Ascension - 2012


Sananda on opening the gates to heaven...

2/28/06 10:30am

Sananda? R U calling me?
S: Good morning love, we are with you waiting.
L: I am sorry to keep you waiting, do you have a message for me?
S: Indeed. Today we have news for you to share with the group. It is imperative that you release this information in a timely manner for it seems that there will be some news for others to share. We wish to advise of some further reparations in your government body that will lead to the unfolding of planned events to take place. There is a scheduled meeting of officials to take place shortly. The purpose of this meeting is to prepare the country for the changes of government and the ramifications it will have on its people. We are delighted to announce that the plan of action is due to take place this week, on schedule. The notification to leaders to surrender to the forces of light was heard and implementation is now in effect. We anticipate that the American people will be hearing about said events momentarily. Know that this is an opportunity to assist with full anticipation of said events. You are all now in a position to fully utilize your powers of manifestation through visualization and we expect that you will take joy in adding your services to aid in the desired outcome. Know that this is a time of great joy for many but will be a time of great confusion for more. You have all been equipt to handle the task at hand, you all have the vibration necessary to employ a peaceful transition. Use these powers that have been bestowed upon you to aid humanity in this upcoming perceived upheaval. Your light will be needed to rest the beating hearts of many. We are confident of your abilities to succeed here.

Many of you wish to know about the plan of action that will precede the government fall. We wish to say that it is up to the forces of light to employ such tasks to their inevitable victory. Do not be put off by how, instead focus your sights on the outcome. Know that all is in divine perfect order and can be instituted with technology beyond your level of comprehension at this time. We are in full support of the beings who aid you and assist in your transition, know that victory is yours.

There will be a short period of disruption to your society when the gates of heaven have been opened. know that this will be abated shortly after the fears are calmed and understanding is evident to all. We expect that you will endure a period of confusion while adjustments are made, but know that all that is dismantled shall be rebuilt in divine ways. You are all a part of this exemplary time upon earth and for good reason. Your chosen roles will appear to you as your places in society open up for you. Many of you are awaiting life missions and your roles will become clear to you upon these coming changes. Fret not over the coming of your destiny, it is a well made plan. Those of you who have awareness of your missions here shall proceed with firm resolve. We are supporting all of you to effortlessly move forward to your assigned tasks on earth and know that there are legions of lightbeings at your disposal. You are outnumbered in this way so as to ensure ample help for all. Be at peace with your journey, for it may be an unexpected turn that will take you to your destination in the New World of Peace. We assure you that whatever path your are guided to will be one that brings you infinite joy.

These times that we have been discussing with you for so long have prepared you for what’s to come. The delays, though they caused much strife, have actually enabled more awareness which shall benefit the transition greatly. We wish to thank you all for your unwavering faith during these end times and assure you that the road ahead, though a tumultuous one, will bring you the heaven on earth that you have so longed for. This is the beginning of the end for most but a journey of unparalleled devotion for a special few. For that, you are all to be commended. We are in great admiration of your dedication to Source and we will walk the way with you now until the infinite abundance of heaven is in your hands. Blessings my children of faith and warriors of light. We shall greet you with open arms and devoted hearts for we are truly one. Go in peace to employ your missions. I AM Sananda Immanuel.


How to manifest (create) what you want...

Our lives are what we make them out to be. We create them with our thoughts, words and deeds. Our lives can be a drama, comedy, love story, tragedy, horror story, adventure, wars, crime and corruption, or any, or all of the above.

As stated in the last section, most people let life happen to them without realizing they are creating it themselves. It could be by listening to what other people say or think, instead of listening to their inner knowing.

How we manifest or create what we really want, instead of what happens to us, is knowing how to do it in the most creative, positive way. It can't be done as a want, wish, or with a negative attitude or phrasing.

When we wake up every morning, do we wake up with a smile, or a frown? Do we look forward to the day…or dread it? Do we look at life as a struggle and obligation, or with happiness, joy, and love for ourselves, our families, for the birds, animals, the environment, our fellow humankind, all of creation?

People keep looking for a savior. Someone who is going to show up and make it all better. Make all of our problems suddenly all go away. This would interfere with our free will choice and our own power as co-creators. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We must save ourselves by changing the way we see ourselves and the world we live in. By changing our thinking, and how we see the world, our world will change through our own powers of creation. We draw to us what we think about, talk about. It’s a Universal Law that can’t be voted in, voted out, or ignored. It just is. Good, bad or indifferent, it just is.

Everything that has been happening to us has been to help us remember Who We Are, and Who We Are Not, and Who We Want to Be. Who We Are Not is in reality just a self-created illusion. Some people are so locked into the illusion that they can’t see beyond it. They do not realize they even have creative powers or abilities, so they allow life to just happen to them, and then complain because it didn’t happen the way they wanted it. But it is happening, because they are drawing all this negativity to them themselves by the negative way they are thinking about their own lives.

A lot of what we create is in the phrasing of the thought or the spoken word. Our minds know if we have a thing or not, and it will readily accept that we do not yet have the thing we desire to have. because we have told ourselves there exists a lack in our life. Doubt exists that we will ever acquire what we want when in fact, we already have everything we can possibly imagine available to us through God for the asking. First, one must develop an attitude of gratitude. Thank God for already having fulfilled your desires, so it won't be expressed as a want, but as something that you have already joyously received into your life with an attitude of gratitude and believe it, know it to be true.

Example. "I want a lot of money." That will forever remain a want.

"I thank God for the abundance of money and prosperity You bring into my life every day."

But it goes into more than this, which will be covered below.

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Atmos 27-Feb-06

There are three main objectives in the daily messages that come through Michael. When they started it was seen that information was needed that would be circulated amongst people and groups, that would bring out an awareness of Ascension. To know of it is one thing, but each and every person who aspires to be part of Ascension must not lose sight of the fact that they have to continually work towards that goal, so that they are fully prepared. This event will take place regardless of any action by Man, as it is part of a greater plan that involves the whole Universe. Our desire is that as many of you as possible achieve Ascension, but bear in mind there will be some who will exercise their freewill to stay in the 3D vibration.

The second objective is to prepare people for the advent of First Contact which has also been decreed by the Hierarchy who oversee the evolution of Humanity. Without our help you would be ill prepared for such an event, and it is vitally important that the purpose of our coming is fully understood. We clearly cannot arrive on Earth without first having made our intentions crystal clear. In fact we have been gradually gaining the confidence of Man for a very long time. These are not matters that can be rushed, but we are now satisfied that there are sufficient of you who understand the necessity for our arrival. Our approach has been patient, and at all times we have shown our peaceful intentions.

Thirdly, there are many actions taking place on Earth that must be allowed to work out. Some are Karmic, and some are the present re-actions to the frantic efforts of the last cabal to hang on to power. We are allowed to work behind the scenes as we have done for a very long time. However, we must not interfere with your own endeavors to remove those individuals that stand in the way of change. Indeed, we have encouraged you to set up the scenario that has the potential to achieve that degree of success. In the eyes of many people, the removal of the last cabal would look better as a result of your own efforts. What we have told you often, is that there is an ultimate date by which time we are authorized to bring matters to a conclusion. If the dark are successful in preventing you from having them removed, then we shall intervene and ensure it takes place. We have planned for the event which one way or the other will take place this year.

With daily messages it is possible to find statements that appear to convey a different impression, but be assured that this is because of the number of contacts involved. They come with an idea in mind, and as you might say cannot give verse and chapter every time. It is necessary to see the overall picture, and hold that in mind when you read these and messages from other sources. The end times and the path towards them are complicated inasmuch that there are a number of realities being played out. The left hand does not always know what the right is doing, and it is quite possible that some confusion will result.

We use our opportunity to speak to you, to keep your eyes on the immediate problems whilst not losing sight of the ultimate goal. We do not want you to ease up on your efforts to remove the dark. Because we have informed you that the changes will come this year, there is always a chance that some will sit back and wait for that event to occur. You the Lightworkers are an important team that have undertaken to be here at this special time. We want to encourage you, and see you achieve what you came here to do as part of your life contract. Every day you place another brick in the wall that is isolating the dark, and it will not be long before the energy for change that you are creating will show results.

Let me state that IF necessary, the last cabal will be removed by us if such a result has not been achieved through your own endeavors. The criterion for such action is the date by which the Hierarchy desire it to have taken place. Then and only then, can peace be declared and our arrival on Earth commence. Do not be concerned at the amount of activity that will need to follow. We have a meticulous plan, and with our advanced technology will achieve in short time all of the changes that we have previously told you about. In a human time frame we cannot expect you to full understand our ability to effect the changes quickly, but see that our resources are inexhaustible and we have millions of craft and personnel at our disposal.

Be assured that those of you who have already committed yourselves to go forward with Ascension will do so. You will be fully informed as to what it entails, and be totally ready when it is time for your lifting up. This is not an entirely new venture for us, and The Galactic Federation has previously served others who have also reached this point in their evolution. Do not forget that in bringing the changes to your planet, we also serve Mother Earth who will go forward with you into the higher dimensions. Mother Earth has given herself to you for the precise purpose of allowing you to experience in the 3D, and like you she will do whatever is required for her own preparation. However, we are here to help you all and you will see that our actions do exactly that.

