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Lauren - this just in from Sananda...

Hi all..a quick note from Sananda about the protests in NYC tomorrow:

L: Sananda, are you calling me? (4/28/06 5:30pm)
S: We come to tell you that there is a break through by way of
government this evening. It pertains to the protests scheduled for
tomorrow afternoon and it is imperative that the forces of light gather
for this function. This will catapult the energy into the ethers which
will swell with momentum to cause a profound effect. We wish to advise
that many are planning on attending this event from far and wide and it
will be a time of rejoicing as citizens from around the country unify
under one God. Take to the streets in your hometowns, find the places
where people gather and reinforce the institution of people-power
tomorrow. Your efforts will be multiplied when you gather in numbers
with the momentum of this powerful force sweeping through your nation.
All are called and all shall listen to the needs of the people at this
time. Join in and be part of the collective and make your voices
heard. The stage is set and your leaders are very concerned about an
uprising. Show them the power of a sovereign united nation and never
again allow them to separate you, for you are one. Tell one and all to
rise for without you, there shall be no government. Without you, there
shall be no war. Without you, there shall be no corporations. Without
you there shall be no economy. Without you, there shall be no nation,
for it is you, collectively, who have the power. We come again to tell
you that together you will claim victory. I Am Sananda Immanuel.

For those of you in other time zones, the march is being held at 12
noon EST if you wish to join in the streets of your hometown or even in
thought. Hopefully this will reap great rewards. These are just the
labor pains...we are exhausted, and we are weary, but we have one last
push in us, lets make it the one that will rebirth our nation.

Hopefully like childbirth we will forget the pain when its over!


P.S. Below is some information on the march, and you can also go to

March for Peace, Justice, and Democracy - NYC Mass Mobilization

Starting Date: 04-29-2006
New York, NY 10001
United States

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to announce the kick-off for the organizing of what
promises to be a major national mobilization on Saturday, April 29th.
Today, each of the initiating groups (see list below) is announcing
this mobilization. Our organizations have agreed to work together on
this project for several reasons:
The April 29th mobilization will highlight our call for an immediate
end to the war on Iraq. We are also raising several other critical
issues that are directly connected to one another.
It is time for our constituencies to work more closely: connecting the
issues we work on by bringing diverse communities into a common
It is important for our movements to help set the agenda for the
Congressional elections later in the year. Our unified action in the
streets is a vital part of that process.

Please share the April 29th call widely, and please use the links at
the end of the call to endorse this timely mobilization and to sign up
for email updates.

April 29th Initiating Organizations
United for Peace and Justice
Rainbow/PUSH Coalition
National Organization for Women
Friends of the Earth
U.S. Labor Against the War
Climate Crisis Coalition
Peoples' Hurricane Relief Fund
National Youth and Student Peace Coalition

A war based on lies

Spying, corruption and attacks on civil liberties
Katrina survivors abandoned by government


End the war in Iraq -
Bring all our troops home now!


Unite for change - let's turn our country around!

The times are urgent and we must act.

Too much is too wrong in this country. We have a foreign policy that
is foreign to our core values, and domestic policies wreaking havoc at
home. It's time for a change.

No more never-ending oil wars!
Protect our civil liberties & immigrant rights. End illegal spying,
government corruption and the subversion of our democracy.
Rebuild our communities, starting with the Gulf Coast. Stop corporate
subsidies and tax cuts for the wealthy while ignoring our basic needs.
Act quickly to address the climate crisis and the accelerating
destruction of our environment.
Our message to the White House and to Congress is clear: either stand
with us or stand aside!

We are coming together to march, to vote, to speak out and to turn our
country around!

Join us in New York City on Saturday, April 29th
Geographical Scope: National


Lauren - A message from Creator...

4/28/06 11:50am
"Hello my beloved child of the blue ray."
L: Creator?
S: Yes, my love, it is I whom you term Creator. I come with many masters to assure you of your fated outcome. I come with a message from on high, a message of hope for you and for all. We are proud of such a monumental effort to close this tumultuous era of grieving and strife destined to be replaced with hope and love and joy. Indeed you are in the final stages of dire circumstance and we come to tell you that the time is now for change. We have decreed that the end shall be in April and we shall hold true to our vow. Now it is up to you. What is laid before you is the proposed event of the masses that we speak of, the event that will turn history on its tracks and represent the new era of man. This entrance to the higher realms will be crowded as many follow the warriors of truth to the light of All that is. In your efforts to prevail you have suffered greatly and though this is not necessary in the higher ways, it was successful in bringing the light to earth in its current condition. We attest to many leaving the earth at this time in preparation for their roles on the other side, and we alarm those in political power that all is in position for change. It is our wish that those in power make the choice on their own accord to step down from their roles, however many are unprepared to let go of their egoic control. Though this is a choice, we greatly encourage the resurrection of their souls. It is with amnesty that we make the deliberate attempt to retrieve these souls and help to guide them in the direction of light. However the outcome, they shall be presented with another opportunity to atone, rather replace their negative behaviors with right doing.

We also come here with a request, a request to stay in your homes on the eve of great change. You will know this change by the way in which you feel. When the moment has arrived for mass consciousness to tip the scales in your favor you will be freed from the chains of energetic captivity. You will be pardoned from your roles as bringers of truth from the unseen. When the light has awakened in enough people to gain the necessary momentum, all who bear the burden of truth will be relieved of their duties in a way that will be unmistakable. You will have a knowing that the time has arrived because you will feel the peace of upliftment in preparation for the ensuing chaos. We have pardoned lightworkers from the drama that will take over the masses as a gift for your commendable diligence and perseverance. You who are tired will be rested, you who are weary will be joyous and you who are ill will be healed. In a sense you are all rushing to the finish line with unprecedented speed which is why it may seem on the outside that you are getting worse. In actuality this paradox poses the appropriate conundrum for life in duality, that all that is seemingly one way is actually the opposite side of another. This is oftentimes the basis of humor and most literary work, that what appears to be real is similarly just as unreal from an opposing angle. The more awareness that you have, the funnier this seems, however, most don’t realize the implications of the 2 sided nature of duality and get lost in it. This is why so many are with you now to aid you to your awakening. It is never funny to see suffering in the name of duality and so now you must all step into your new roles as co-creators so as to co-create the new Terra.

As you are released from your roles are light bearers, you will undoubtedly feel lighter. This lifting will enable you to breathe freely for the first time in many months. As you breathe in the energy of the higher vibrations, take note of your ability to stay centered amongst chaos. This will be the most notable change in your awareness, that you will seemingly be unaffected by the lower energies and capable of feeling joy in turbulent times. This will be advantageous to your well being and you will notice that healing will come to you quickly while in this state of homeostasis. Your antenna will rise so your intuition will be stronger and your communication with us will be effortless.

L: So, are you saying that there will be an announcement this weekend, since this is the last weekend in April?
C: I have decreed that this shall be so, however it is up to you to provide the forward momentum of my request.
L: So in other words, you are just proposing that this is the weekend?
C: It could be looked at that way, though ultimately it is up to you to decide what it means.
L: But if I look at it one way, then there is always the opposing side as you stated before.
C: Correct. This is the cause and effect of energy that we speak of, that what you focus on ultimately becomes the reality of your thoughts.
L: So basically, if more people “believe” that this is the weekend for the announcement than those believing that it will not be, then change will manifest?
C: This is the culmination of collective thought, yes.
L: Are there enough aware people now to put this thought in motion?
C: Without a doubt.
L: SO is this why you decreed that April shall be the month, so that enough people will pull together to think it into our reality?
C: Do you suppose that it could work this way?
L: At this stage in the game I have some reservations because lightworkers are played out. And many still play the blame game for why results don’t appear. They especially like to blame the masters for our lack of results thereby spreading the energy of animosity and taking us further from our goal, which to me says that many still don’t get how energy really works.
C: Do you suppose that there is an underlying current of energy that is working for the intended outcome that may have been put into place long ago and is now ripe with the potential of manifestation?
L: Yes, but if that is the case, then why does what we think matter?
C: Good question. It matters because you have the potential to use/add to this energy to your advantage to create rapid results. Without this underlying current of energy you would be hard pressed to procure results in the physical realm.
L: SO what do you suggest we do to make sure this happens this weekend? There are still many, many people who believe that you and others will save us.
C: In a sense you are being saved because never before have you had these available opportunites whilst on earth and with so much support. That does not mean that you aren’t responsible for your realities, just that the reality of light is more probable now.
L: I think some may see this as discouraging since many are hoping that the changes are definite.
C: Precisely. And when many more believe this to be true it will be.
L: And it is realistic to think that these many more that you speak of will be ready by this evening for an announcement?
C: I have decreed that it shall be so.
L: I am confused.
C: Dearest one, it is all in the realm of possibilities. Everything and anything that you can imagine is a reality now en masse. There are enough aware lightworkers across the globe right now to make this change happen in an instant if brought together collectively. The amount of energy necessary to tip the scales is so close that you would be annoyed. This is why we declare the month of April as the month of change, because collectively you have the power now.
L: Maybe we don’t really understand yet how to use it?
C: In essence this is true, because if you knew how to use it you would not be suffering still.
L: Can you give us a play by play? A collective plan for the masses to employ?
C: I can suggest a plan as I often do, but it will be up to you to employ.
L: Granted.
C: I would suggest creating a source of power that is impenetrable by lower thought forms. In creating this power source I would employ the forces of light to pull together through massive intent to rise above all else and visualize this change in the Now. I would use the tools that you have been given by the higher realms to spread the intent far and wide. (internet?) I would then imagine a successful outcome and step into this as reality. Then I would live in this reality only.
L: Haven’t we done this many times?
C: Have you succeeded?
L: Good point. I am getting tired, do you recommend that I publish this?
C: I recommend that you do all you can to gather the lightworkers and get them on the same page. I recommend that you affirm to yourselves that this be the weekend and see it through to its completion.
L: Can you help us?
C: You are all my children and I will walk with you to the end.
L: Thank you Creator.
C: Be at peace.


