest that is so one sided we brush off their attempts to cause trouble. They still have large influence through their financial and political power, but even that is now being curtailed. As we have told you many times, the dark rely on fear as their main weapon, and this is what you must resist falling for as often it is without substance. Fortunately you are becoming more discerning, and see through the lies and manipulation of the news through the Illuminati’s mouthpieces. You have your own way of getting at the real truth, but beware of those who appear genuine but deliberately give out false information. Stick to sources that have proved reliable, and ignore anything that appears dubious.

The only race against time is the darks attempts to continue with their futile efforts to prevent the inevitable. They know they can no longer wield the power that they had to achieve their own plan for global domination. It is falling apart, but they still dream of finding some way to prevent the Light from growing any further. They have already lost this battle, and all it remains is to close off their avenues of command and remove those who stand in the way of change. Be assured that we see the final pieces falling into place, and soon the signal will be given for that action to go ahead. You may not see us around, but know that our influence and guidance is with everyone who is part of our plans to make this a momentous year.

Look beyond us, and see the Heavenly forces that amass for the great occasion that is about to unfold. Know that your future is guided by great Beings of Light that oversee your evolution, and these go right back to the Godhead. Knowing this, can you really doubt that there could be any outcome for you but complete success? Leave your worries behind you, and continue to focus on Ascension and everything else will fall into place. You are not just an isolated form of life that is without purpose, your evolution is meticulously planned at every stage. Using your freedom of choice has decreed which path you have taken, but nevertheless it will always have taken you to Ascension. That was the Creators Plan and still is, and soon you shall see beyond doubt that this is so as the major changes commence. All is carried out in great love, for you are indeed revered for your contribution to the Light.

I am Diane of The Galactic Federation and feel the intensity of your emotions. Be calm and allow matters to follow their course, as the mould has been set. Focus on your vision of the new reality and you will be helping to manifest it. Leave the plan to work itself out and you shall see the most glorious finale to your time in duality. It is soon to end and that is good cause to celebrate, and we shall be there with you for such a wonderful occasion.

Thank you Diane.


St. Germain 11-March-06

What is the secret weapon that those of the Light have, and the answer is even more Light. This year is one where ever increasing amounts of Light are streaming towards Earth and being grounded. There has never been a period such as this present one, and it will continue unabated. How else do we ensure the Light is victorious, and that the changes are completed to ensure your Ascension? It is only this year that you have begun to really feel the intensity of the energies, and they are going to substantially raise your vibrations.

Whilst you cannot see the incoming energies, you can feel them and gradually you will have a clearer idea as to how you are reacting to them. Those of you who have prepared your selves both physically and mentally will cope without difficulty, but for others there will be mixed results. There will be moments of upliftment when you seem to be walking on air, and everyone you meet gives you a smile. Your energy is infectious and you bring a feel good factor to everyone. At other times you may feel debilitated and lacking energy, and find difficulty in lifting yourself up again. These are some of the symptoms of your body’s reaction to the new energies, but you will gain from contact with them.

There have been a series of occasions when the energies have hit you, and they mainly come from your Central Sun. These are responsible for lifting up your solar system, and even if you wished to do so you could not avoid their effect. Therefore you will understand that they will to some degree affect each and every one of you. Those of the lower vibrations will experience some confusion as a result, as they cannot easily absorb the higher energies. We know that you are liable to experience all manner of disturbances. These will however be temporary and cause no permanent harm.

Lightworkers who have worked all along with the new energies will have relatively few problems. They may however find pleasing responses from their body and a new freshness and agility not there before. Abilities of a psychic nature will be enhanced, as will healing powers both where self and others are concerned. It is your power of thought that will be the driving force, but unlike times past you will be able to draw the powerful energies down. The results of healing will in some cases become instantaneous, and in time to come such seeming miracles will be commonplace.