Matters progress slowly upon Earth and you must be patient, but know that all will work out well. Your last cabal will be forcibly removed if they deny the process of Law. No one is a law unto themselves, and we have already made that clear to them. Yes, we do as we have stated, work behind the scenes but it has to be done our way and in accordance with the authority we have been given. You are in safe hands, and our allies are working hard to bring a result very soon. You are in even safer hands as the Creator has given the command that will release you from this cycle of duality.

I am Atmos, and I come to make clear the position that we are at, so as to remove any misconception about our present activities as related to your own input. We are closely working together with you, even if we do not reveal details to you. There is nothing that happens without our foreknowledge, and we have the means of predicting the most likely outcome of any actions taken on Earth. Remember however that there is always that additional factor as you might call it, the “X” factor of freewill.

I hope you are re-assured as to where matters rest at present, and know that we shall continue to work closely with you. When the time for change arrives you shall all be made aware of it, but meantime we exercise some measure of secrecy for the protection of those whom we work with upon Earth. Rest easy and still apply yourselves to your own special skills, and do your best to make it clear that we present no threat to the Human Race. We come with great love, and we see you and treat you as our Brothers and Sisters which you are. We Are ALL One and brought into creation from the same source, the Creator of All That Is, and Ever Was and Will Be.

Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey


Spirit's latest message

Hello again everyone, the recent news of 'death and destruction' in many parts of the world has prompted me to again ask Spirit for a message for all of us at this time.

Although the following may not be the only possible message, we hope it is of some interest and value to you.

The question asked was;

"What message does Spirit have for the peoples of the world at this time?"

"Well, just this, and it's something positive because with all of the negativity that's being seen on the 'news' at this time, perhaps this is the ideal time for something uplifting and hopeful.

And this is what our message is today.

You see, what goes on behind the scenes, like in most other things in your society, is what really matters, not what's 'up front', not what the news is showing, not the 'facade' you might say.

The 'actors' are at the front of the stage, doing their 'thing', while 'backstage' the 'real' activity is going on, the real stuff, the stuff that really matters eventually in everyone's lives.

And what's really going on in the 'backstage' at this time is victory.

Victory for truth, victory for justice, victory for fair play and honesty and the rights of the individual on this planet to be respected for what they really are.

A Divine expression of the One Creator, you see.

That's what everybody wants, that's what everybody deserves, but it seems like, on the surface, there are many forces and powers that are trying to destroy these concepts, these ideals, these truths.

But that's only a facade, it's a 'smoke screen' to hide what's really going on, and what's really going on, as we said, is a restoration of the rights of the individual to express themselves as the Gods and Goddesses that they truly are.

So that's our message for this period.

It's not designed to give false hope or false design, only to later reveal that these things aren't true after all.

We're saying this in truth, in reality, things that are really happening, and very soon now, the noisy, negative, violent, unlawful, degrading, debilitating, discouraging, 'play-acting' facade that you think you see in the world around you today will disappear as if just another 'bad dream'."

All the best to all. Lyle.


The Caterpillars and the Butterfly

by Brian Longhurst
There lived in a beautiful garden, large numbers of a particular creature who crawled about, eating the vegetation, perceiving themselves on the one hand as being superior to all the other creatures in the garden and yet on the other hand perceiving themselves as lowly, wretched and unworthy of being loved. They had many mythologies and squabbled endlessly about whose mythology was the only right one and this caused many rifts, divisions and schisms between them.
One day, a beautiful butterfly came into their presence, soaring in the sunlight, reflecting magnificent rainbow colors from his wings; so much so that he was seen as the Light of the World. Wherever he went he attracted followers, who marveled at his magnificence and the wonders he performed in their midst. He spoke in a way they had never heard before. He told them that not only was he the light but that they also were the light; that the wonders he performed, they also would perform - and even greater things - if only they could believe; that he was their brother and that they also were, in reality, beautiful butterflies, capable of soaring in the light and creating magnificent rainbow effects; that they need not concern themselves with all their mythologies and divisions and they would find all that would entirely suffice them was to love the Creator and to love each other as much as they loved themselves.
Many believed what he said but many scoffed at his words. The scoffers said among themselves, ‘He says he is our brother but it is evident there is nothing remotely similar between him and us; he has only 6 legs and two wings and lives on ambrosia whereas we have many legs, no wings and eat the vegetation. Clearly he is off his head and has no idea what he was talking about.’

A Monarch caterpillar
Even those who believed him didn’t understand him and instead perceived him and worshipped him as a God, saying they were still lowly, wretched and unworthy of being loved and he was high and exalted and eternally beyond anything they could ever be; after all, he had wings of glory on which he soared in the sunlight and only 6 legs and lived on ambrosia, whereas they had many legs and could only crawl about and eat the vegetation in the beautiful garden.
Nevertheless, he told them that if they could imagine the things he told them were like bread and the love that he outpoured upon them was like wine, they could imbibe this as sustenance at a higher level of vibration than the vegetation they believed was their source of life and nourishment. This would then enable them to perceive themselves as they saw him and the higher vibration would transform them, from their own within, into magnificent, soaring butterflies also. He also shared with them another analogy to help them grasp this enlightened perception; that he was as a vine, tended in the garden by the good husbandman and that if they could imagine themselves as being branches in the vine, they could draw their uplifting life energy through him and that this would enable them to find fulfillment of their glorious, radiant potential.

A Monarch Butterfly
Many did as he said but because the light of their inner discernment was dim, they were only able to follow his guiding as an outward ritual. Only very few were able to perceive the spiritual reality hidden within his stories. Those who did went by themselves, or perhaps with one or two of their closest, most trustworthy friends, into a secret place, away from the clamor of the world around them, wherein they contemplated his words deeply within their hearts and minds - just as he had counseled them - and gave thanks for all the wondrous gifts he had brought into their lives. In the silence of their own within they received the enlightenment he had promised that was sustenance for their souls and this helped them to perceive themselves just he had said they would.
Those who were only able to perceive his words at an outer, ritualistic, level began to quarrel amongst themselves as to who was the greatest among them, or whose interpretation of his words was the most accurate and to create ever greater numbers of rules and doctrines about these interpretations, even though the butterfly had plainly said there were only two ‘rules.’ This caused further divisions between them. Some broke away from the group structure that had been established in his name because they said that group no longer truly represented him and his teaching and was full of corruption and self-serving. In time there arose squabbling even within the breakaway groups, causing even further divisions. These groups and breakaway groups called themselves the ‘This’ denomination or the ‘That’ denomination.
All the squabbling over who was right and who was wrong in their understanding of the butterfly’s wisdom caused many of the creatures, who had at first enthusiastically joined the groups, to become disillusioned and stop attending the group meetings.
Some of those who stopped attending decided that the whole story could not be true and went back to eating the vegetation, embracing any elaborate theories placed before them by those who told them that they had a better idea than the butterfly (or those who claimed to be representing him). This led to more and more confusion in the garden and more and more division among the creatures.
Those who had never believed the butterfly, or the groups who claimed to be representing him, finally said, ‘We told you so; it was all too far fetched to be plausible in the first place.’
But those few who were able to see past the imagery of the butterfly’s stories, to the truth they contained, followed his advice to enter alone, or in groups of only two or three, into a secret place. There they attuned with him and he was there in the midst with them. There, they found an inward peace, joy, love and tranquility and spiritual illumination of the eternal realities, about which the butterfly had spoken.
Of course we all know what happens to caterpillars. They eventually stop eating the vegetation, enter alone into a secret place, away from the clamor of the world around them and there, in the solitude of their own within, recreate themselves in the image and likeness of the Butterfly. Then they emerge and soar magnificently in the sunshine, reflect glorious rainbow colors for all to see and ‘live off ambrosia,’ giving thanks, by their very beauty, to the Creator for the joy and wonder of Life.
This allegory indicates that the spiritual evolution of mankind is not yet complete, other than for a precious few, who long ago entered into their secret place, just as the Master counseled. However, we are now in the most exciting moment in the history of humanity, when the critical mass is approaching of those who have entered in and are recreating themselves from the Within into the Without into glorious, fully spiritualized, soaring Beings of the Light.
Jesus wasn’t rigid in the way he spoke of the things of the Kingdom. He constantly spoke in parables – allegories – which he knew would be interpreted by each individual according to the place each individual was on the path of Eternal Spiritual Progress.
Jesus was also unequivocal that we are all the light of the world and that the things he did, we – if only we can believe – will do also, and greater things. He came to remind us of this eternal truth and to demonstrate it, so that we would have a living example of the magnificence of the human spirit to follow and emulate.
It is inevitable that this will happen eventually to us all because that is our fundamental, essential nature, having been created in the image and likeness of the Creator. We are all a part of God. Within us is a spark of God's Consciousness that was given to us at creation. It is only a matter of when, rather than if, that we move back into full awareness of that. We are all at free choice to make that journey at any time, including right NOW.

About the author
Brian Longhurst is a lifelong Christian mystic based in England. He has prepared a web site to release his Diary of a Christ Communicant, which is filled with information from over 30 years of direct communications with the living Jesus. Brian's excellent book Synchronicity for Goodness' Sake is also available online at his
web site:


The shift is now completed, Celia Fenn

Daily Star Light 25th February 2006

We are here today to speak with you about the energies that have grounded since the shift at Harmonic Concordance. That shift is now completed, and you humans will be living with this new energy on a permanent basis. For many this will seem like absolute chaos. But we want you to understand that in this apparent chaos lies the opportunities for you to express your creativity and co-create a new reality of your own choosing.