Atmos - 21st April, 2006

There can be no doubt that you are on the verge of great happenings. Many groups, particularly within the armed forces, are extremely dissatisfied with the duties they are called to perform. You have but a handful of people running your country and their agenda is becoming increasingly unpopular. There are moves well advanced to remove your leadership, and it remains to be seen if you can sustain the strength and will to see them through.

No longer can America call the tune for everyone else, and your economy is precariously balanced and liable to collapse. Talks with China have just taken place and they hold the key to this situation. Your future no is longer in your own hands, and new monetary systems and different methods of trading are essential on a world basis. All of these matters are to be reviewed after First Contact, and no meaningful advances can be made just now. There has to be co-operation and a sensible re-assessment of the way in which you conduct business between you.

These are times when the truth is coming out, and you can see where there is lack of unity and clarity of purpose. It is in the interests of everyone that you pull together, and with an openness that would signal an intention to become one family upon Earth. Division and separateness are the ways of the dark, and there has to be a coming together in the interests of everyone. Corruption is also an offshoot of the mentality that is rife in most Governments, where it is everyone for themselves. You have true and honest representatives, but their presence is overshadowed by the overwhelming interests that serve self rather than all.

It is a fact that without some major changes, it would have taken too long for you to establish a different way of working. Change is usually the result of pressures forced upon those in your leadership. They resist and in the meantime the situation worsens when it calls for radical change. This feeling of upheaval and the need to remove the tyrants and dictators from all countries, is leading to revolt and mass dissension amongst the people. With our coming, we will ensure that only those who we know can be trusted and already work in the Light will be appointed to places of power and authority. Hitherto, your method of selection processes has allowed anyone to put themselves forward, whether they are suitable to represent you or not. We have the advantage of knowing you as you truly are without the outer veneer which can be very misleading.

Events like everything else are speeding up, and we look forward to a breakthrough which is soon to take place. The opportunity has been created, and we will be with those who are destined to bring it about. Our direct intervention would be a last resort, and as you now know we look towards you to be the ones principally involved in bringing the changes about. One way or another, the inevitable will come into manifestation, and the energies continue to build up to a critical level. The human consciousness has awakened and expanded, and it has a snowball effect as it grows more quickly than any time previously.

We commend all who tirelessly work in the Light of understanding, and tell you that you will soon see the fruits of your efforts. Your love for your fellow man is exemplary and you have honored your vows to lead and guide others who are not so aware. This is the way Spirit works, and you reflect our Light in the same way as we serve you. Love is energy in motion and it permeates all that exists, it is the universal glue that holds all together. From the highest to the lowest the love energy is available to all. You simply need to refine yourself, and find a direction in your life that creates a movement towards all that is of the highest order. Where your fellow travelers divert their path to experience the ways of the dark, leave them to fulfill those desires. All of you have at times chosen such lives, and it is part of your reason for coming to Earth.

Look upon all as necessary and valuable experience, without which you would not progress. The Earth has provided all that you could possibly wish, and yet it has reflected your own desires and responded to those energies. It is still taking place, and because you are in the end time there is the culmination of age long energies that are now in need of clearing. The more you can do this through your thoughts and actions, the less severe will be the response from Mother Earth. She will ultimately orchestrate her own cleansing, and it is inevitable as they embody major changes that you could not handle.

The Earth is the focal point for everything that is happening in your solar system, as it carries the lower vibrations. These must be lifted up, and your efforts to ground the higher energies have been very successful. It is a joint effort that starts with energies being beamed to Earth from the Central Sun of this Universe, and these are carried forward and refined until they can be handled by you. The energies in their original form would be far too powerful to be received without adjusting them for you.

I am Atmos, one of your contacts from The Galactic Federation and we observe all that is happening upon Earth. Never fear that we will be unable to fulfill our obligations to you, as there is a plan that is blessed and decreed by the Creator that requires the upliftment of your Universe. Mere mortals cannot stand in the way of its manifestation, or alter the outcome. You can therefore continue your good work, and with your allegiance to the Light bring it to Earth without concern for the outcome. Your victory over the dark forces is assured, and it will not be long before you will see the signs that herald the changes that are so desired. Keep your Light shining, and let nothing deter you as you are more powerful than you realize, and nothing can move you from your path unless you allow it. Love and Light come with this message from your family in Space, and we say “well done”.

Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey


Deepak Chopra - Seeing What You Believe, Believing What You See!

New York

There is a prejudice in modern society that we need to get over. It's the
prejudice in favor of things that are concrete, tangible and
three-dimensional. We feel that a rock is real because it is solid and heavy
and our senses can easily locate it in time and space. So what are we to
make of a reality where seeing isn't believing? Snails have very slow
nervous systems. It takes them several seconds to record each new visual
impression. What this means is that if someone walks by very quickly and
drops a penny in front of a snail, the person will be invisible and the
penny will seem to appear form nowhere. In reverse, if a snail is picked up
and moved very quickly, it will believe it has teleported from one place to
the other.

Our senses play the same trick with reality at large. Our brains are too
slow to register that every concrete object is winking in and out of
existence at the quantum level thousands of times per second; therefore, we
see solid objects where none in fact exist.

The five senses imprison us in ways that are unconscious and invisible.
Years ago, I read accounts of congenitally blind people who were given sight
overnight thanks to innovative surgery. On being exposed to light for the
first time, they were often completely disoriented. They wondered why people
dragged black patches around with them wherever they went (we call them
shadows). If asked how big a cow was standing a hundred yards away, they'd
guess three inches tall; stairs were frightening two-dimensional ladders
climbing straight up the wall. Sometimes these bizarre perceptions were so
disturbing that the newly sighted preferred to sit in the dark with their
eyes closed. Aren't we doing much the same by clinging to the world of the
five senses?

Can we reinvent ourselves in light of non-sensory reality, or are we to be
prisoners of the five senses as much as our ancestors were in pre-history?
Every time we repeat the words "sunrise" and "sunset" we are indulging in a
sensory deception. Here's another: Experiments have been done in which a
group of subjects are put in front of a tape recorder; they are asked to
write down what the voice on the tape says, and the machine is started. But
the volume is so low that the voice is very difficult to decipher. Even so,
every subject writes down a reasonable set of notes. The catch is that the
machine was uttering nonsense–the ear and the brain cooperated to create
meaning where none existed, a totally unreliable version of reality.

A fact from neurology, little known to the general public, is that our
brains create the five senses and therefore everything they tell us. There
is literally no light or darkness, taste, touch, or sound "out there,"
except what we have created "in here." Imagine two magnets approaching each
other with positive poles facing. Each magnet will feel that an invisible
force is pushing them apart against their wills, and if the magnets are
strong enough, this repulsive force will stop them from getting any closer:
It will be as solid as a cement wall. In reverse, the human body isn't solid
to neutrinos, x-rays, and gamma radiation, and since every atom inside us is
more than 99.9999% empty space, the fact that your hand feels solid is an
illusion as much as the wall that separates two repelling magnets. (The
empty space between the nucleus of an atom and the electrons orbiting around
it is far larger, relatively, than the void between the Earth and the sun.)

So the basic way we need to reinvent perception is to realize that the five
senses are totally illusory, the good news being that we can transcend them.
In fact we do this every day. I'm not being mystical, although it's true
that God has managed the feat of being invisible and worshiped at the same
time. I'm thinking of something as basic as sight. We say that seeing is
believing, and yet no one knows what seeing actually is. There is no light
inside the visual cortex, which is responsible for sight–that area of the
brain, like every other, is an oatmeal-consistency semi-solid mass that
knows only perpetual darkness. There are no pictures in our brains, only a
firestorm of chemical and electrical signals. How we convert photons
striking the retina into visible reality is totally unknown, and since the
same holds true for the other four senses, reality itself is up for grabs.
Uncertainty reigns, and where there is uncertainty there's a chance for
freedom. As one famous Indian guru once told his followers, reality is like
a net. If you want to escape it, find a hole and jump through.