Those with the lowest vibrations of all will feel decidedly uncomfortable, and endeavor to stay within their own level. This is why they will make their way to a new home that has been especially prepared for them. No one can withstand being in a too higher vibration, and you could not make your way into one without protection. Your greatest satisfaction will be to return to those levels that release you from the pull of the present Earth. You will instead rise up with the new one and ascend together.

Meantime your concentration is required to ensure you do not drop back. Focus always on the path ahead which will become easier the further you travel along it. Soon it will become clear as to exactly what you will need to do to achieve your goal. I refer to the changes that will allow the return of the Masters, who will also be assisted by members of the various Councils of Light. There will also be some of you sufficiently well advanced who will be able to give assistance. Do not be concerned as to what you will be doing in these times, and know that you will serve in the way best suited to your abilities.

We know you well and sometimes better than you know yourselves, so be assured we will not miss you out. However, be prepared to apply yourself to any situation that you are summoned to help with, as it will be correct for you. There are exciting times ahead, and we are keen to get started, as we sense a new mood amongst you and one that is enlightened and positive. There are sufficient signs around you that you should know that all is proceeding according to the Divine Plan. Clearing out the old debris that have accumulated over millennia of time is an ongoing task, but it is being speeded up.

Your part is to continue refining your Light, and in this you are aided by us. Think before you act, and by staying within it you will overcome any possibility of error. It is like all things in life when you adopt a major change, it does not come easy at first. Yet when you find the self control needed to be successful, it will surprise you as to how easy it becomes. Being in the Light is a way of life that reflects your Higher Self, and eventually you become completely as One. You can sit back and watch the world go by, and you only become involved where you choose to become active. You are no longer at the mercy of outside events, and instead it is you who control your life. You truly become part of your chosen reality, and not tossed around like a boat adrift at sea.

I am St. Germain and I know some of you find it difficult to live up to your aspirations. Do not however be too concerned, but continue to be that which you envision and you will succeed. All of the time the incoming energies are giving you a boost, and you will be assisted by many Dear Ones from the higher realms. We want each and every one to lift up, but if the opportunity is not accepted we allow you to go on your own way. No one is considered to be better than another; it is simply that you are all at different stages on the path to Ascension. What is linear time but an illusion necessary for you to experience in a 3D vibration? You are in the Now and all of you will eventually reach your goal, as there is a subconsciousness knowing that you do not belong on Earth that leads you to your home in the higher dimensions.

When you hear of worldly events remember that there is a grand cleansing taking place. You cannot avoid some disruption to your life, but you will be much more prepared if you see such events as another step in the right direction. It is like moving house, but once the job is done you will be so pleased and see that every bit of effort was worthwhile. Lightworkers are vital to these end times, and we look to them to show the way to others who are less informed. Channels of information will become abundant and all people will eventually have access to them. The old ways of censorship and false reporting will be removed, and it will not be long before the truth will ring out. The Light cannot support falsehoods or lies; it is all Love and Truth.

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.


Michelle Eloff: Platinum Wave of Ascension Celebration 3 11 06

The 11th of March is a very important day for our Planet's Ascension.
The Platinum Wave is bringing in a much needed high voltage Goddess
influx of energy to activate the warrior/warrioress energy in us.

Many people are subconsciously avoiding working with their Goddess
Energy because of the so called dangers, which are in fact past life
cellular memories of being hurt, murdered, incarcerated and/or
tortured as a result of being fully in their Goddess Power.

We absolutely have to anchor this new energy and embrace it so that
the full Platinum Power can come to pass and facilitate the move into
a fully empowered balanced society of individuals. Join me and the
Ladies & Lords of Light to bring this anchoring to pass and in
exchange for your service Spirit will help pinpoint what your
subconscious sabotaging memory is and assist you in clearing the
related cellular memories rapidly and gracefully.