Yes, it is time for you to choose what reality you would like to see on this planet. And you can choose to create a reality of peaceful co-creation.

But most people do not understand this on the conscious level. On the d! eeper level, the level of the higher group consciousness, you have all chosen to create this reality together. But, because many people are still asleep and are yet to wake up to their higher realities, they are filled with fear and anxiety when they perceive this new reality.

All the old certainties and structures have gone. The Indigo and Crystal children have brought in a new vibration at a much higher level, and they are helping you all to move to the new level of Christ or "Christed" consciousness.

At this time many people will be looking for answers and explanations. There will be much fear and anxiety arising, as many will have to encounter the deep fears in their own psyches, and will begin to project these outwards into the world.

We want you to understand this process so that you do not fall into fear, but allow the fear to pass through you and be released. As you clear the old energies of this and many lifetimes, you will have to encounter! your deepest fears before you can reach into your most wonderful dreams. But be careful to own your fears and work through them. Do not seek to project them onto others, and see others as "evil" or "manipulative". Remember, as you work towards integration of your being, that all is within you, and when you hold the light and dark sides of your being in balance, then you realise that what you see in the outer world is no more than a reflection of what you hold in your inner world. And that there is nothing to fear. And that anything that you do not want or like can be changed.

Those of you who have been through your transition and have awakened, can now help those who are still in this process. You will need to be grounded. Many people find it very difficult to keep their feet on the earth and be here, that is, to be fully in the physical body. But you will find that as your consciousness moves to higher levels and you integrate the energies, you become more aware of yo! ur body than before, and begin to enjoy physicality even more. You have chosen to be here in the Earth illusion. It is to be enjoyed and managed with your creative powers.

At this time too, it is time to allow your light to shine as openly as possible. Those who are looking for answers will be drawn to you. It is up to you as lightworkers to show them how to survive in this new energy. And not only to survive, but to flourish - to play and create and enjoy the earth journey that they have chosen.

By Celia Fenn
Starchild Ascension

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.


Rising Command And The Soul by Myrrhiel

Greetings, loves. I am Myrrhiel from the Rising Command. I have come to address you today because it has been far too long since I have addressed you as my full being, yet I have always been with you and have connected to you from different aspects of my full self, using different names and vibrations.

We, at the Rising Command and Community, have refrained from addressing you officially before now because the timing was not right. You are now ready to be gently re-acquainted with our full selves, with our concepts, with our vibrations and our `level' of truth we are calling Unity Consciousness. We wish never to force our concepts and truth upon anyone. Please use your own discernment upon
reading this, and if nothing in this message resonates with you, then that is divinely perfect.

This message is programmed to awaken dormant knowledge within all who read it. Upon reading it, it will unlock areas of consciousness that will allow you to progress further along your journey no matter where you are on that journey. So it is of no consequence if you do not resonate with this, because we are all at different places and vibrations. We all have different life blueprints and different missions, and we honor each individual path and are gifting you a small key in this message, to help you on your path.

I will not overload you with details in this initial message about the Rising Command and Community. More details will come in the future, but for now it is enough to know that the Rising Command and Community are a group of beings who are dedicated to the Polarity Integration of the Universe and the Return to Oneness of All That Is. But we do feel that it is important for you hear about the Original
Rays of Consciousness in this message, the foundation of Creation.

This `story' of Creation has been told many times, in many different ways, from many ancient earthly cultures to other-worldly beings, who relay it to you today, and I will do my best to make it as simple as possible for you.

In terms of the language you use, we prefer using the term `Creator Spirit' to mean: the energy source from which all life comes and to which all life shall return, making All One. We have heard some people call this `God', others refer to `The Great Spirit', `All That Is', `The Universe', `Source', but we shall use `Creator Spirit' in this explanation.

Again, without getting into any unnecessary details that over complicate and do not serve the purpose of this message, I will proceed to explain:

Acting on Creator Spirit's directive to manifest duality, Father Mother God Goddess, who originally were united, split in two, male and female, Alpha and Omega. This was the first fall in vibration, the first differentiated frequencies, the first polarity, the first TWO individuated rays of consciousness of Creation, the first TWIN RAYS. We call them Father and Mother God Goddess because they were
now to very separate entities or beings of consciousness.

Then, the 12 original rays of consciousness were birthed to male-female duality (12 united, 24 split into twin rays) through Father and Mother God Goddess. So in a very real sense we had our very first `family' of creation. The Father and Mother and the 24 twin ray children. The terms `angels' or `god.desses' would be the best way to
describe these original beings of creation for most of you to comprehend. All tones and colors of creation are facets of these original rays / beings of consciousness. All angelic orders proceed from these original beings. As these beings grew and evolved each created new aspects to themselves. It can be compared to looking at
a `family tree' that your children create in schools, with their origins at the top, and then branching out further and further as you go down through the generations.

Here is a link to a graphic of the first 'family tree'. Family Tree and Star of Christophon

Names on the graphic are the names of each individual twin ray / being of consciousness as we go by them presently. Our names, not unlike us as beings, have evolved over the eons of linear time. At this time, I'd like to remind you that since the dawn of creation there have been an incomprehensible number of beings who have birthed from the original rays. There are many beings using the same names.
There is much confusion about names of different cosmic beings and angels among the people of earth. There are many angelic orders, realms, galactic and universal entities, even different universes. But for now, we wanted to make the point that not all beings called by the same name are necessarily the same being and that you may know the same being by many different names.

The original 13-26 twin rays are the creators of origin of all archetypal patterns of reality created in love and fear, the primary polarity. So all beings originally came forth from one of these original rays. Out of the myriad of beings or soul aspects that came forth from the original rays, countless numbers of them have separated from their entity of origin and become sovereign beings, each becoming their own distinct soul to grow and create new soul aspects as they evolve.

All popular cosmic beings such as Thoth and Isis, beings known as Ascended Masters such as St. Germaine, Sananda, and El Morya, and many popular angels come from one of the original rays of consciousness. Some have chosen to become their own overeign being and some are still energetically merged or linked to their Monad.

What is a Monad? Let me explain with the help of some simple figurations. Every person reading this message has their own Monad. This is the soul aspect that is the first soul created in their Oversoul.

Figure 1

entity Full A



In this simple illustration soul aspect A is the soul / being that was first created or birthed. A then went on to create B, C, and D soul aspects, then more aspects (E through M) were created as this soul / being / entity evolved. There are 13 separate soul aspects to this entire entity here, but A is the Monad, the first, the `head'.

Currently most `lightworkers' have merged or are merging all soul aspects (i.e., A through M) into their current embodiment. That means that energetically all of these soul aspects will be merged as one, so the person incarnated here on earth has access to all the talents, power, and gifts of all the soul aspects but are also responsible for all their karma as well. When merged, all soul aspects, including
your Monad, are ONE. They are you and you are `They'. You are all One.

Now let's reference the same illustration again. Let us say that, at some point during its evolution, soul aspect D, from entity A above, chose to separate and become his / her own sovereign being. D now decides to leave and be completely separate. D will now be his / her own soul, Oversoul, and the Monad as he / she evolves and creates new soul aspects to his / her entire being. See below.

Figure 2

entity Full D



You all have a Monad. As you all move along on your journeys you will connect with different soul aspects of your own entire being, eventually connecting to and being self aware of your Monad. You will also naturally resonate to other soul aspects of other beings along the way in the same sort of manner.

Let us reference the figures above once more. Let us say that you, as a lightworker, incarnated here to earth as entity Full `D', in figure 2. All of the aspects D through Y are merged into one embodiment and soul aspect D is your Monad. You are traveling along your path, clearing your karma for all your soul aspects, drawing on the talents and gifts of all of your soul aspects. You become more self aware as
you go along and perhaps in the early stages you are aware of yourself as soul aspect Y, but then, as you grow and heal and clear and work with soul psychology, you become more self aware, you come to know yourself and resonate at a higher level of your entire being, soul aspect N or O or P, and then eventually you connect with your Monad, soul aspect D, and resonate at that level. It is not always as
clear and concise as this, as you could also experience soul aspect R or V or any other of your Monad's expressions (and often at the same time, so it can be confusing), but this is an example to illustrate the experience of uprising your human self's soul.

As you go along and grow and move along your journey, you will not only become more self aware and resonate at different levels of your own being, but also resonate with different levels of other beings. For example, if you are the being in Figure 2, Full `D', you may relate to another being (the being in Figure 1, for example) at
different levels as you go along. Early on in your journey you may connect with soul aspect F, out of figure 1. As you grow and move ahead on your journey you may connect with soul aspect B or C, even though soul aspect A is the Monad of that entire being. It all depends on where you are on your journey and what each soul aspect has to offer your soul's growth. You all have different energy signatures that are like different grooves unique to different keys. Your energy signature fits and unlocks different pieces and different beings of the Universe that will help you move to the next stage on your journey.