In truth, the net woven by the five senses has many holes in it. Technology
jumps through them every day–photons have already been teleported from one
location in the lab to another without passing through the space in between.
Anti-gravity looms as a possibility, along with practical and affordable
superconductivity. Virtual space, called the Zero Point Field, may contain
untold energy that could be harvested cheaper and with less hazard than
nuclear energy. Nano solar cells may harness solar energy with undreamed of
efficiency in our lifetime. All these possibilities completely defy the five

Yet, I think the greatest revolution will occur when we solve the mystery of
how the brain projects reality. It's hard to conceive of how a three-pound
organ that is primarily water and glucose has engendered the whole world.
Creatures with different brains do not inhabit the same reality (porpoises,
for example, have massive auditory centers and may literally "hear" the
tides, the Earth turning on its axis and the position of the stars–we can't
fathom their perceptual scheme). Nor do human beings share the same brain.
So-called idiot savants exist who can name a prime number to five or six
digits, or the day of the week that Christmas will fall on in the year 2387,
and yet are unable to dress themselves or make change. One savant learned
mandarin Chinese, along with several other fiendishly difficult languages,
despite having an I.Q. below 80 and in addition, was found to be holding the
textbook upside down.

My prediction is that we will see ourselves more and more connected to the
quantum field, not physically but through the mind. This "mind field" is
invisible and universal; it encompasses all living things; it weaves the
fabric of nature. As our prejudice in favor of solid, concrete things fades
away, certain fringe phenomena will become everyday. Healing without touch
will be legitimized, since the human body can be altered by altering the
field. Telepathy and clairvoyance will seem ordinary, since time and
distance are compressed to a single point in the field; Intuition and
epiphanies will be explained as subtle field interactions. The best outcome
would be that wisdom will reemerge as a vital human capacity, for there is
no doubt that our spiritual forebears were deeply in touch with the same
invisible reality that still surrounds us. We have shut out that reality in
our stubborn, rigid insistence on believing our senses, but seeing with the
eyes of the soul is possible. In the end, a new humanity is also possible
once we escape the prison we have sentenced ourselves to for far too long.
The so-called sixth sense isn't a separate sense at all, but a new opening
for human evolution with unlimited possibilities.

Deepak Chopra is acknowledged as one of the world's greatest teachers in the
field of mind-body medicine. He is the author of more than 42 books,
including Ageless Body, Timeless Mind and, most recently, Peace Is the Way.
In the 1980s, Dr. Chopra built a successful endocrinology practice in Boston.
His Web site is



Posted By: X_Hermes
Date: Wednesday, 19 April 2006, 1:47 p.m.

This is my current thesis on how the up-coming
ascension might differ from what has gone before.

In the unrecorded history of humanity on Earth, it
appears that there have been three ‘civilisations’,
separated by large tracts of time, as well as many
visits from and involvements with extra-terrestrials.
Most of us have been a part of each of these groups,
as we have evolved through out long journey of soul
development. In other words, we inhabited these
earlier bodies as part of our journey through the
wheel of incarnation. To understand the nature of the
progression represented by these three physical
evolutionary steps in the making of the ‘modern’ human
being, it is helpful to understand a little about the
human blueprint.

In essence, our blueprint is a thought form. It
exists all over the universe. Whatever the highest
form of (suitable) life is on a planet, over very long
periods of time that life form, perhaps just one
specialised branch, will slowly evolve towards
becoming humanoid. The corollary of this is that, in
any higher-life-bearing place, the human blueprint
will always seek out the highest form of DNA
available, and use this as a basic building block with
which to start the very long-term physical evolving of

As an analogy, this might be likened to taking a
house design, and building it in brick in one place,
timber in a second, and corrugated iron in a third.
Why the different materials? – well, that is what was
available locally. The houses may turn out very
differently – but they are all still the same
fundamental design.

It is the same with using DNA as a basic building
block. When the first two civilisations developed
here, the DNA we hold today has not yet evolved. For
the first, the humanoid that developed became the
highest expression of the reptilian DNA, the most
advanced available at the time. This gave rise to the
beings we refer to as Reptoid – and the many myths,
legends and channellings about reptilian humans.

Later, after a considerable gap in time, the
blueprint once again utilised the highest expression
of the DNA available – this time from a specific
evolutionary branch of the dinosaurs which had
evolved, giving rise to the humanoid form we refer to
as the Dinoid.

I tend to think that both these civilisations may
have reached, and embraced, an ascension point of some
sort, and moved on from this worldly environment. We
are talking here, exceptionally long timescales, the
Reptoids being here around 220 million years ago, and
the Dinoids around ninety million. Neither group grew
to the huge numbers humans have reached today.

By the same form of naming, since we may represent
the highest form of mammalian DNA, perhaps we should
be regarded as being Mammaloid. For reasons set out
below, up to this time it has not been easily possible
for us to ascend, certainly not in very large numbers.
But everything is about to change………….

My understanding is that the Reptoid people became
very highly evolved, with their evolution focused
primarily on MIND. Perhaps this makes sense - after
all, we don’t generally associate much warmth and
heart energy with reptilian forms.

It is known that the dinosaurs, over their long
evolutionary journey, were becoming ever closer to
mammals, being truly warm-blooded. They also hold more
‘heart’ energy than the reptoids, and you can sense
this when you consider them.

Both groups, having become highly evolved, have
subsequently come back to Earth at various times.
Indeed, they have a very close, even proprietary,
interest, as Earth still represents the ‘home planet’
on which they evolved. Of course, there are other,
similar groups from many other places (in terms of DNA

Now, we, as ‘modern’ humans, have integrated some
characteristics of both our forbears, in the
evolutionary sense. Certainly, it is quite common to
hear the ‘reptilian side of our brain’ referred to.
The question is ‘Can we escape and move beyond these
ancient elements of who we are, or will we remain
trapped by them in denial of our higher (and
potentially superior) faculties?’

Or, put another way, ‘ Are we to be trapped by
‘mind’, or will we evolve to having ‘heart and soul’
as our primary driver?’

The initiation and death rituals of the ancients –
and Egypt is a prime example – were very much highly
sophisticated and ‘of the mind’. The rituals of groups
like the Masons still reflect this. Yet, more modern
teachings (Hermetic, the Buddha, Jesus, etc) show the
importance of disconnecting from the domination of
‘mind’ if higher states of consciousness are to be
reached. There is obviously a paradox here, or even a
complete reversal of approach, which for me relates to
the three forms of humanoid, and their primary
characteristics. So, which approach is right? The
wonderfully complex rituals evolved and practiced by
the ancients, or the ‘go with the natural flow’

Atlantis and the Seven Chakra System

Perhaps an answer is to be found by looking at the
current evolutionary jump being made – right now – by
our chakra systems. They reflect the cosmic energies
that are stepped down into the energy structure of our

It seems that there are twelve such archetypal
energies which are the energy building blocks of the
Universe, from which everything in existence is
ultimately constructed, plus a thirteenth energy which
is cohesive, being the sum total of the twelve plus a
quantum step up. The thirteenth is automatically
present when the first twelve are present, activated
and balanced. This latter ‘step up’ might be called
the Christ energy, or the Buddha energy, or whatever,
depending on one’s religious background. These
thirteen (or strictly, twelve plus one) rays originate
at very high frequency, well above that of the light
spectrum. In order for the rays to be useable in the
three dimensional plane of our existence, they are
stepped down to lower frequencies many times until
they enter the frequencies of Earth. However, they
always maintain the same relationships with each
other, a set of fixed ratios which define them.

This ray system is sometimes seen as twenty four
plus one, when the male and female aspects are taken
into account as they are stepped down into our
physical duality.

Historically speaking, only seven of these
energies have been present on Earth and in human
consciousness since the demise of Atlantis. It appears
that the Atlanteans had grossly abused the powerful
energies that were part of the construct of our
planet, and higher beings decided to remove the six
higher energies, leaving us with a subset of six plus
one (this last being the violet ray, in effect
‘standing in’ for the Christing energy). All of these
planetary energies have subsequently been damaged by
the polarisation / separation we humans have been
experiencing on the planet. Thus, they have not been
‘integrated’ energies, but were affected by the
negative experiences of the planet and of the mass
consciousness. Since the energies available to us also
limit our powers and faculties, the removal of the top
six created a kind of downward spiral in our
consciousness – the FALL!

If my observations are correct, the reconnection
of the full spectrum of cosmic, archetypal energies
has now happened—all twelve energies have been
grounded on the planet, and more importantly, in our
human consciousness. This re-connection was heralded
by the harmonic convergence (a special and catalytic
event which took place in 1987), and, from the mid
1990’s onward all twelve energies, culminating in the
true, integrated Christ energy, have started to flow
in the energy structures of the planet. These new
energies are integrated, not polarised, which means
they each represent an integration of the light and
the dark! Starting from an extremely low level, they
have taken until now to reach full strength and the
accompanying multi-dimensionality.