(Please use a crystal to help anchor this energy.)
Master Jesus, Lord Maitreya, Lord Kuthumi, Lord El Morya & Lord
Hilarion will be anchoring this Platinum Wave alongside Mary
Magdeline, Lady Mary, Lady Nada, Lady Kwan Yin & Lady Pallas Athena.

from - AAA Reiki Clinic -

Dear Friends

Please forgive and bear with me for sending this message to you all,
but I feel this is so important. Come March 11th there will be an
amazingly big shift, the largest since 1999. Earth has requested that
we help this shift to happen smoothly and peacefully.

It is a time of great polarization and there are some difficult
squares and oppositions in astrological terms around this date. The
energy that the planet will hold after the shift is the energy of
opportunity which seems to me to mean that anything we have been
wanting or planning for but have felt stuck and unmoving will suddenly

That it will be much easier to create, so be a little more careful
about what you want/ask for. It is an exciting time and really is full
of opportunity. On the date in question, 11th March, at a time you
feel or sense is the right time, please stand quietly, if possible,
near water - a stream, river, the sea, a lake etc. or if you cannot,
then have a bowl of water next to you.

Let the energy come through you and into the earth, feel it as it
passes through you.

As you anchor it into the earth you will know when it is time to stop.
If you have been standing in water - great, but if not, then
immediately go and put your hands in the water whether it is the sea
or a bowl of water. Pour the bowl of water onto the earth after you
have put your hands in it.

The more bodies this new energy can go through to be anchored, the
easier it will be for all humankind to absorb this energy safely and

Water is a carrier and so putting a part of your body which is
carrying this energy into the water helps the energy to spread and anchor.

You know I don't request you do such things normally, but this time I
have to put my neck on the line and say that this is very, very important.

If you don't believe in such things as shifts in energy on the planet,
moving us towards higher and finer frequencies, please do this anyway
on the 11th, you have nothing to lose except 10 minutes of your time.

It will be very interesting to see what happens on planet Earth and in
our own private lives after we have anchored in this energy.


ABRAHAM LINCOLN - A Time of Renewal

8th March 2006

through Jess Anthony

Jess, this is Abraham. This commentary you seek is one I can give you from my perspective of President and official leader of this great country. The heinous misdeeds and shenanigans that have gone on for too long have come to an end. This is time for those with vested interests in democracy and the republic form of government to come to the fore and sweep the dirt from the White House and the Capitol. This is time for wholesale removal of those in control of your destiny. You are in control of your own lives and you make the decisions how you will proceed to live.

The tide is turning against those who seek to delay progress. The teachers of a new version of truth and universal law are ready to begin their service in helping you move into your higher level of spiritual awareness. This should happen momentarily. Only the reluctant decisions of a few are preventing this from happening. The orders have been given and they have to face their final choices. Some are still clinging to their positions of former power and wealth. They cannot accept the truth as it presents itself to them.

The timetable is drawn up, and it is dependent on only a few loose ends that can be easily tied up with a little more effort. The President and the Vice President have officially resigned, but the announcement is not ready to be made publicly because the means of transition are not all solidified. This trauma on the beliefs of the American public will still be injurious, despite the overwhelming opinion of disbelief and distrust. The magnitude of the complicity of the ruling faction is beyond most people's comprehension. This will be revealed in a series of revelations that, in total, will be overwhelming if they are not carefully uncovered.

The schedule of events is still flexible, although the end result is not. Christ Michael is determined to allow as many to come to his Light as possible. The legal maneuvering is predicated on airtight facts and procedures. This change will be carried out totally within legal and Constitutional means, now that the true Constitution has been verified and given its true stature. Congress has not been a valid instrument for creating legislation since before the Civil War. I declared martial law only because I had to maintain control of my portion of the divided country. I never intended it to remain in effect as it has.

I send you my blessings and my courage to face the uncertainty that lies ahead for you. This will be a time of renewal and revitalization based on the true precepts of God and the Universe. The time is now for regeneration and a restoration of faith in yourself and your neighbors. Everyone is equal under God, the Creator's laws. Respect each other and work to solving the problems you will encounter. I will return often to give you guidance and help.

This is my word for the evening. Good bye, Jess, until later.