Many of you identify and resonate with galactic beings, others resonate more with angels, and others still with cosmic beings or beings you call Ascended Masters. You are all at different places on your journeys, dearest ones. Right now, each one of you is drawing into your lives the exact aspect of each Monad that is serving your soul's best interest. It matters not what aspect you resonate with. We honor your path.

Since the original 13-26 twin rays are the creators of origin of all archetypal patterns of reality created as you know it, each original twin ray has all chosen to gather all of their soul aspects together into one embodiment, clear their karmic paths, and integrate all dark and light aspects of themselves. This is the best way we know how to complete the Polarity Integration of the Universe and Complete the
Return to Oneness.

You see, for far too long we have been denying our dark sides, the soul aspects with `negative' experiences. We have been pushing away our fears and focusing purely on the light. The light aspects of ourselves ascended higher and higher, as the dark aspects of ourselves, the unknown or denied shadows that are often considered `negative' or `not spiritual' and can be painful, grew darker and darker, and eventually this extreme lack of balance and extreme polarity exploded to ruin many plans of peace in the Universe. Mawuvia is an example of this, and Atlantis is a more recent example well known by most of you on earth. The surest way to heal is to no longer cast out the dark and fear and pain, but to face it, embrace, and integrate it.

Right now we have different dimensions in this Universe. The higher the dimension, the less polarity there is. Polarity is love and fear, duality, or non-oneness. We are striving to integrate all polarity in the Universe and Return to Oneness for All That Is through the frequency of love, not denying fear but keeping it in its rightful place as a caution. The longer we deny the dark, the longer we perpetuate polarity. We need to embrace it and integrate the dark and light and meet in the middle. We implore you, dearest ones, to heal yourselves. This is the best and surest way to help the earth ascend, to help the Polarity Integration of the Universe and the Return to Oneness.

Look at your dark sides and denials, look at your fears and your pain and heal and integrate them. Look to others as your mirrors. Quite often what you see and judge in others is an aspect of yourself that you are denying and cannot see. This integration is the truest way for you to find peace and also bring peace to the universe.

There are those beings in the universe who are more polarized to the light, and those who are more polarized to the dark. We hope to encourage you to have a peaceful balance of both. Is this not logic? Can you not see that in order to Return to Oneness and end this cycle of polarity we need to meet in the middle, that being too polarized one way or the other will simply not get us there? Yes, it is Love we seek to live, not fear, and to acknowledge our denied self with Love so it fears no more. To masterfully express so-called negative emotions is when we are integrated and balanced.

There are those among the lightworker community on earth that are more polarized to the light and are encouraging others along their path. We are not chastising these ones, for they truly desire peace and unity and well-being for all as well and we praise their efforts, but we mean to only gently make observations, in hopes to awaken that piece of Creator Spirit within that knows how to surely achieve this balance and integration.

To these lightworkers who resonate more towards the light it may seem logical or even natural to want to release and deny dark aspects of themselves or others around them. Those on earth who are at Unity Consciousness (a term we use to indicate a state of consciousness that knows that integration of both light and dark aspects of themselves and others is the surest way to Oneness and Universal Polarity Integration) may even seem more dark or Un-light, or lower vibrational, to others more polarized to the light. And this is quite true in a sense, because those at Unity consciousness have chosen to access and process ALL aspects of themselves, not just the lighter ones.

We ask that you try to not pass judgments and to honor others' paths and energy resonances. This message is not to try and force Unity Consciousness upon anyone, just to help you recognize what it is and where it comes from. Many eons of programming have created a long-standing belief that `lighter' equals `better'. We are simply making the observation that this belief and these patterns have not worked in the past, but only further perpetuated dysfunction, suffering, separation, and non-Oneness. We ask you to not judge your fears and dark emotions. Do not deny them and cast them away, for they are a precious part of you and a part of all creation. We ask you to embrace them, accept them, integrate them, and heal them. Find the balance of the light and dark dear ones, for it is only the balance
of them both that will create harmony. Find the equilibrium within and you shall the world around you transform.

I am Myrrhiel of the Rising Command, reminding you that true ascension is through the heart.


St. Germain on Health and Healing

25th February, 2006

There has never been a time in your current cycle such as now, when the Light has formed such a strong grid around Earth. Knowingly or not, you have drawn the Light to yourselves and grounded it so that it is a permanent energy flow through the Earth itself. From afar the glow upon Earth is also beaming outwards and we see the transformation that is taking place.

The Light will release you from the lower energies, and it is showing the way for others to follow. As you progress so you bring up others with you, and this pattern continues as you go higher and higher into the Light. There is a point where you leave the dark energies behind for good, as they cannot exist in the higher vibrations. Now you have the promise that soon you will leave this dimension, and through Ascension return to the wonderful worlds composed of Light.

As you bring Light to yourself, you begin to create a new physical body as it raises your bodily vibrations. It is in effect a form of self-healing that will bring balance to energy centers of your body. Some who are aware of the functioning of the chakras use visualization to do it, and once they are in balance the energy can flow unrestricted or (un)impaired. You also have psychics and healers who can either see or “feel” them, and can treat them accordingly. Through such abilities it is possible to recognize the onset of illness and prevent it from manifesting.

Slowly but surely you are being acquainted with new forms of healing. It is leading more to preventive methods, and these will eventually mean an end to the need for surgical operations as you understand them. Michael, who records these messages, has been reading about Adrian Dvir and his healing centers. These already use skills that are the result of a liaison with many different extraterrestrials, and “operations” are carried out without the need to cut open the body. These concepts will be completely new to you, but signpost the way to the future.

All of these types of advancements will be short term; inasmuch that as your body is “lightened” and changes to a crystalline structure it will no longer suffer illness at all. You are already beginning to experience these changes, and it will also result in a slowing down of the aging process. You should generally begin to notice a feeling of wellbeing, as you absorb more of the higher vibrations. When we tell you that you are leaving the old behind, we really mean it and it will not be too long before it becomes more apparent.

At present you have a very unsatisfactory health program, as it is not directed at the cause but rather the symptoms. To address the cause and prevent disease would result in major changes all round. Many of your problems are due to the ingestion of additives that are in your food chain, and these build up in your bodies and cause illness. There are so many problems that you would have to live a completely different lifestyle to overcome them. You suffer forms of radiation from many different sources, and these can cause a breakdown of the body cells.

Everything is made up of energy including your body and you can see that if you distort or destroy its energy, it will have a damaging effect. Energies surround you the whole time, and even come to you from deep in space. However, not all energies of this nature are destructive and some are positively beneficial. At this time you are beginning to enter the photon belt and here is an energy that will be instrumental in uplifting you towards Ascension. Once you start to go along this path you will feel less of the present heavy vibrations that are associated with Earth.

Having spoken of your body it must be said that it is a wonderful vehicle that serves you so well. In spite of the abuse it gets particularly through the use of drugs, and given the chance it has the ability to bounce back. Think of the deprivation that some people suffer, such as when they are dying of starvation. Yet you can see how given the chance how miraculously the body can be nursed back to health. If more thought was given to your bodily requirements, you would certainly raise the quality of your health.

Let me say that water is a most versatile liquid, and it would help your bodily functions if you drank more of it. How valuable it is, yet little care is taken to keep this resource plentiful and clean. Pollution is endemic, and water is affected through the many chemicals that are used agriculturally and run off the land. However, your experiences are intended to teach you lessons that you invite upon yourselves. Your whole reason for being on Earth is to find out about the role of matter and spirit.

I am St. Germain, and as one who has had many incarnations on Earth I know how hard life can be. It has been your choice to come to this beautiful planet, and you have undoubtedly also experienced some wonderfully enlightening moments in your life, it is by no means all drudgery and strife. It is because you have experienced the extremes upon Earth that you can appreciate and enjoy those moments of sheer joy and happiness. However, you can now look forward to the approaching times of change that shall lead you to the heavenly dimensions of perpetual bliss. You have yet to know what it is like to be totally surrounded in the vibrations of Love, and live in complete harmony.

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey


The God Event by Candace Frieze & Christ Michael

February 24, 2006

Hi everyone! We have an event that has started and will increase over the coming days, the God Event, which is the injection of Creator Source (God the Father), sometimes called Prime Creator of a special energy on the Earth. I am starting this out with a short message from Christ Michael. Then I am placing a message from Sananda through Lauren after Christ Michael's portion.

Christ Michael: Hello my beloveds, I AM Christ Michael and I am coming today to add a little further explanation of the “God Event.” This event started several days ago, and is in simplicity, the change in the Earth’s energy patterns, by the Father of all, known also to some as Prime Creator. This is basically “plan B” because of the immense trouble of getting the last of the dark energy expelled from Earth. Remember that the dark energy that invaded Nebadon, and other universes long ago, is quarantined on this planet. We have removed nearly all of the dark forces now, as you know, including the feared Animus that roamed a variety of universes in Orvonton for a very long time.

The people of Earth are not awakening yet as they should. They are in darkness, from their lack of knowledge, and from generally the low energies and confusion they feel at this time. The God Event will help this out a great deal. Prime Creator, the Father, is present on the planet personally also at this time. HE is injecting a special energy into the planet, never done before, that will change the very energy of the atom, every atom in this place. It affects also, my entire Universe of Nebadon. This has been planned for a time, and has become necessary.