Potential for the Fast Track

The reason why this re-built energy system is
important is that, since the fall of Atlantis, our
bodies have been energetically based on seven main
chakras, reflecting the energy ‘building blocs’ that
were still present. Now that the whole spectrum of
cosmic energies is once again available to us, this is
being reflected by the rapid development of a
13-chakra system by those who are actively seeking
higher consciousness - plus a surprising range of
others. Many children are now being born with the
thirteen ray system full operational.

Now, I have already said that the thirteenth ray
only comes into being once the first twelve have been
balanced and integrated. The thirteenth is the energy
I referred to earlier, creating the faculty that
facilitates the ‘Christing’ of humans – its’ presence
does not automatically mean that Christing has taken
place yet.

The associated chakra appears to be at the very
top of the head, and the name I have been given for it
is the Transdimensional Chakra

As I understand it, the rulers of both Atlantis,
and Egypt, were humanoids based on one of the earlier
expressions of the human form, almost certainly

It is held that these being were very concerned
about the effect on them of the emerging modern human
form, because of the – so far unrealised - potential
that our DNA holds. They knew that at some future
time, our DNA would take us through a transition /
transformation, and that we would then activate
faculties, the sum of which mean we shall be far more
powerful than them, and no longer controllable.
Therefore, some groups set themselves against this
happening. Others understood the importance of
allowing, even encouraging, this evolutionary step,
knowing that in later lives they would inherit the
same bodies with its astonishingly powerful DNA – but
only if the transition were allowed to happen.

The schism that this caused affected many cosmic
orders, perhaps all of them. This is why the final
resolution of the game that has been played out over
human ascension is sometimes referred to as ‘The
Redemption of the Universe’. It represents the final
healing of a schism that has spit many levels of
consciousness, essentially over the wisdom (or
otherwise) of creating a completely free-will planet,
and then putting it out of reach for all but the
highest connections. This scene was an unacceptable
risk for some, and a great evolutionary innovation to

I suspect that the distant origins of Faction 1
and Faction 2 are here. So is the story of Enlil and
Enkai from the ancient Mesopotamian records, and
indeed, perhaps it is the basis of the whole structure
of ‘duality’.

Returning to these profoundly sophisticated
rituals that were ‘of the mind’: the point is that I
understand that WE, as transforming humans ARE NOT

Up to now, the primary connection we have had to
higher planes of consciousness has tended to be the
third eye. A third eye connection is a very difficult
way to facilitate the necessary interaction with
higher states, so as to integrate with them. The
difference between third eye and the Transdimensional
chakra is like the difference between dial-up and
broadband. The third eye gives us a slow and difficult
connection capacity. The Broadband / Transdimensional
chakra is a personal portal to higher states of
consciousness, a conduit of immense capacity that
directly connects ascending individuals to higher
dimensions. When fully activate, the connection
appears to be permanent – leading to our capacity to
be fully multi-dimensional.

It will be a unique experience for each
individual, perhaps depending on the path (through
many lives) which got them to this point. The rate at
which this activation of our personal consciousness
broadband happens seems to be driven by a ‘hundredth
monkey’ effect, i.e., potentially expressed by some
kind of exponential curve.

So, the activation of the complete energy set on
the planet triggers the rapid evolution of our DNA
towards its true capabilities. Individually, then in
small groups, then rapidly increasing numbers we start
to fulfil our blueprint, and all that this means.

My strong sense is that it is this ‘conduit to
higher planes’ aspect of our DNA that the old
controllers have been frantically trying to disable.

It is now too late for them. We are, slowly,
relentlessly on an upward curve that means we are


Sananda - ‘the squeaky wheel gets the oil’

4/19/06 3:31am

Sananda, is that you?
S: Yes beloved, it is I.
L: Do you have a message?
S: Indeed. We can talk of much. Lets first reiterate what’s to come. We have told you that there is an uprising in your nation that is on the cusp of explosion. We have told you that there is coming a time of great upheaval. We have told you that there is before you now the opportunity for great change. What we have not told you is when or how it will play out. This is because it is up to you. We say this again to encourage you to keep moving forward and to not sit back in complacency. We have issued a warning to your leaders that they are on the brink of destruction and that they will be a part of a world wide revolution, however, they will be taken out legally and with your consent. This is an uprising of the people, for the people. This means that you will take this victory with your own hands and hearts and will be greater for it. Many of you wonder how this will be possible and we say to you, what is possible is only limited by your thoughts. Soon you will realize that what you think is possible is really just the tip of the iceberg. Today the sun is shining upon the white house but in short time there will be looming veils of darkness that will overtake the administration. Be prepared for many to deliver you from evil, even in the face of destruction. The tearing down of one reality can only make way for the new and what is necessary to procure the intended outcome shall prevail. We are making declarative statements that you are the victors of this battle, no matter what is seen on the surface. As you know by now the surface story is only the personification of what your government wants you to see, not actual truth. To change this deceptive act, you need not stand down but to repudiate the acts of violence against you. Your courage is needed and your armor will be truth. In the illumination of truth all darkness shall cease to exist and you shall accept no less. Your power is something you gave away under false pretenses. Now you must rise up and take your power back, for without this power you have no future to uphold. We make claims that now is the time to act and we strongly urge you to make some noise. You have a phrase that ‘the squeaky wheel gets the oil’. To rattle the cages of the sleeping tigers, you must make noise. Your solemnity has no purpose here, this is the time to shout from the mountains and wake your brothers and sisters. Do you not see that you must impede? How else can you be heard when your voices are stifled, your truth is distorted, and you are made to look like fools, extremists, lobbyists and activists. This is their way of keeping you down, to discredit your wisdom and intuition and bargain with your rights. You decide the fate of your future, you decide the extent of your freedom, you decide the impending doom that is upon you, for how could it be any other way when you outnumber the empire? For each of you who know truth there is at least one person who you share your thoughts with who in turn shares their thoughts with one more and so on and so on. This means that your backing has grown exponentially in record breaking time. Those of you with the courage to speak out against your leaders have made a considerable impact upon your people by asking the right questions. This is the way to truth. Do not only claim to know the truth, ask others to find it. This is the way to stimulate the awakening of thy neighbor. When each of you has asked enough of the right questions you will be in a position to seek truth, that which will arise within. YOu can guide and elude to it but ultimately it must come from within. Therefore, we say to you, formulate the right questions and start asking others for the answers. See if they too do not begin to seek answers. This is the beginning of a movement, and this is the way to truth. Stand tall and stand proud but do not stand down. Most importantly, stand up now. –Sananda Immanuel


Update by Sheldan Nidle 4 18 06

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic

7 Akbal, 6 Kank'in, 1 Caban

Greetings! We arrive with more to tell you. Your world continues
to progress despite the negative efforts of your last dark cabal.
Right now, you are at a point where our Earth allies have moved ahead
with their plans to oust this cabal from power. If you look closely at
developments around your planet, you can discern just how much their
grip on your reality has eroded. Many things are in place for this
coup while others are just starting to take shape. The purpose of all
this action is to give America and your world a vastly different
"look." By this we mean that the secret agreements for redirecting
your reality are quite close to manifesting. On the surface, much
still appears the same; subtly enforced no-go areas do wonders in
limiting what the mainstream media allows into the public domain.
However, if you look "under the hood," you clearly see the widening
crevices and hear the cracking of this dark cabal's once-solid
foundation. As this foundation splits apart, the opportunities for a
new reality to push through the cracks grow exponentially.

The Galactic Federation is dedicated to pursuing this
massive transformation. The last steps involve an actual first contact
operation. This procedure puts us in the unique position of being a
guarantor of your consciousness revolution. This post confers a great
responsibility to do this in a divine and accredited way. To this end,
we are guided by the sacred decrees of Lord Surea. This garnered us
enormous authority throughout Heaven, whose assistance has tempered
our intervention. This has given us the time to learn the "lay of the
land." With this knowledge and the directives of the Creator, we
devised a plan to achieve our goals. It is essential that those
persons in positions to alter the global political shambles be given
the means to do their job. Revolution and reform take time to jell and
then flower. This time is underway. We are now passing through "the
quiet before the storm" and approaching the moment for action. The
final rails are being solidly laid in place for the juggernaut of
change to begin its rollout.

On other fronts, you are progressing remarkably well toward
full consciousness. It is this growth in awareness that is rapidly
becoming a substantial stumbling block to the dark cabal's agenda.
Your work to realign the subtle grids of this reality and your
committed intentions have permitted many to awaken faster than was
expected. Moreover, your inner work has thwarted much of what the dark
hoped to realize. Despite their incredible financial and economic
resources, they have been prevented by our joint efforts from
derailing your ever-growing rise in consciousness. As this inner
network of positive intentions grows, the work that we are doing
becomes easier to accomplish. Terrorism sponsored by the powerful is
designed to spread fear and increase chaos. Your work has limited this
fear and thus prevented the chaos from reaching critical mass. This
grid of rising consciousness is to be one of the mainstays that assure
first contact. Accordingly, we sincerely thank you for your help and
ask that this continue unabated.