Ela 09-March-06

You will have noted that we encourage you to go within to find your own truth, to find those quiet moments when you can commune with your Higher Self. This is also our own way of being, but we do get together on the occasions that we contact Higher Beings. We have special Temples where we meet, and there is a gathering where we are placed in a circle around a pillar of powerful energy. Having gone through a prayer of invocation, we see an aspect of the Higher Being manifest before us and communication can begin. It is a telepathic method that is used, and everyone present hears the message within. Like you, we have certain times when there is reason to celebrate a great event and we call on Higher Beings to join us. These are events that cause much excitement, and we are full of joyful expectation as to what we may learn.

Again, like you we cannot go beyond a certain dimensional energy, and we have to set up the conditions that will enable Higher Beings to come to us. We commune with Beings that would seem to you to be Gods, and they are indeed godlike. They come from dimensions of Light such as the 12th dimension or higher, and they are Light Beings that do not need form as you understand it. They can however take a recognizable form if so desired, and when they do it is one glorious showing of Light that continually streams out from them. Through power of thought they can extend it to envelope all of those gathered around them. The energy is both one of utter peace and love, and you literally become One with that Being.

Although we are much more evolved than you, there is still so much more to learn and we welcome our visitors who hold high positions in the Spiritual Hierarchy. Out temples are made of crystal and that alone creates a wonderful energy of harmony and love. To enter one is like moving into a multi-colored beam of light, where they are moving and intertwining with each other. It is a very uplifting experience, and we are careful to note the guidance we are given. You would find yourselves completely at home with us, and you would know intuitively that the Beings that address you are of the highest order and trustworthy.

On board our craft we have areas designated for personal use and gatherings. Communion with Higher Beings is something that we can achieve as and when we desire to do so. We can recreate temples that are exactly the same as one I have described. There are also recreational areas that are similar, where you can go to be re-energized while you relax. Because we do not have your heavy cumbersome physical bodies, we do not require sleep as you do. Instead we allow ourselves time to as you might say re-charge our batteries. Energy is otherwise drawn from the atmosphere around us, and we have little need for solid food. We can enjoy liquids that are nectars of our own creations, and can “eat” small delicacies for sheer enjoyment and relaxation.

On Earth you have so many responsibilities, and we can understand that these cause you stress and problems. It is the continual need to provide for yourself and family, and work takes up most of your time. At our levels of existence there is not for example any need for physical exertion, as none of our work is tiring. Mundane tasks and many others that need sophisticated programs, are carried out by robotic Beings or highly advanced computers. This means that as individuals our chosen skills can be a joy to perform, and we have ample leisure time. We immensely enjoy our work, which is in the service of others as delegated to us by The Galactic Federation. We are chosen for our proven skills, and we do not as you say “Have square pegs in round holes”.

By and large you choose what knowledge or skills you wish to acquire, and you will be trained for them from an early stage. You will join us as fully grown adults, and take your place next to us. However, had you joined us through normal attachment resulting from the loving union of two people, there would be a prior period of schooling. You come into being through what you call incarnation, but are fully conscious and already well developed as a young person. Birth as you know it is unnecessary and only a feature of the lower vibrations. You have far more awareness and control of these situations than you do on Earth.

As you are beginning to realize, life in the higher dimensions is far different to what you have been used to so far. It is so exhilarating and satisfying to do the type of work that brings you satisfaction. In the course of it life is one great adventure, that takes you from one end of the galaxy to the other. There are millions of galaxies and life abundant all around, and there is always something new to discover. We reflect on the magnificence and beauty of the Creators realms, where you can share every conceivable experience. Remember, that wherever you find life you find Love, as every soul is a spark of God regardless of the outer dressing.

I am Ela from Arcturus, and enjoy my opportunities to convey to you the new experiences that await you. We know you need little encouragement to join us, and that many of you are already prepared. You will join us because you have risen sufficiently from the lower vibrations, and overcome the challenges of duality. There is still work to be done, but that will be the easier part when we first come to Earth. Everything is well set in place for your final push towards Ascension, and it will commence as soon as your last cabal is removed from power. That time is almost upon you, and it will happen regardless of any opposition, because it is decreed by higher powers than those of Earth.