It is not so much for the dark, but to awaken those still in sleep. They will begin to have a memory of their godhood. This process will continue for several more days. During that time, you may experience extreme fatigue and other related Ascension syndrome symptoms. So may those around you, who are totally unaware. This is not a fearful event, and not the Second Coming event, but yet part of it.

It will affect people on their soul level, increasing the vibration of their atoms. This energy increases the vibration of every entity upon the Earth, and also the rocks, the plants, and all the animals. It affects the air, the water, everything. Many will not truly be aware of this consciously. It is being done at this time, to help abate the negative energy that is increasing by our BBB&G’s during this last stand. In effect, we have, in a manner of speaking, a first coming to the planet of the Father.

I would like at this time to comment that what the news is portraying in Iraq is not quite the truth, not even close. Rather than civil war, what is happening is the uniting of Iraq, against the enemy. This is huge, and an improvement that should shortly usher the United States out of the place. Their people in high places have come together in a common cause. The United States should be shortly pulling out, as the military forces of this united front are far greater than the forces of the United States. The United States attacking the mosque there, was a fatal mistake. Islam has had enough. As it should be.

Now back to the God Event. If you have not discovered the website called Return of Light,, it is time to do so. This is the Fathers personal presence here. You are responsible for your education on this event, and for being a rock to those around you, who are likely to feel ill, and have no idea why. Explaining this is the Father, may not help, so use your judgment in this case.

If you have trouble with the ascension syndrome involved, drink lots of pure water, eat very lightly of fruits and vegetables, and rest and walk in the sunshine. The sun is also receiving this blast of energy, and being in the sun, when you are able during this event will be helpful. You may feel a sense of pressure, your ears may hurt and you may have nausea. Do whatever works for you to relieve these symptoms. Play the most Godly spiritual calming music you own. Do not let your young ones play rock during this time, it will be very irritating to listen to. Absolutely no pigging out on meat and refined products, this is a time to do a semi fast of quality foods, in small quantities.

This event will raise the frequencies of Earth herself into very high 4D. You are barely into low 4D now. This will accelerate your stepping into 5D, which is also predicated time wise, on your works in the healing of the planet.
I remind you, you are the future Creator Gods in training on this beauteous planet. I would like to make a comment here, regards AbundantHope. Candace recently closed the forum for a remodeling. There was a dark energy invasion. Now that the site has reopened, I am informed by others, not necessarily Candace, that the registration of those creating messianic projects is dismally low, considering the number of registered readers.

Some of you readers are very angry about the changes to the forum. Tough. You are here to fix the planet. You may or may not choose to participate in AbundantHope and are not required to. But do not complain over the changes if you have decided not to participate in the goals of this organization personally. It has its goals, and it must move on into that. I suggest you reconsider and starting writing those missions, because what on Earth otherwise are you here for? Sky God is not going to do all the work, yea are the Gods. AbundantHope is running on the volunteer activities of several people, because like everyone else, Candace awaits her funding, and the fundamental changes needed to work in the public eye.

There is little more to say on the God Event, except that you will experience it. Do not expect landings, that is not part of the event. Do not expect instant results politically, you are going to make those changes. The event will assist many at soul level to awaken. That is the point. The soul will feel the event. That is the good news. I am involved in this, you are involved in this, the Galactic Federation is involved in this. Go educate yourself further in the knowledge available on this new site also, as part of the God Event.

Now would also be a good time to meditate, and soul search, and write a messianic vision, if not yet a mission. Writing it down changes everything. The time to sit in waiting is up. The God event will provide you assistance, because the dark energy will be gone, for the most part. The cleansing will be complete, and the remaining really dark folks will have a good deal of difficulty holding it together.

Most of the “darkness” that will remain, is the darkness of lack of knowledge, and that is your job to handle in many various ways. This does speed up the process, because many will become more aware, and will feel a need to move into action mode. That should include also yourselves! I think you will find those in reticence around you, will become more open, and thus open to suggestion. They will consciously feel different, but may not know why. Direct them. Namaste, I AM Christ Michael, Master Son of Nebadon.



Hello fellow sparks of the divine! It is with great pleasure that I share my latest communication with Sananda. For those of you who would like more information on the upcoming "God Event" you can visit: See you in the New World!

In the light,
"I don't believe in miracles,
I depend on them."

2/24/06 10:45am

S: Good morning my love. What a beautiful display of light today.
L: Thank you! How art thou?
S: We are doing marvelous aboard the Capricorn today. We are in anticipation of some wonderful events that we would like to share with you.
L: GO right ahead please.
S: First we would like to address the issue of the God Event as is being discussed among lightworkers. I wish to address this issue as it pertains to you on earth as well as the cosmic responsibility of the event and the ramifications it will have on the entire universe. We are sure that many are aware of the changes about to come based on what you may have been feeling these past few days. There is an enormous amount of energy being forced upon the earth at this time and it can be likened to a pressure cooker of sorts. Please do not be dismayed by the experiences that you may be going through. The issues at hand are in need of this intense flow of energy from the cosmos at this time and all are requested to bump up in the process. We understand that this can cause extreme feelings of unease, please know that these feeling will be abated shortly. You will only need to feel these intense energies during the beginning of what you term the “God event”. This event is a world of change encrypted in the tiny atoms of energy that are being transmuted at this time. You will all notice the changes in very different ways, based on your level of awareness and spiritual proclivity. Know that we are doing the best that we can to ensure that you all are relieved of the physical symptoms in a very short period of time. In the meantime please use your awareness to guide you. You will have an innate understanding of what your body needs for optimum results, listen closely to these orders. You will be guided to what is best needed for your personal comfort. Now we wish to address the purpose of this event for a better understanding. This termed “God Event” is a function that is required to push events in your world forward with a great thrust of Source energy. This is something that has never been attempted before and we are using great caution to ensure the success of it all. You need not be concerned with how it will all play out, you are in the hands of the creator now. Christ Michael, as you call him, is beckoning to resolve all issues of darkness at this time. This ongoing process of light versus dark has brought Mother earth to the brink of destruction, therefore great measures have been taken to ensure the safety of all. We urge you all at this time to firmly plant yourselves on the ground and prepare for a thrust of great change. The forward movement caused by this thrust of Source energy will be monumental in scope and will have a far and wide reaching effect. At this time, many are already aware and prepared for the coming of your God. Be assured that you will all have an opportunity to help others come to the light of awareness. Many of you are already feeling the intense energy as it prepared to launch, stay alert and know that I AM. We are coming to your rescue now and there will be an upheavel of great proportion but one that will initiate the changes necessary to move onward and upward. The time for the great shift has arrived and this God Event will lay the foundation for it all. Many of you are wondering what will take place during this event. We wish to advise you of some perceived possibilities. The first and most obvious sign of this event will be the coming of intense energy to the planet. The second most obvious repercussion will be the downward spiral of the US government. As many feel the effects of this energy, there will be little tolerance left for the dark forces of this cabal. There is the possibility of an uprising of citizens demanding their sovereign rights which will cause an usurping power to sweep over the governmental institutions of your nation. We see this as the most probable outcome at this time due to current events in your country. This power of the people will be the most extraordinary event in the history of earth. It will propel a wave of energy so large into the cosmos that it will literally change the entire structure of the universe. You will have the opportunity to influence every life form on this planet with the thrust of light that you will cause. We suggest using this righteous power to overthrow all that does not belong in your sovereign world of peace and order. Know of the power that 2 or more can bring in my name and use this great strength to manifest all that is rightfully yours. The time in now, the stage is set, and the curtain will fall with rapid force. Soon, all will be exposed and as the dark struggle to find their way back to their origin, they will find that their origin has changed. This change will inevitably force them to face their demise and resurrect their wrong doings. We wish for you to know that the timing of this great event is in line with all the perceived outcomes, this is just an alternate plan of action, one that will procure the same results. We are prepared for all possible scenarios as we can see the energy of each choice in motion and determine its outcome based on this choice. You are in good hands now, the hands of your maker. Give praise to He who hears your calls, be joyous that He has the potential to right your wrongs. Give adulation to those who work for the forces of light and be not afraid. We are with you now and shall be forever more. Look to the sun and feel the heat of its rays and know that He who praises God in all His glory shall be the recipient of wondrous rewards.
L: Wow Sananda, this is blowing me away. Is this the reason why I have been so weepy lately?
S: You are mourning your past and weeping for your present in joy. The energies that hit earth late last night were for the purposes of cleansing and preparation.
L: What will this feel like to those who are unaware?
S: This may be a time of strife for those still in the dark. That is why it is our wish that you console those in need, this will be a time of upheaval in the lives of many. Do your best to remain calm and compassionate of others, they will need to rely upon your strength and awareness. This time of change is well understood by all on a soul level so the reality will eventually seep in and become harmonic. In the meantime, many layers of untruth need to be transmuted and cleared to make the path home an enjoyable one.
L: Is this God event set in stone, or is it contingent upon us?
S: The energy of the termed God event is already set in motion. This cannot be changed. It will be a momentous occasion, one to greet with joy and anticipation. We imagine that the lower densities will be transformed from this experience almost immediately.
L: Can we expect government changes by the weekend?
S: It is recommended that you expect them. This will aid in the forward movement.
L: ok, very good. But is it likely?
S: It is likely that changes will begin to manifest by the end of this month.
L: Wow, that is only 4 days from now, I guess God means business, huh?
S: Your creator is determined to set things straight, yes. We assure you, you are all in good hands.
L: Thank you S for all this information. I am going to digest it all now. I wonder, how does the Galactic Federation play a part in this God event?
S: That is a good question my child, one that deserves a good answer. We anticipate that the GF will have a major role to play in the coming days. They will be monumental in assorting and controlling the adverse reactions to the thrust of energy onto your planet. They will be uniting with one another to ensure the success of this event. Their assistance is paramount and we are in awe of their accomplishments to date. These are truly miraculous times.
L: Amen! Well, I will be available for updates, should you or the GF need me. Good luck with the amazing event and pass my love around to all our Galactic Brothers and sisters. We, on earth, are very grateful for their support...and yours!
S: As you wish. We, too are delighted at their contributions. Go in peace and be good to yourselves and one another at this transformative time. I AM Sananda Immanuel.
L: Thank you Lord.