Where logistical aspects of this work were concerned, there
was some degree of dissatisfaction. Operating within the corridors of
the powerful and profane is not easy. Your world is filled with good
intentions gone wrong. Indeed, one of the sports of the power elite is
to cast wide nets of misinformation and other whimsical devises to
snare the innocent and lead them down a path to political oblivion or
even death. We watched as many were thus toyed with. Such is their
hubris they tried this game on us! As a result, we have firsthand
experience of the guile and underhand nature of the powerful. We used
this wisdom to "separate the wheat from the chaff," namely, to
discover who is genuine and hence to know what can truly be done. Much
initial learning forced us down pathways new to us. Nevertheless, we
were able to devise strategies equal to their cunning and capable to
boot of achieving our objectives. These are currently underway.

Our fleet has taken on a most fluid operational construct.
First contact includes tasks that change with each day and that adapt
enormously with each year. A vital predicating factor is your rate of
inner growth, which greatly impacts this degree of fluidity. As more
of you expand your state of consciousness, the nature and make-up of
our medical teams adjust to match your changes; and likewise, the
number of teams that each of you requires increases. Hence, our
personnel expand daily. Teaching and supervising these teams has
become a major responsibility for our command board. Motherships in
our inner ring have now devoted their full time and energy to this
endeavor. The science mission has likewise taken on expanded duties as
Mother Earth follows this same path. This acceleration of our duties
signals to us that first contact does indeed draw close.

The assignment of our diplomatic and liaison teams, as you
can see, is a difficult one. Aware of the challenges of our
environment, we must yet progress at a faster pace. Many on your world
labor under a false sense of unworthiness instilled during birth and
childhood. This emotional pain causes much in your society to operate
in a deceitful manner. To resolve this dilemma, we have decided to use
special "consciousness gifts" to overcome these difficulties. It is
easy for a society founded on Truth to work together cooperatively and
respectfully; societies based on lies and disrespect are much harder
to redirect. Pervasive anxiety and mistrust are deeply imbued in you,
and we plan to overcome this condition with Love and respect wherever
we go. Happily, this procedure has begun to put us in your good graces
and this augers well for our mutual victory!

First contact with you is complex; you have forged a truly
unique situation for yourselves. The negativity of your press and your
innate suspicions prevent a swift and comprehensive landing on Mother
Earth. And yet, your society mirrors conditions that quite frankly
hardly any longer exist. Realities in the grips of rapid change often
succumb to this sort of craziness, and yours is no exception. What we
have done is adjust our plan to your ongoing agenda. This means that
we need to push you in the right directions while watching for the
optimum moment to arrive en mass. This strategy gives us some leeway
while allowing us to expedite direct contact with you. This first
contact operation is determined to move you beyond your present qualms
and simultaneously to provide the means to support the workings of our
Earth allies.

The quiet revolution currently underway has taken millennia
to get to this point. The goal is to return you to full consciousness
and end the incessant harassment of the dark. This time around, the
departure of the Anunnaki opened doorways of opportunity not available
before. Some 10,000 years ago, a great global flood stopped a
consciousness rebellion dead in its tracks. This dire act of
retribution was a sign to the human survivors that any sort of
surliness to the rule of the "sky gods" was not to be tolerated. This
horrendous act put your distant ancestors and even yourselves at their
dark mercy. Today, this option has been eliminated. Furthermore, we
are here to provide the means for your success. Our divine act gives
you the setting to carry out this rebellion and gives you back your
primary, God-given, unalienable right: full consciousness!

Today, we reviewed the present situation on your world. This
was done to reassure you that the promised ousting of the dark cabal
is indeed close to happening. Further, we want you to know that the
quiet revolution toward a new reality is still in effect and destined
to succeed in the near future. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear
Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and
infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat
Kasijaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)


Sananda: May the word of truth be spread far and wide...

4/18/06 11:32am

Sananda, r u calling me?
S: Yes beloved, I am awaiting your attention.
L: Sorry to keep you waiting, my environment is more suitable now.
S: Blessed be. I come this day with news from the highest realms. I come with a note of encouragement and an answer to your prayers. I come with legions of light beings to assist in the completion of this process on earth, the process of duality. All who beckon the light shall receive accolades and adornment for their righteous ventures on earth. Those of you who long to come home shall be praised for your determination and commitment to stay and complete your roles, for you have willingly chosen these great roles and for good cause. Today we infiltrate your skies and determine when we shall finish this old business. We are set up now and prepared for proper divine intervention in every aspect of your world affairs. We come from far and wide to support you on this mission of peace and we are obligated with joy to answer your many requests for sovereignty. Take hold for ye shall not pervade untruths any longer and as decreed by Creator you shall be saved. It is time now for a great promise to be fulfilled, a promise that you have waited in earnest for. Today we say, buckle up for the ride will be bumpy, but to meet the requirements of galactic intervention we must wash away all that is depleting your well being with great force. We affirm that this is the month of great change and as decreed by heaven this must be so.
L: Lord, may I interrupt for a second?
S: As you wish.
L: Thank you. I wish to ask if the time frame you affirm here is one to be counted on? Not so much that I doubt you, but more for the hope of depleted lightworkers who are very tired and weary.
S: My child, this statement of interjection is one of valid concern and I see that you are not alone in this thinking. However, to be sure of ones commitment one has to be peeled for the right doings of others. In this scope of understanding it is imperative that each of you see the interplanetary and intergalactic scope of such massive proportion. We say that this is the timing that we have allotted and it shall be so, however, due to unexpected and unprecedented interruptions in the past this has not always been possible as it is you who ultimately determines the outcome. As it has been decreed by the Father we shall proceed with this timetable with no expected delays and shall bring forth the new world as promised. To those who waver, we say hold steadfast to your goal. The determining factor of change is found within and the effects of this change will appear without. This is a basic law of energy that what you think you actualize. You have been thinking of these changes for many years and now you have begun to actualize your thoughts. Be at peace within, regardless of without, for you shall need these tools to get you through the next phase of your reality. This tool is the most valuable.
L: Thank you Sananda, I apologize for the interruption. Please proceed.
S: Very well. It is of considerable interest to many that we inform you of the next steps in your proposed plan of action. These steps are ones that are integral parts of the whole and therefore are imperative to be brought forth with certainty. In a few short moments in your time, there will be a massive uprising country wide. This uprising will be the result of some truths that will be spread via mass media and telecommunications. Know that in this uprising of the people, many will not understand what is actually happening and therefore it will be up to you who know truth to help in keeping the waters calm. This is a great task but one that you are prepared for and in this doing you shall be rewarded with the grace of God so as to ensure the calming force of your words. Those who take to the streets will be positioning themselves against tyranny and will be marching for the freedom of all. We ask of you to be in a position of peace for this great undertaking. It will be provoked by some truth and it will result in full truth, but the process can take on many forms. Use your lighted ways to encourage peaceful protests. Use your hearts to calm those in despair and know deeply that you are assisting others merely by your presence of peace. In these coming days you will be witness to the greatest undertaking ever to have been recorded in the history of this planet and we assure you that you will be safe. You who know truth, know your mission is to serve those around you and you are protected from harm. For what other purpose would you know truth but to help others? We ask that you take to your roles with no pretense for now is a time of great need. A joining of hands and hearts as you march toward your freedom. A front line of warriors who will accept nothing other than full truth for all. A rising of families and friends and even enemies as you blur the lines of segregation and inequality. My brothers and sisters, now is the time of awakening and now is the moment of truth. We called to you and you have risen. We beckoned you and you have come. Now call to your neighbors and gather in numbers to form the united nation that you truly are. We are preparing for victory. I Am Sananda Immanuel.
L: Thank you Sananda…do you wish for me to publish this?
S: Indeed. May the word of truth be spread far and wide.
L: As you wish.


St. Germain 18-April-06

What started out as a great energy for change in America has rippled out and the phenomenon has become world wide. As you will have noted recently, there have been many demonstrations against ruling parties in various countries.. There is a mood growing that spells disaster for those who oppose it, as an energy created must follow its natural course to manifestation. This time has been coming slowly but surely, as more and more people have awoken to the path that the dark forces have planned for Earth and Humanity, Now the people are exercising their own mighty power and it is engulfing the dark.

Unavoidable outbursts of an emotional nature will inevitably lead to some form of aggression against those in power. We would wish that it could be averted, but sometimes it happens as an outlet for pent up energy. Almost on a daily basis the changes are coming thick and fast, and we see a great exposure bringing out the truth. Now its momentum has started it cannot be stopped, and those who have hidden their dark activities behind a cloak of respectability are being revealed for their true colors.