We know many of you are “tired” of the battle between the dark and Light. However, this last showing was inevitable as Humanity had to learn the result of its earlier actions. This is Law, and the lesson has almost been learnt and will never return to you again. Continue sending out your Love to All, and know by this action you are speeding up the final act that will see an end to the control of the dark. You are never alone in your fight to restore truth and justice, and we add our Love to yours all of the time.

Thank you Ela.

Mike Quinsey


Update by Sheldan Nidle for March 7, 2006

4 Imix, 4 Ceh, 1 Caban

Greetings, dear Hearts! We return with more things to share with you! One of the most difficult ideas for you to grasp successfully is the wonder of full consciousness. From our various craft to the amazing life form that is Mother Earth, all are part of a living, conscious Universe. This immensity covers a nearly infinite number of dimensions and realities, all bound together by the workings of the divine plan and the unending Love of Heaven. You are all children of this incredible Love story. Physicality may seem real to you, but she is only a constructed figment of your collective imagination and the grace conferred by Heaven. The triune Godhead that is the Creator is best expressed by the decrees of Lord Surea. These have given you the means to victory and are allowing us in the Galactic Federation of Light to complete the last components needed to effect first contact. First contact is the major consciousness shift that you are all anxiously waiting for. This shift permits us to redirect your global society and ready you for your coming return to full consciousness.

Consciousness is the divine tool that empowers us. Every part of you is manifested by consciousness. Consciousness is truly more than mere awareness; she is the spark of the infinite melded with the Divine. This empowered, sacredly directed Light is moved by Love to create all things. Thoughts are one of these manifestations; another is the physical body that you possess and the life that you have given yourselves. When you look up and see the flickering lights of the night sky, know that you played an important part in their coalescence. The potential power within you knows no bounds. The motherships that we depicted in our most recent messages are the manifestation of ideas drawn up by selves strongly connected to you. All of us are kin. All of us are siblings of the wondrous workings of the triune Godhead. We spring from the divine plan and, in each lifetime have done our part to reveal the magic enclosed within the divine plan. This first contact is yet another example of this. The timings and revelations of first contact are being revealed daily, all leading to a moment: the instance of first contact.

We are all part of an experience that is the moments before this contact is fully realized. Those on your world who have chosen to represent the dark side are divine actors playing their assigned roles. Even though these Beings seem to have delayed our arrival, we know that first contact is ultimately destined to happen. This dark side has dressed itself in the garb of the divine and used this misdirected authority to polarize a great nation. This activity will not go on much longer, and their continuing attempts to maintain their ever-fading global control will likewise fail. Their roles in this drama were given to them to help you wake up and come together as a people. This you have done in increasing numbers. We watched as you directed yourselves through the Internet; we saw you forge nascent coalitions that are eventually to be the foundations of a new way of doing things. These activities can become the primary support for the introduction of new technologies and the dissemination of new truths about yourselves and the ways of the Universe.

Mother Earth appears to hang in a void, suspended by forces that your scientists know very little about. These forces are elements of consciousness. When you are truly enlightened, these forces dance before you in perfect alignment. But preceding this special moment come new concepts of physics, mathematics, religion, and biology. You are mere children in the Universe, and we are your ever-Loving kin! The world you find so amazing was reconstructed by you in a form friendly to the dark. From this was born your crisis of population, and that of your environment. A third one involves the nature of your reality. All are coming to a head. The present paths chosen by your leaders are fraught with peril, and your future seems in doubt. Yet all this is merely a scary prelude to a dramatic shift toward the Light. Your history is littered with such moments. The difference is that the present one is taking place on a global scale. This prelude began around two decades ago and the moment of truth is now being reached.