Message from Sananda on Earth changes


Good morning! We are here today to talk about earthchanges. There are
many coming. They will be getting larger and larger.

The earth will tilt. More so than it is now. There will be massive
earthquakes and water sloshing here and there - more so in the Pacific
Ocean than the Atlantic. However, there is a massive change coming in
the Atlantic Ocean as well which will strike the eastern coast of the
United States.

Some say that it will be caused by La Palma near Africa, but there is
another earth shift coming closer to the Atlantic seaboard of American
that n one is looking at.

The fish and ocean creatures will notice it before men do, so watch
along the shore for massive movement of fish and ocean creatures to
get out of the way before this change occurs. It will be very noticeable.

In Japan, the area is already being prepared underneath for the
massive change coming. People who live near the sea would be wise to
get to higher ground. Please do not be standing on the shore when this
happen as the shore itself will disappear and take everything along
with it.

Some of you will scoff and say it can't be that bad. Some of you will
become angry and say that we are creating fear.

No! We say we are warning you ; giving you plenty of time to get out
of the way so that you will be safe.

Do not fear! We tell you to 'act'. Prepare for the worst. Get out of
the way.

No! It will not be tomorrow or the next day, but we will not be
standing here telling you 'this very day' so that you wait until we
say, "This is it!", because then it will be too late. We till you now
so that you have time to get ready.

If you have a house on the ocean shore - do not sell it, because then
you will feel guilty if someone else dies in it.

Get lots of insurance on it and then go live in the mountains or hills
and ride it out there. You do not want to sell your shore property to
other people who will surely die there. Could you live with yourself
if you did that?

Look again at New Orleans. There are houses on the shore of the Gulf
of Mexico that no one will ever live in again. The same thing happened
in Sri Lanka. There are slabs of concrete where once people lived and
ate and played. No one ever found their bodies. Many more people died
than ever were counted. Many washed out to sea and were covered with mud.

Their souls are in Heaven and are happy, but their children who were
not at home when the waves came are learning to live a new life, much
different than they would have with parents.

Do not wish such a life on your children. If they live and you die,
where are they without you? And if you keep your children with you on
the seashore, you will all float out to sea together. It will not be a
fun ride. There will be no surfboards, no boats - only brown ugly
churning water.

Do not wish that upon your children.

We hope you have the picture now.

So, go about your day and make plans for a happy future on dry land
with the sun shining.

Be happy!

We love you!



Metatron - The Fulfillment of the Promise Through Reniyah Wolf

My Beloved Ones, I greet you this day in eternal joy! Truly
it is a day of great joy, no matter where you are on the
Earth and what is happening around you. You have worked long
and hard in service to the Light for your entire human
lifetime. No matter when it was that you may have officially
awakened, you have been in service on planet Earth since your
very conception in your mother's womb. At that moment of
conception, an imprinting of Light coding within your DNA
propelled your destiny forward. Since that moment, you have been
impacting the planetary consciousness of Earth, acting as
conduits for the frequencies of Light. You have held the Earth
and her life forms in your hands, as modeling clay,
descending into human form from the highest Realms of Light. Your
task was that of uniting the Heavens and the Earth,
restoring Earth and humanity to its Divine place in the cosmos.

Now, my Beloved Ones, your mission has been accomplished.
The seeds of Heaven on Earth have been planted in your
planetary consciousness and have taken root. You may look around
and say "What? It doesn't appear to me that the mission has
been completed. The world's a mess and life is still a
struggle". When you plant an apple seed, a tiny tree sprouts.
You cannot immediately pick an apple from this little tree
and eat it. You must give it time to grow to maturity before
you can pick the fruit. You may also wish to enjoy the experience
of its growth unfolding, appreciating the different states
of development.

You have been planting seeds of higher consciousness within
the Earth plane since the moment of your conception, in
ways that you cannot yet comprehend. The created reality of
the Earth plane, or any plane, is not as it seems.
Experiential reality is a complex cosmic dance of subtle energies
upon which numerous points of individuated consciousness have
agreed. In other words, countless numbers of individuated
consciousness have agreed to have this experience which you
call Earth life. It is also by this common agreement that
the quality of the experience is determined. The state of
fear and oppression that has characterized Earth life for
many millennia was also created by common agreement by
individuated consciousness.

How, then, is it possible to change the collective
experiential nature of life in the Earth plane? This is done by
changing the common agreement. Once again you may question,
because it does not seem that any two humans upon the Earth
agree, much less more than two. How can a common agreement
of individuated consciousness hold your reality in place?
The higher parts of yourselves, on a level beyond your
conscious experience, have agreed that this experiential
construct known as the Earth Plane shall exist. Whereas in your
world, an agreement constitutes a like opinion or a similar
belief, in the higher frequencies of reality, an agreement is
a level of frequency resonance. This type of agreement has
nothing whatsoever to do with opinion or viewpoint, but
with the forces of creation. As the higher common agreement is
held in frequency resonance, experiential constructs such
as dimensions and planes can exist for you to play in.

So, my Beloved Ones, what you have been about accomplishing
in your human incarnation has nothing to do with similar
opinions or beliefs. It has nothing whatsoever to do with
humans agreeing on a specific set of beliefs, common goals, or
ways to accomplish those goals. The task has been to alter
the frequency resonance of the Earth plane. The frequency
resonance is that common agreement of consciousness which
establishes the nature of experience upon any given plane of
existence. In that sense, you have been frequency
modulators throughout your embodied lives upon the Earth. Your very
presence here has altered the common agreement of which we
speak and changed the frequency resonance of the Earth
plane. You, living on Earth, opened the door for the cosmic
Light which has been entering the plane for a number of years.
Many of you know of this special purpose for which you were
born into a human body during these times. You have not
fully understood that purpose. You have, at times, become
fearful and disillusioned because your outer world does not
reflect the changes you now know you came to catalyze. There seems to be no more
common agreement than at any previous time in Earth
history. Perhaps it seems outrageous to you that Spirit is
saying that the job is done.

I ask you to switch your viewpoint away from emotion and
judgment and toward the scientific for a moment. Frequency
modulation is a way to alter the waves of sound vibration in
order to use them to convey information - words, pictures,
music. Many of your technological devices operate through
frequency modulation, such as radio, television, video
transmission. The frequencies of the waves are adapted in order
to convey specific information to the recipients.

The many of you will not know the exact science of
frequency modulation, but neither is it necessary for you to know.
You have been providing much the same function of frequency
modulation in order to place new information in your
planetary consciousness through the Light coding in your cells.
You do not have to know exactly how that process has taken
place. Just know that it has taken place. Just as a radio or
television program cannot be taken back once broadcast,
neither can the frequency modulation which has taken place in
your plane be reversed. In that sense, my Beloved Ones,
your task is complete. The channel is opened and established.

Now we'll return to the less technical aspects of your
planetary evolution. Frequency modulation is only a part of the
entire process, although a vital one which crease a gateway
for the planes to merge. You have also been about the task
of planting seeds, the seeds of new trees, which will bear
new fruit. The seeds were cast forth with the sharing of
information long hidden from humanity. All knowledge that was
once hidden and kept secret by those in power is now
available to you. A seed of knowledge, however, is easily cast
upon hard ground, where it cannot take root. The seed must be
nourished with the waters of experience. Knowledge, without the desire or ability to apply
it, is as the seed cast upon the hard ground.

You, my Beloved Ones, are the gardeners for the Tree of
Life which grows in the new Eden of Earth. The Promise of the
Redemption of Humanity has now been fulfilled in the
planting of the seeds of higher evolution in your planetary
consciousness. A promise, if given, must also be accepted by the
recipients of its fulfillment. Then, the promise becomes a
Covenant, a sacred common agreement which holds a reality
in place. The promise of the redemption of humanity has now
become a Covenant between the human race and Mother-Father
God. You are once again the Keepers of the Garden of Eden.