Right now the pressure is becoming unbearable upon your Government, who are being attacked from all sides. They are in retreat and clinging to power, using whatever means they can to do so. It will be to no avail as their time is all but finished, and they are presently trying to brush off the demands of the retired Generals for the removal of Rumsfeld. These type of situations will persist and will grow in intensity the longer it goes on. Of course it goes deeper, as they know people are taking full notice of what has been said about the incompetence and covert actions of your leaders. The Government are now like a pack of cards waiting to fall, and once they start there will no stopping until all of them are removed.

Dear Ones, the Light has never been stronger, and continues to grow and it will strengthen the hand of anyone who is prepared to step forward and take action. We do not however advocate violence in any form and never will, as when you have right on your side it is unnecessary. You have progressed so far through the words of truth that have shown up the devious plans and heinous actions of the Illuminati. If you ever needed proof that these are the end times, you are now witnessing the final thrust. As one energy looses its power, another is already taking its place.

All of the dedicated work both on and off world that has been shaping the future is becoming apparent. The movement against the old ways of working and the erosion of your rights is no longer acceptable. This has indeed has been the challenge, to see whether you would oppose the actions of those who have gradually been making a prison for you out of Earth. Fortunately the changes in your way of thinking have allowed you to understand how the dark operate. You have realized that it is only you that can take back your sovereignty, but once you act we can follow with our help. What you have achieved so far has ensured that the plans for the end time will work out, and the Light will acclaim its victory. You may not view it as a war, but it has been one monumental battle for the control of your souls and therefore your destiny.

Looking at the larger picture you may be assured that nothing will now stop the changes from fully manifesting. You have some very interesting and exciting months ahead, but for the moment must concentrate on the task in hand to remove your Government. It is taking some brave souls to stand up to the dark, and at some risk to themselves. However, it is at such times

that your heroes come forward and take a lead that others can follow. Know for certain that wonderful souls of Light have incarnated into this period of time specifically to take part in these events. They need all of your support, and you know by now that they certainly have ours.

Meantime the prospect of First Contact advances ever nearer, and if any were previously in doubt about its purpose it should by now have become apparent how essential its benefits are to everyone. You need as you would term it ”a quick fix” and there is so much to attend to that is a matter of urgency. Mother Earth patiently waits for help, and has held back her own ways of creating the necessary changes to Earth. It would certainly be best that they are co-ordinated through The Galactic Federation teams, and you too can be party to them, and together we can ensure the least inconvenience. The plans are already waiting to be implemented and will rapidly restore Earth to its former beauty. Once in our control, the degree of personal loss and damage from the changes will be minimal. We shall all play our part in a wonderful show of co-operation with you, and how with the right leadership that Humanity can work together. The Will is already there, and soon there will also be the opportunity.

As Easter slips away so I can tell you that your prayers and thoughts calling for peace reached a new zenith, and know that they are being answered. Peace is all but here, and one of the first actions of The Galactic Federation will be to put an immediate stop to all wars. They can still the weapons of war and they will therefore collapse, as they will no longer be able to continue.

I am St. Germain and I must congratulate the Lightworkers for bringing more pressure to bear upon the dark. They are creating a path that others follow and have earnt their trust through integrity and loyalty to the Light. Many now accept that major changes are necessary, and even if they cannot see the whole picture they have sufficient knowledge to grasp what important times these are for everyone. I tell you that through the whole of this last cycle this immediate period will be the peak of your experiences, and it will uplift you as it is the final piece that lifts your vibration onto the higher levels. From there it is only one way forward, ever more reaching into the Light and leaving the dark behind never to return to the lower levels. Let us all take the peace and love generated through the Easter celebrations with us and not let it ebb away, but maintain its ability to uplift all around us. I thank you all for your contributions, as each one is as important as the other. Let your Love shine out forever.

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.


Sananda on the times ahead

L: Happy Easter Lord.
S: Indeed. Today is celebrated among many Christians as the day of the Risen Christ. This day, symbolic for so many is also heralded by the legions of heaven for it is the time of great uplifting for the masses.
Today is symbolic for the resurrection of consciousness among all. We celebrate this day with joy as it represents much more than ever before in the history of this planet. Never before has there been an uplifting of this magnitude and it is due to you, workers of Light, that we are able to feel joyous on this momentous occasion.
Today is a day of great celebration of love for all humanity. Today is the waning of dark control over the power of the people and the resurrection of the Christ Light within. Today is a day to remember for all eternity for it marks the beginning of the end of duality. Today you rise, tomorrow you shine, and for all eternity you bring peace to your field of presence.
Make no mistake that, as you enter the new domain of Christ-consciousness, you enable the Light to emanate from your being in unprecedented ways. You will begin to see the world as it is in truth, not through the eyes of illusory pretence. In this awakening phase of reality you will then begin to understand on very deep levels the effect that you truly have and the influence that you emanate through the ethers. You are the risen ones, the way showers and the teachers of the new world. Your promise to yourself was one of great undertaking and you have prevailed. Now you shall truly inherit the earth. As you begin to come forth in all your glory, you will be beckoned by many who reside in your soul families. Take to these who call to you and guide them with your illuminating Light. As you shine forth others will come and you shall begin to create the new world. We ask of you only to be joyous for your achievements at this time.
You who work so diligently for the Light against all odds shall know freedom now. This freedom that you have earned shall unchain the grips of the dark upon this Earth and allow our great mother to be free at last. This is an honor that shall be bestowed upon those who exemplify the grace of the Christed heart. The Christed heart is indeed the gift from Creator for a job well done and will enable you to know yourself in truth. With this gift you will be able to embellish upon that which brings you joy with great intensity. You will be given the freedoms that will enable you to create your realities and you will finally express who you came here to be.
My children, take not lightly the gifts that you have redeemed for they are well deserved. Delight in what you have created and the energy that you have grounded upon thy Earth. For it was your commitment that has seen this day arrive and it will be your valour that will prevail in the times ahead. The last vestiges of the dark barely remain and you of the Light have won this battle. Stay yet focused upon your goal and never waver for this coming entrance will be not for the faint-hearted but for the warrior of faith. Those of you who have roots in the Atlantis will feel the energies of familiar upheaval. We ask of you to hold steadfast in the Light and know the reality of what?€™s to come. You who are in the grips of fear shall release many old wounds of your past and be free for this time you are saved. You need not understand the fear, only to acknowledge its past presence and allow for it to resolve itself. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it just is. Allow it to be, and you shall be free. For those of you who have roots in Lemurian times, you too shall be lifting the fears of many. We say to you, allow these fears to pass and regard them as your saving grace, for the grace of God is with you.
Now on to the times ahead. As we perceive all that is before you we claim to know the outcome of your present intent. This laid before you, would astound you and you would be grateful for your times of woe. We wish to impart some pertinent information that will be beneficial for your upcoming days. At this time there is scheduled a great uprising of the American people. This energy is so large now that nothing but an act of God could curtail it. We say this to you with encouragement for this is the time you have beckoned. You know truth will set the world free, therefore it is up to you to take matters into your own hands now and trust that we are behind you. As the gravitational pull toward Earth ascends, you are all readying for a grand experience that has never before played out in your realm. This grand experience is one that will undoubtedly shake your country to the core. Once again you will be free and once again you will regain consciousness. Toward the end of past civilizations you who were prophets and seers knew of the impending cataclysmic changes that were upon you. Now in the rising of the enlightened age, you who are prophets and seers know an impending upheaval once again is upon you, yet this time we assure you that you shall prevail. (L: I am being shown a scene of riots and anger and the release of very deep grief. I am being shown that many will choose to leave the earth at this time and that it is planned this way) In the times ahead you who take part in this uprising will have a planned role to undertake. Each of you knows your part on a deep level and each of you will emerge victorious. As this planned undertaking manifests, go within to find peace the way the ocean remains calm under the waves. Know your role is a necessary one and that your path is leading to sovereignty. We unite now and reclaim the earth as we did ages ago and on this day we shall remember ?€?the day the end began.?€™
We call to you to rise up, we call to you to take back what is rightfully yours. As we approach these days of uprising, know that your reality will be very different indeed. It is difficult to explain with words how this will take form, but we say to you that you will indeed be joyous. Know that as we descend to your beloved planet, you too shall rise up to meet us. In this merging of Light we will allow for many unforeseeable opportunities to arise and in them we will take a firm hold on the forces of evil. You have already prevailed and we are here to confirm that your day of lifting is before you now. The Light of Creator is upon you all as we celebrate this very special advent. We are especially proud to be part of something so gracious and we celebrate with all of you on this very special Sunday. Go in peace to prepare for your new roles on this very new earth. You have fared well and you, my children, are the Christed ones. I Am Sananda Immanuel.


Celia Fenn ~ Channels from the 9th Dimension

Dear Starchild Readers, in the last two months the Earth has rapidly
completed her current ascension path by opening the Galactic
connections once again and activating the ninth dimension.

One of the things I realized in this transition was that the energy
waves were not only coming from the Galactic Center, but also from the
Earth itself. I experienced this a few years ago in the early morning
when I used to water my garden. Patches of the earth under my bare
feet would suddenly heat up, as though the Earth were communicating or
sending love to me. In this recent transit, many people experienced
sensations in their legs and in the base chakra, as the Earth let us
know that we were connecting.