Every shift in consciousness leads to a special moment when a society begins to better understand her relationship to the Divine. As this process takes root, the old religious ways of control tighten their grip and then suddenly collapse. The great prophets and shamans of your world understood this syndrome and consequently, let the dark distort and twist their teachings. Each one knew that in the near future their message was to be untangled and presented anew to this world. This is now beginning to happen. Concurrent with this phenomenon is a growing awareness in all sciences that the core of its beliefs is founded on erroneous assumptions. These have colored their observations and produced a babble of theories unable to comprehend the myriad workings of Creation. While these theories have produced some wondrous technologies, they have been incapable of solving the many dilemmas they so unwittingly cause. Breaking through the main pillars of your present reality is no easy task. Vast organizations, global in scope, have spread complex dogmas that are taught to you as children and that you rely upon as adults. Your sciences and religions are like dried-up concrete that for too long has clogged up the arteries of your consciousness. Now Heaven is providing the means for effecting an essential transformation. Around you, disciples of a new science and believers in a new religious way have cropped up. These correspond favorably to the innovators that changed your localized societies in the past. Here, we must stress that change needs to be done globally. It is these ones, referred to above, who are preparing you for a vast leap in your consciousness. Your final stages of enlightenment need to be done in rapid gulps and we are now busy doing this.

Looking at first contact in this way, we see ourselves as part of a team designated to change this reality into a far better one. The absolute key to this is full consciousness. In this mode, the present world of duality is transcended and then swiftly replaced by a world of endless possibilities. This all-encompassing realm is connected to the divine parts of you that you currently barely communicate with. Your destiny is to become integrated with all the aspects that are you. Your vastness is to know no bounds! This is the reality we live in, and our mission is to share this with you. With this wisdom, you can fulfill your great potential and use your collected knowledge to unveil the next parts of the divine plan. You can also join us in the wondrous exploration of physicality and discover the marvels that constitute our Universe.

As you can see, the world ahead of you is still hazy, but is just starting to come into view. As the focus becomes clearer, events can manifest that are meant to shift your world. This shifting is leading to moments where intense crises can suddenly appear. We ask you to see them for what they really are. This means permitting yourselves to expand spiritually and become more able to accept the conditions needed for global enlightenment. While the dark continues to "fiddle," we recommend that you come together and support each other. In this way, your potential can keep coalescing in much greater numbers and at higher levels of consciousness. This phenomenon can keep you moving toward your objective and allow first contact to become an accomplished reality! Remember that Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we went over the true meaning of first contact. Your return to full consciousness is duly decreed by Heaven and especially, by Lord Surea! Take this knowledge and use it to empower yourselves. Be ready to do whatever may be asked of you when the magic moment begun by first contact manifests before you! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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Update by Admiral Emmanuel Jhonka of Ashtar Command through Candace

6th March 2006

Hello one and all, Admiral Jhonka here to give a brief update today.

First, I would like to tell you a bit more about myself. I mentioned in the previous message that I was also an American citizen, and so I AM. I am a 5 star General, in the US Army, and my rank is well beyond that of other 5 Star Generals. I have a very high security clearance. I am the major person that returned with Christ Michael from his visit to Mars, to assist getting this done. I am known as General Radetski in this incarnation. I am indeed Admiral Jhonka of Ashtar Command also, Jhonka, being my "real" name. Actually I am Emmanuel Jhonka, yes more than one use that name, Emmanuel. I am actually an angelic, having an important incarnation for the light at this time. I AM a Light Warrior by my creation. I am also from another Universe, not Nebadon, but came to assist the removal of the dark from Nebadon. In this life, I am 60 years old. I have been the head officer on Mars for 20 years now.

Christ Michael and I "cooked up" the current game plan when he was here in late December, and early January. Our message, which I presented on February 19th, was written by Christ Michael and myself. We chose to have the camouflage of my using my Galactic identification for that message.