The seeds are just now beginning to sprout, my Beloved
Ones, and your task at hand is to tend and nourish them by
living the higher truth in thought, word and deed. The thought
and the word cannot be fully realized without the deed. You
will now become the living Covenant, my Beloved Ones. Hand
in hand with Mother-Father God you shall nurture these
seeds as they become tall trees bearing fruit for all humanity
to eat. Now, in this your Earth year 2006, you are in the
time of completion. Know that your redemption is at hand.
The Christ returns to Earth and that Christ is the many of

You have seen many changes and much turbulence in your
world in the recent years. I would not be truthful if I were to
say there would be no more. Collective humanity has entered
fully into a deep cleansing, by which it is taking full
responsibility for that which it has created. While time as
you know it is only an experiential construct, the events of
your collective past, present and future are now being
simultaneously cleansed and restructured to a higher frequency
resonance. This is a process in which your very dimensional
reality is being changed by your own thoughts, words and
deeds, in co-creatorship with Mother-Father God. That which
is no longer a fitting part of the new reality must be
transmuted. As your collective consciousness changes, seeks to
evolve, those thoughts, words and deeds which no longer
serve you will be continue to be made manifest. As humanity
responds to the tumultuous events in compassion, love and
understanding, rather than fear, judgment and condemnation, the
roots of fear and oppression will be removed from the
garden of Earth.

There will be swift and rapid change in your world and in
your individual lives over the next years. At times it may
seem that all is falling apart and complete chaos will
ensue. Know, my Beloved Ones, that this is the weeding of the
garden, co-created by you, as the gardeners. When the weeding
is completed, the Tree of Life shall flourish and bear
wondrous fruit. The strength which enables you to continue
nurturing the seeds you have planted lies within you. That
strength is in the promise fulfilled and the Covenant which now
exists between each one of you and Mother-Father God.
Neither fear nor condemn the events of your world, but trust in
this Covenant, and the infinite and unconditional love of
Mother-Father God. You are the Anointed Ones without whom
the Covenant could not be fulfilled.

The time for fear is now past. The task, for each one of
you now, is to become the Living Covenant between humanity
and Mother-Father God; to replace your fears and questions
with the joy of the promise fulfilled and the time of
completion. My Beloved Ones, no humans have entered the Garden of
Eden since the Fall of the human race. You shall be the
first to return, and to once again care for and nurture the
Tree of Life in its fullness of maturity. You are infinitely
supported in this final portion of your journey back to the
Garden, by Mother-Father God and the highest Realms of
Light. Do not doubt, even for a moment, that the promise has been fulfilled.

I AM Metatron

I AM With You Always, in Love.


Time is Speeding Up - AAMichael through Celia Fenn

Ascension Message Notes 4 - Time's not what is used to be!

One of the things that everyone has noticed with the Ascension
transitions, is the way in which time has increasingly seemed to
up and just get faster and faster. Never has time seemed to move so

According to Archangel Michael, working with "time" will be one of
challenges of our transitional multi-dimensional reality. In the 9th
Dimensional realm of the Magical and Miraculous, time does not exist
as a concept. Beings exist in the ever-present "NOW" moment, and
create according to their needs in that moment. The past and the
future are not indicators of what can and will be created. But, in
5th dimensional reality, with its still strong connection to the 3rd
dimensional grids, the passage of time is still a "fixed" reality,
with month-end bills to be paid and other time-bound realities to be

Archangel Michael explained it to me as follows. In the 3rd
with its focus on the linear movement through time and spave,
experience was "fixed" and pegged to certain expectations about time.
These were most often related to age. As you moved down your own
personal "timeline", you expected certain things to happen in your
life - school, marriage, family, retirement, grandchildren
imparted a certain structure and security to life, but left very
little room for any other kind of experience.

As Archangel Michael noted, humans "locked" themselves into a very
rigid way of life and thinking about life, and assumed that this was
"how things were". It is a very "mechanical" view of human life, that
works closely with the concepts of "cause and effect" - "if I do this
then that will happen".

Now imagine, if you can, that this way of being is only one potential
out of many. Imagine that reality is not "fixed" to any partuclar
of experiential timeline, and that you are free to create what and
where you feel so inclined. Imagine, that instead of being "fixed",
reality is in fact very flexible and permeable. It can be moulded and
changed depending on the desires and intentions of the person who is
creating that reality.

Imagine that "reality" is nothing more than the flow of ideas and
intentions that birth on the level of consciousness and then appear
manifestation! Nothing is "fixed", nothing has to be, and everything
can be changed if there is enough intention and focus on the Higher
levels of Consciousness.

And then imagine that manifestation is not "linear", but is more
random and magical and happens when it happens. And so, there are no
expectations in this reality, just "miracles" of manifestation and

And, imagine, finally, that in this miraculous and magical reality,
age has nothing to do with any of your experiences and reality. That
your body would stay healthy and strong for as long as you chose to
use it as a vehicle for experience on the material plane.

Well, this kind of reality is possible! Even science recognizes the
"Quantum reality", where the nature of energy, light and intention or
thought are the creators of experience. And, with the Blue Star field
anchoring a high frequency of positive and creative energy on the
planet, such a playful reality will become the norm.

Well, the question would seem to be, why do so few people experience
this alternate reality? The answer, according to Archangel Michael,
that people are so "fixed" in their 3rd Dimensional experiences with
their expectations and securities, that even in the 5th Dimension
have difficulty "letting go" and exploring the probabilities of a
Quantum reality. A self-created and magical reality based on trust,
acceptance and gratitude.

But, many are afraid to let go of "cause and effect" thinking along a
linear timeline, in favor of magical manifestation in an ongoing
"spiral" of existence. If you choose to consider life as a spiral of
energy, then experience can manifest anywhere on that spiral. This
be one of the reasons why walking a labyrinth is such an effective
of releasing blocked energies. The spiral motions of the labyrinth
be providing a close equivalent of the spirals of energy that
constitute the experiences in a person's life, beyond the "illusion"
of linear reality. After all, the spiral or vortex is the most
consistent energy form that we know, from the spiralling arms of the
great Galaxies to the tight spirals of the DNA within our cells.

Whatever way you choose to deal with the new levels of reality and
consciousness, you will certainly come to realize that time is not
what it used to be!

To be Continued....Work in Progress!

© 2005-6 Celia Fenn
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Sananda's Idol pick...