Yes, truly, the final step of Ascension is GROUNDING.

The ninth dimension is that place where you understand that you are
the Earth, and that you can hear and feel the Earth in your own body
and being. This reminds me of a line from T.S. Eliot's beautiful poem
"The Four Quartets", where his comment on the Spiritual path was: "The
way up is the way down".

I wrote this channel after spending a day on my bed just listening. I
have been doing a great deal of that lately, just listening for the
guidance of Spirit. At this time I was "tuning in" to that profound
silence of deep peace that many of us can now feel. I realized that it
was not from Spirit, but was coming from the Earth itself. It was what
T.S. Eliot had called "Shantih" - the peace that passes understanding.

It was Easter when I wrote this, and I also journeyed from the Christ
story as an 8th dimensional archetype of endings and beginnings, to
Astarte, or Ishtar, the Queen of Heaven (Venus), whose festival lies
at a deeper and more ancient level in this archetypal layering. And
then I went even deeper, back millions of years, to the Song of the
Ancient Earth, the Grandfather Earth, that underlies all these Archetypes.

I am the ancient Earth
I have been here millions of Years

The deep, deep peace that you feel now
Is the peace of the ancient Earth.

There is no need to hurry or rush
Go slowly and take my gift of peace.

I know you well, for you are very ancient too.
Every starborn cell in your body
has been here since time began.
You are infinite and eternal
Spirit and Matter.
Every lifetime that you have walked this ancient land
I hold within my memory
I know you well
when you came I welcomed you
Beloved Friend
I remember your dreams and desires
Nothing is ever lost
I hold you and nurture you.

You know me well
I am the ancient Earth
Let me sing to you of days of peace
Milleniums when only the wind blows.

Beloved children
There is no need to rush
Experience my peace
It is the peace of the Ancient Earth


And as I watch you Starborn ones
Come and go
I see and I feel how you flow with life

And I know when I feel at peace with you....

It is when you honor the river of life from God
When you understand the spirals
That flow from the Great Celestial Mother

Then you live with honor and respect
You honor the Elders and the Wise Ones
Human or animal or plant or rock

You know your place in the Universe
and you know that you give and receive in equal measure
You understand the flow of days in the spiral of time
And you give honor to those with many days
And you guide and lead those who are young
And you honor the changes and transitions in your life
Supporting these in others

And so you honor me and all my children
if you honor yourselves
But when you forget and you rush through life
In a panic of activity
then we cannot meet
And I cannot give you my gift of perfect peace

Slow down, human children
And hear the ancient song of perfect peace.

The ancient Earth is Male:
matter is hard and unyielding.....
The Galactic center is Feminine:
Energy is light and fluid and flexible....

In their act of mating
Earth is enfolded and embraced
by the Galactic Goddess
The waves of their passion and ecstasy
are the waves of light and energy
that you feel now......

You can share in their passion
If you find your own passionate
of Sky and Earth....

Keep your feet on the Ground, beloved ones
But reach for the stars....

Be like the Great Trees.....
Rooted in earth but reaching for Light.....

© 2005-6 Celia Fenn

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

You can read the channels of Celia Fenn at



Channelled through

Michelle Eloff©

13th APRIL, 2006

Johannesburg, RSA

This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no information is altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the source of the information be acknowledged.

To find out more about Michelle & The Lightweaver please visit

Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you. You will energetically be linked with the Channeling being and a similar process faciltated with you. It is not exactly the same as being in the presence of the channeling Master, however the effects are just as powerful. Do not concern yourself too much regarding time lines given to the participants in the channeling. You will be taken through a similar one in accordance with your Divine Plan,Timing & Purpose. All Questions & Answers from the session have been left in the transcript as we have found the answers too have been of great benefit to our readers.

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet each of you at this time and to bring unto you the blessings of new beginnings, of new life, we bring you the blessings of grace, and of harmony. Greetings, Beloved Ones.

Greetings, Lord Kuthumi.

And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved ones, we welcome this gathering today and we wish to acknowledge the presence of many people and Beings of the Light who could not be here physically and who are here in spirit. The Masters of the Light who have gathered with you today are bringing every one of you present here and those who shall come to either hear or read these words at a later stage, the biggest transformation of your time. This transformation is both on a personal level as well as a planetary level.

The porthole that is being opened, making way for all old paradigm consciousness to move through, we are calling this a wave of ascension, a kind of mass exodus of consciousness and souls, if it is their choice. This porthole is to date the greatest one in size, so to speak, that we have activated for a mass exodus, therefore beloved ones, be prepared for your life to change forever.

The next 10 weeks are vital to your spiritual future and the future of everything that you shall come to experience in your life. Within the next 12 weeks I assure all of you the energy will have settled and you will be very clear in your heart, your mind and your soul as to the direction you are to move in if you are as yet not moving in it.

Transformation is the greatest gift bestowed upon humanity for it offers humanity the opportunity to constantly grow within the realm of God’s consciousness; every aspect of life in an aspect of God being expressed and experienced. There are some of you who have completed your earth karma; I have spoken of this before. This means that your life will unfold at an accelerated rate, far more than you have experienced in the past. Imagine winding up an elastic band, holding onto it with one end and letting go with the other end; the speed at which it unwinds is the speed at which your DNA is unravelling itself and releasing into the ethers all the new consciousness of the higher worlds. All of this must be anchored on earth so that heaven and earth can be one.

This is truly a profound time of death; it is Easter, the time of death and rebirth, the time where you are faced with what is true and what is untrue. Being forced to look at what your desires, your hopes and your wishes are, and what motivates them, as well as looking at the foundation upon which your life has been built, and if the foundation it currently stands upon will in fact be able to endure the initiations and future tests of time. I know for some of you it is a very painful time but I assure you that once the pain has been relieved what you are left with is one of the most precious treasures of your lifetime. It is vital that you do not fight the process; this is one of the times where the only way to get through this immense transformation unscathed is to surrender to it, to simply fall into the energy and let it take you where it must. This is a planetary lesson, beloved ones, where all of humanity must now fall into the abyss and allow the magnificent love of Mother/Father God to take you to your destiny.

Your destiny is something that you set in place on a soul level. It is something that you left yourself as a reward for lessons learned, cycles completed. Many times the journey to the destination is fraught with pain and suffering, only because you do not understand or very often recognise that the journey is not the end of everything; the journey is a vital part of reaching your destiny. The destiny is your reward, the journey is the initiation. One cannot truly appreciate one’s destiny until one has fully integrated the gifts that lie along the pathway of the journey. All of you are coming into your power in one way or another; it is not a power to be feared, rather a power to be embraced, for it is this power that determines how the rest of your life cycle will unfold and how you will deal with the energies and situations that lie before you.

The purpose for the gathering of the 1440 Masters of Light within the deserts of your planet is for the purpose of revealing to humanity the power of unconditional love and abundance. Forget money for a moment, and acknowledge abundance in all its forms of light, in all its forms of joy, pleasure, laughter, fun, and wisdom. Having seen this energy it becomes apparent that one needs to experience these qualities in life in order to thrive. Survival attracts to it very often pain and suffering for the main focus is merely to survive, but when you thrive you attract to yourself all the other abundant energies.

So let us now link you up energetically with the 1440 Master of the Light. Please close your eyes for a brief time, breathing in fully. Take a deep breath now in through your nose, exhaling through your mouth and allow your body and your mind to relax. These Masters of Light are all divine aspects of Mother/Father God; each of these precious beings of immense wisdom, truth and love hold a vibration of your fully mastered, complete and whole self.

The vibrations these Masters bring to you ensure that during the next 12 weeks you will have claimed the clarity you seek; you will have reclaimed your divine right to live an abundant life in all the prisms of light and within all the prisms of love. You have lived the abundance of darkness and pain; the time for its opposite is upon you. I ask you if you feel comfortable with it, to open your heart to receive the blessings of joy and jubilation from the 1440 Masters of the Light who anchor their energy as we speak.

Imagine the energy of joy and jubilation moving through your chakras above your heart and below your heart, bringing balance, revitalisation and alignment. Allow this energy to open the cells of your body so that you can remember how deeply you are loved, appreciated and acknowledged. All of you are anchors holding the prisms of light and love that the 1440 Masters of Light bring to your planet this Easter period. All of you represent an aspect of the current death process that the people of your planet are undergoing and your role as a human being is to step fully into the healing power that is being bestowed upon you. Your major role is to not step down, to not step back or prevent the completion of your power integrating and unfolding, in accordance with the divine plan of all that embodies light and love.

You have already been shown the power of spirit, the power of truth and how as the illusions fall so the truth emerges. The discovery of what Jesus truly wanted of Judas is proof in itself that the truth will come to the surface; that no man can dis-empower another or deprive him of universal truths permanently. Eventually the light shines through. Now the discovery of this information that Judas did in fact not betray Jesus, and that Jesus asked him to betray him instead, is part of the opening of this mass exodus gateway. It has been the prelude to the energy being anchored upon this sacred day.