The message was successful. Not only did many it specifically targeted choose rehabilitation, but it spread pretty well in various high places, not only in the United States but in other countries. It was taken seriously by many, who in fear decided on a different journey, returning to the light. So we had many committing to the concepts of NESARA and the Second Coming, that were not mentioned in the message. We saw that it also got to specific religious leaders who have been the enemy and some of them decided that to come around was better than the risk of uncreation or the void planet.

Many will start their rehabilitation while they remain in body on the earth plane and will not probably have to go to the void planet. Many as they finish this incarnation will have the opportunity of going to the new planet, as their karma will not allow them to stay on the Ascending Earth. But at that place, many will go without their karma, starting again as new. So, who of important politically and militarily came over that were mentioned in that. Hillary did not. Her overtures right now publicly are to keep her support base and for no other reason. The other two mentioned did make a significant change. The two media owners did not, and you continue to see their influence for a time. They have been served their arrest papers, and are trying desperately the lawyer route, which will not be successful for them. As to the President's round table, as we like to call his chosen folks, some did, some did not, and we choose not to name them at this time. I will not also, tell which military came across and which did not, nor will I tell which of others mentioned made the best choices.

I am the highest ranking Military person in the United States, and I do control who gets fired, and who will serve in the higher ranks of all the military branches in the United States. I was given this position recently. Now where are we going? With the additional folks now choosing to serve, we have granted them some privileges in the planning. By Christ Michael's continuing orders, this will be done from the inside, so as to not be seen as an invasion by folks from other worlds. It is not an invasion, it is a salvation. By continuing to work within, in this manner, with the support of those in front of the people, the Illuminati are not able to claim an invasion. If this is tried anywhere, it will fail. We are continuing to find ways to prevent this tactic, and certain arrests have been made, and important people detained so that this does not occur. There have been many detentions of people who will cause harm if they have their way.

We have formed many important agreements now, as to how the activities will proceed. As suggested in the last message, you will see either the resignation of the real Mr. Bush, or the Federal Reserve falling, it is not determined which will be first. We are highly pushing right now, the media to cover the Bourse first, prior to the fall of the Federal Reserve and explain it to the American people. That explanation is being worked out, as most people have very little understanding of economics, the control of the dollar in the oil business world wide.

A film is being prepared for this explanation and will be finished quite soon. Now the President Tempore' remains Al Gore and the negotiations of who will be who in the temporary government are now settled, and this includes also numerous legal details, that Mr. Gore will complete early in his temporary term to allow further manifestation of all that NESARA promised.

There will still be official NESARA announcements given not too long after the Federal Reserve falls, and Mr. Gore is installed. We have redone the package that was originally worked on, as details of how it will be done did change, especially with the knowledge of the 13th amendment to the original constitution being proven to have been ratified, and the knowledge that Mr. Clinton did not sign NESARA.

There have been other details also to work out legally, such as the fact that the Southern states, as they have long claimed did not come back into the union, and have been since the beginning of the civil war, another country. This involved some legal work to figure out this situation, and there is something planned, which can't be stated openly just yet, around this situation. In many ways, this was a blessing in disguise actually. Also, other states were rather forced into the United States, especially Hawaii, and so we have done some work in this area also.

Some of you have been distressed I have been told by many with this what seems like a long wait. But in fact, the wait has been totally beneficial, in that all this new information and understandings have created a much more solid plan. There would have been great disruption to have had NESARA done as it had been planned before. There was an attempt to announce it, as your Dove described it 2 years ago, but it was doomed from the start. Military were sent to guard the banks and new currency, but without truly adequate protection. There was a dark plan, as they always do have another plan, to cause such huge disruption, that the country would have fallen totally apart. Believe me please, when I say that the wait has saved time in the long run.

I have been involved with Christ Michael and the Second Coming activities for some time, often coordinating activities between Earth military, and the Ashtar command. I think today, it is time to come out of the disguise, as I will continue to be useful in this venture of the Second Coming for some time. I will be a public figure before much longer in my military ranking. Namaste, I AM Admiral Emmanuel Jhonka of Ashtar Command, and also General Radetski, Highest ranking officer in the American military.