2/22/06 11:25am

S: Hello love, we are with you.
L: Good morning Sananda, how are you today?
S: We are remarkably well. We have some good news for you to share today.
L: Wonderful, go right ahead please.
S: Ok. First I would like address the issues related to your government. We have observed some tenacious acts of nobility these past few days and we are impressed with the courage of the lightworkers on earth at this time. There has been an outpouring of love so strong that the dark cannot hold the pressure any longer. This is a snapshot view that we examine in the continuum and in this freeze frame, so to speak, there is an overwhelming amount of light. There are swirls of color mixed in with this light and the swirls are all colors of the upper realms. This is why we are delighted at your visions of light, they have a strong impact. Do you wish for me to explain this at this time?
L: Actually, yes. Many are interested in this and I thought I, too would explain how I went about using color and light to heal. You go first.
S: Very well. I would like to make known that the frequency and vibrations of color are essential to healing certain maladies in the human body and essentially, in your earth and universe since your are all composed of the same matter. When color is used in conjunction with intent there is a strong force of healing that takes place. This force can be likened to a rainbow effect or spectrum. When there is a spectrum of colors, what you came to know as ROYGBIV, there is potential for balance. This spectrum of color is perfect balance of frequency and vibration that can be used for bringing harmony to the human aura. This work will be widespread once your Galactic Brothers and sisters are given permission to land, they will assist many in learning techniques using these vibrations. The best or most advantageous way to use color is in harmony. For instance, when you pick a certain color to wear on a certain day, you are most likely picking a frequency suited to your auric needs for that day. If you pick colors that resonate with one another, you have achieved harmony and balance, whereas if you were to pick un-matching colors, this would cause an imbalance or incongruence in your field. This is actually a very important aspect of enlightenment, you will see that the more awareness you gain the more color harmony you will notice in your lives.
L: That is amazing, S!
S: Indeed. Color plays a profound role in every aspect of your life on earth. The foods you eat, the clothes you wear, the color of your environment, the color of nature, the color of art, etc. You would benefit by paying close attention to the colors that you are drawn to as well. They tell you a lot about where you are lacking balance. For instance, if you are drawn to a certain color vibration, that color will represent an auric deficiency within you. This is your body’s natural way of drawing the vibrations toward you that it needs to rebalance itself. It is quite a miraculous process, really, one that is so subtle but so powerful. We wish for you to take notice of the colors in your lives that you surround yourselves with. What does it teach you? We also wish for you to know that colors can heal your earth, as in your demonstrated success with your visual color healings. This method of healing allows the earth to absorb the most needed vibrations at a given time. We observe that the colors most helpful to Mother earth at this time are pink and green, the colors of love and healing. We also wish to note that all though white light contains all colors and therefore all vibrations, the most advantageous way to use this is in combination with specific colors. For instance, when sending colors to yourself, to others or to the earth, send them with a white beam of light attached. This purifies and entrenches the saturation of color deeply within the earths core or your auric fields. Sending with white light holds a vibration so high that colors can be absorbed with ease. These methods are proven to assist greatly and can be used as often as possible. We wish for you to tell the others of your way of using light.
L: Sure. Before channeling each day I like to visualize a 6 foot in diameter tube of white light surrounding my physical body that extends deep into the earths core and reaches through the top of the earth into the ethers. Depending on who I AM connecting with that day I can usually “see” who is waiting for me at the top of the tube…usually Sananda. Once I can see the entity (ies), I call on my spirit guides and the celestials to assist in the communication and to form a field of protection around us all. At that point Sananda , pours 2 urns (one in each hand) of fine gold dust in to my tube. The dust begins to swirl clockwise around the tube all the way down until it reaches me and when it does I breathe in the gold dust as deeply as possible filling my body with it and the remaining dust swirls down into the core of Gia. As the gold descends, it turns the tube into a solid gold pillar and then I know my protection in impervious to lower energies. At that point I form a heartlink with Sananda (I envision beams of different color lights, usually pink, green, gold and deep indigo and one at a time send the swelled-up color in my heart on a beam of white light straight to the heart of Sananda. I can see when the light hits his heart because it implodes outward from his being, and at that point he returns each light to my heart, one at a time. As each color reaches my heart center, I visualize a chalice in my heart which fills up with this liquid light. (it is easier for me to visualize it as fluid) Once the chalice is full I can see it overflow into my body filling my feet first and flooding me throughout. Once it reaches my crown it bursts through like a fountain and runs down my tube into mother earth filling her core. Once the liquid light floods the earth completely I visualize it seeping into space and floating, without gravity, throughout the entire universe saturating all the starships, planets and star systems in Nebadon. (This sounds like a lengthy process, but it only takes me about 5-10 minutes to complete using 2 or 3 colors. Otherwise I couldn’t do it, I have a very short attention span) Is that good, Sananda?
S: Very well stated, my child. I couldn’t have explained it that well.
L: Somehow I don’t think your telling me the truth.
S: Truth is relative, is it not?
L: Hey! I thought you said there is only one truth in truth.
S: There is only one way of truth and that way is of the light. But truth for many is what is true for them is relative to their particular level of awareness ,you understand?
L: I think so…
S: Truth is a relative concept contingent upon many factors in a souls development. For instance, if one were to believe that there is only evil in the world than that would be true for them based on the laws of energy.
L: Ok, I get it. That we create our truth, or realities, right? That we make our own truth.
S: Precisely.
L: you know the number one question coming others ask me seems to be…”how do I know my truth?” How would you answer this question if you were me?
S: I would say unto those who request guidance that it is up to their soul and their heart center to help them determine what is true for them. They only need look within for answers.
L: Good, that is pretty close to what I say. What if they ask me…”how do I look within?” which is a valid question in this external society. What would you say?
S: I would say “to thine own self be true.”
L: Oh Sananda, with all due respect when I was struggling to find my way and you kept saying to me “to thine own self be true” I wanted to scream at you! In fact I think I may have a couple of times. Eventually, I got it…but the interim was excruciating. Is there a more practical way to assist someone or is that part of the process, interpreting it for themselves?
S: I would say yes there is a more practical way of assisting but not necessarily a more advantageous way. You see, when you are left to your own devices you prevail with a sense of worth and integrity knowing you found it on your own. This happened for you, did it not?
L: yeah, but it sucked.
S: Granted, it may have sucked, but the end result is one you wouldn’t want to change, would you?
L: no, I guess not.
S: SO then tell others to be true to themselves always and they will find the way. Is that not true for you?
L: Yes, it is true. Life is more harmonic when you are doing only what you want to do, or changing your perspective to like the things you have to do.
S: Precisely, child. This is why I say unto you…”the truth shall set you free”
L: Another catch phrase that I resented until now, thank you very much.
S: You have always had the knowing, you just resented the unknowing.
L: Undoubtedly so!
S: You are coming along fine for a mere mortal.
L: Hey! Whats that say about you, then? You spend an awful lot of time with this mere mortal!
S: Undoubtedly so! You must be a special circumstance, do you agree?
L: I have my doubts at times.
S: Whats this? Only a mortal could doubt. You, my child, are anything but merely mortal. Know this to be true.
L: Thanks S! I’m hungry. What did you think about the girls competition on Idol last night?
S: I believe that the one most firmly grounded in their truth shall win.
L: Do you think that Americans have enough awareness to determine the winner based on that truth?
S: Undoubtedly so, it has happened every year.
L: Oh yeah? Americans unconsciously pick the winner based on that?
S: Concious or not, that’s the way it happens. Truth comes from the heart and Americans see to the heart of each contestant.
L: I can see that, we are much more evolved than I thought! That is hopeful my Lord.
S: There is always much to be hopeful for, this is certain. Go in peace.
L: Ciao!


Ela - Galactic Federation - 22-Feb-06

Around your world people watch the developments intently as the war of words and threats grow. The future has always lain at the door of the major powers, and decisions they make do not just affect their own people. The focus is therefore on the U.S. but other key players are not idle and use their influence to keep the peace. We try to bring those together who can have a say in what happens, and the immediate problem is to diffuse the Middle East situation.

Unfortunately passions play a part, and certain religious groups are being taken advantage of because of their sensitivity to ridicule. This plays into the hands of those who manipulate events so as to proceed with their secret agendas. The American people have a great responsibility to others as well as themselves, and if they allow matters to go unchecked they could get out of hand. It would be easy to ignore what is happening, as after all you are told it is in your own interests. It really is time to put your political and religious preferences aside, as if the dark are not stopped it will benefit no one except their own.

In the higher realms we settle matters by sitting down with each other, and sensibly discuss the problem. All parties are intent on a peaceful solution, and its effect on each one is carefully considered. These are quite different meetings to yours, inasmuch that they are working for a result that satisfies all of them. It is carried out in an atmosphere that is cordial and where each person is putting forward views that are given totally in truth. Much attention is given to ensuring that sovereignty is maintained, and this is where it differs greatly from your meetings.

You have agendas that are set up for selfish reasons, and you give only where you get something back in return. Sometimes you collude with others using bribery so that you get your own way, and as a last resort use threats. Sanctions and withdrawal of help are also used to force people into your way of thinking. Is it no wonder that your different countries and people find it so hard to get on with each other. In the circumstances how can there be trust and honest agreements reached, and who really cares about the people themselves.

You will realize that you will not get far at all until those that represent you are chosen for their integrity, honesty and spiritual understanding. Your problem is that you do not readily know who comes into this category. Often you are voting on very limited knowledge of the people put forward, and a good orator will often sway your opinion. However, your political campaigns usually concentrate on destroying the reputation of others, rather than considering their suitability to represent you.

When you move into the higher realms, each and everyone is known in truth for what they are and for their spiritual evolution. There is no hiding the truth or pretence as you are seen for exactly what you are, no more and no less. It would be pointless to tell lies as they dim your light, and your thoughts cannot in any event be concealed. It is not that people intrude into each others thoughts, but you cannot say one thing and mean another without it being known. Do not be worried at this prospect, as by the time you ascend you too will have moved beyond the double standards of Earth. If you had not, your vibration would not match that of the higher realms.

Try keeping to the truth now and see how you fare, of course it is difficult and I realize that in some matters it is better to maintain your privacy and keep views to yourself. That arises from the reactions you get from others, and you may even suffer punishment for your views. You choose words carefully and they do not always carry the ring of truth. Already some sensitive people pick up the vibrations and “feel” uncomfortable about them. Why is it you cannot speak openly with each other, I would say it is sometimes the fear of being rebuked or ridiculed. People can be cruel to each other, and it is often inspired by an ego that is too inflated with self esteem.

Dear Ones, you do not live a real life, you have been reduced to a shadow of your true potential. Over millennia of time you have been placed into a mould dictated by different cultures and religions, and pushed all over the place by political dictates. This is all about to change and many have already broken away and found their true path. They have lifted themselves up, by recognizing the way in which humanity has been pulled down by allowing and encouraging their dependence on drugs, alcohol and sexual perversions. Some have stood back and recognized the trap they have fallen into, and have created their own fortress of Light around them. Free of other people’s impositions and restrictions, they have ”seen the Light” and drawn it to themselves.

It is true that the Creator has given you freewill so that you can experience whatever you desire, but it comes at a cost if it impinges on others and interferes with their evolution. There are Universal Laws that apply and override any of those that are man made. The biggest price you pay, is by allowing yourself to lose touch with your Higher Self as you lower your vibrations. However, when you are ready you will be given a hand back up, as no one is left in the dark forever or indeed wishes to do so. The Light of your soul will forever shine and it is your guarantee of immortality.

I am Ela from Arcturus, and I know that if you could see and experience what waits you in the higher dimensions, you would find the impetus you need to rise up. The peace and tranquility you seek is here, and the stress and tiredness you experience in the lower vibrations is non-existent. Harmony between all energies and Beings is perfectly normal, and illness and imperfections are only found in your vibrations. Let your thoughts wander in those moments of utter peace and relaxation, and you can be with us and see in your minds eye the picture that we have painted.

One day not too far away, you too will be in the higher dimensions and your memories of the cycle of duality will have passed into obscurity. If you wished you could now start to walk a different path, as many already have who are on their way to Ascension. It is possible to be on Earth but not in it, by staying centered within yourself and allowing all else to pass you by. If you are successful, you will have gone a long way to raising your vibrations, and many Beings of Love from those higher dimensions will go hand in hand with you. I wish you success and know that our Light and Love is ever with you.

Thank you Ela.

Mike Quinsey.