The full moon energy of Mother Moon washes through your emotional body at this time, and many of you perhaps have been feeling overly emotional at this time as a result of Mother Moon cleansing your heart and your soul. Father Sky brings the warmth of the sun to dry up your tears, to bring you warmth and reassurance that where you are heading now is the direction of truth for you.

Take another deep breath in and as you exhale magnetically call upon all the energies of the old paradigm that may still be influencing your life in any way, and imagine a gateway opening within the centre of your heart and all of this old paradigm energy being sucked out of your heart chakra by this gateway. Very gently the 1440 Masters of the Light draw this old paradigm consciousness in through this porthole, and at the same time they bring you all the inner strength and courage you need to see you through the greatest initiation of your lifetime.

You are undergoing personal initiations in conjunction with planetary initiations. All of you are linked to a specific area on the globe; whatever geographical connection you have is in alignment with the current initiation you are undergoing, therefore you are processing with Mother Earth, you are going through the golden ascension initiation with her, and everything she goes through and you go through will from this day forward be a simultaneous process of healing and awakening. Each of you as individuals embody a treasure, a life-giving treasure. You will now go through a time period of meeting people or a person or connecting with a place or time where the equal of this gift is embodied. Meeting up with the equal of this gift is your signal that you are moving through your final phase of the ascension waves of initiation. This means, beloved ones, that you are being accelerated 5 years in time, completing 5 years of intensive spiritual work over the next few months. This could only be made possible because you are ready for it, and you have set the ball in motion, so to speak, for this to come into being.

There have been people who have travelled to places geographically before you, who have activated certain places geographically, to ensure that the physical portholes of Mother Earth’s body remain active for the duration of this mass exodus. Some of you will go to places geographically after the mass exodus is complete and you will go and seal some of the portholes that are only temporarily active for the purpose of taking the old paradigm energy; some of them, however will remain active. So those of you who have travelled to the place of Namibia over the past 18 months, you have set in place the energies needed for what will take place over the next 3 weeks to be held in alignment with the divine plan of Lady Nada, the crystal kingdom and of course, your planet as a whole.

Those of you who are travelling to Namibia specifically, you are the ones who are processing this intensive energy; you are the ones who are undergoing the intense detoxification of emotions, the mind, intellect, fears, physical, and whatever is in alignment with your purpose.

Those of you remaining in the locations of your physical abode during that time, you are ensuring that the prisms of light and love being activated remain clear and anchored. When any group goes to a so-called sacred space or "hot-spot" as we like to call it sometimes, the participants are very caught up in the energy. Many times they are removed from their physical body and it is then up to those who are the anchors outside of the space to hold the energy; therefore you too will be transported at times to the place of Namibia in alignment with the itinerary that the group is taking. You will feel changes happening within yourself and I assure you all the changes are related to the final stepping into your authentic power in whatever area of life your soul has come to present it in. Is this clear to all of you so far?


Very well. Beloved ones, the resurrection that shall take place is the resurrection of the true template of prosperity and abundance for your planet as a whole. We are also taking with us a very sacred energy linked to the indigenous people of Africa known as the Bushmen. They were one of the very first of the sacred tribes to inhabit earth; they, themselves, embody very important sacred knowledge that shall contribute to the unfolding of the original wisdom and plan of earth. The work taking place is a facilitation process for these sacred cultures to emerge through the authentic diamond of truth, so that their origin may be honoured and acknowledged.

As each sacred tribe reunites with their sacred origin so all of the links to the tribe, therefore the generations that come from the original tribe, become re-empowered with the authentic seeds of their origin, and this is how one begins to empower nations and at the end an entire world. Every culture is sacred, and every culture should be honoured and respected, for within each culture is a treasure of wisdom and truth. Judging one another’s faith and pathway to becoming one with God is tainting the sacredness of the pathways home. Where there are areas of a culture that embody the debilitating attitudes and dogmas of fear, it will be dissolved, and will fade into the nothingness because those who are in touch with the truth will naturally override the old paradigm energy and with the porthole currently active, supporting the mass exodus, all of that old paradigm consciousness that - preaches fear, limitation, doom and gloom, will come to an end, and it will be in a very short space of time; this I assure you. (pause)

From this day forward until the 25th of April 2006, the 1440 Masters of the Light are anchoring what we call the Buddhic columns in all the deserts of your planet. There are 4 major columns which shall be responsible for the creation of the new foundation for the new world of your planet. The first one will be in the Namib Desert, the second one in the Sahara Desert, the third one in the Gobi Desert, the fourth one in the deserts of Australia – the largest desert of all that exist within Australia. Do you understand?


These 4 Buddhic columns embody prana, they embody wisdom and the purest authentic energy you could ever imagine exists. These Buddhic columns are the keys opening all of the gateways to what was once the mystery schools of all the Ascended Masters. That information will now be released and those who are in alignment with the template the Buddhic columns embody will gain access to the teachings of the ancient mystery schools and you will be anointed as a messenger of these teachings. You need not be in a prominent position in society to carry these teachings forth; living them is teaching them. Do not limit your perception of how it is that this can be brought across.

The quantum world is an unlimited world and the more you remind yourself of this the better for yourself for now you have the power, unlike any time prior to this time, to bring into manifestation what you focus on, as long as it is in alignment with the higher plan of Mother Earth and that of your soul. If you are going to force something in a direction because you are afraid of losing it or disappointing it or failing, then you will see it will not work in your favour. There will be lots of struggles, blockages, and when you see the doors closing beloved ones, don’t try and beat it down only to have it slammed in your face again; move on. This is the time to move on. Your fear will only paralyse you, so choose love and move forward, even if it is initially a painful movement. The moment you get accustomed to the movement the pain subsides and it becomes a gentle, natural process of movement. Is this clear?


Are there any questions at this point that I can assist any of you with?


Lord Kuthumi, can you explain the link to the bushman wisdom and history?


Brother the wisdom of the bushmen and the history as such, is missing, it is absent, and in many of the ancient cultures their true origin is not present within history which is what has made it such a problem. The depiction in history is mainly about how they were deprived of their sacred lands, how the white man came in and took their space, as the white man did with the Native American Indians, with the Aborigines and many other sacred cultures, so the Bushmen are the catalyst in the opening of the ancient truths by which they lived, similar to that of the Native American Indian people and the Aboriginal people. It is the collaboration with nature that is vital.

In all these cultures they mastered the ability to live in harmony with Mother Earth. Western civilisation completely annihilated that and labelled them as barbaric or labelled them as an unevolved system of humans who did not have the capacity to evolve intellectually and pushed them by the way simply as waste. Now the so-called waste of the lands is now bearing fruit; people are discovering that within the great waste lands many treasures have lain hidden and it is their knowledge of the stars, therefore astronomy, as well as astrology, their connection with the animals of their environment as well as nature in its flora consciousness. This will prove to the western worlds how far they have regressed, even though technologically there has been a tremendous amount of synthetic progression.

Coming back to earth is the key for humans, not only grounding yourselves back in your body by seeing that life is something that you are meant to live, that life is an arena in which you have the opportunity to experience immense joy, but it is also the process of getting in touch with the earth, and rebuilding that relationship, working in collaboration with Mother Earth, rather than separating the two worlds, resulting in a divorce of consciousness, a separation between the ego and spirit, the dual world you are in. It is even evident in the aspects of self where one does not feel in touch with other aspects of the self, so the Bushmen are helping in the re-union of the original sacred origin within self, that reconnection to the stars. Do you understand?

Yes, thank you.

You are welcome.


Lord Kuthumi, can you tell me a bit more about the group that I went to with – the mark group on Kilimanjaro, and also when we went to Kamberg last week, one of the girls with us on that climb was there as well and we went to the sacred – what I felt was a sacred bushman site in the Kamberg – the significance of all that to being here now?


Brother, your connection then as an anchor for this energy is specifically through the Bushmen people then. Holding such a vibration with them is one that will not only benefit the anchoring of those original seeds but also the anchoring of your original seed. This means the ability to understand where one is at, at this current time. The geographical places that you went to was part of the process of retrieving energy vibrations and facilitating the activation of whatever portals have been held there, most of them dormant. The Kilimanjaro trip was related to the chakric system, the activation of the 7th and 5th dimensional chakras that have been activated over the past 18 months. Bringing that into the masculine presence of Mount Kilimanjaro has facilitated the process of allowing the masculine energy and feminine energy to begin to merge gracefully rather than being in a state of coagulation. Do you understand?


It answers your question?

Yes, thank you.


Lord Kuthumi, Did the crucifixion really happen? Was there a physical crucifixion?


No there wasn’t.

So what was that all about.

It is part of the lesson for humanity. It happened, but it didn’t happen. Master Jesus as you know him was not there is a physical body experiencing what he was. It was an aspect of him. I’m sure you have heard of the hologram theory?

Yes, I have.

There you have it.

There are some researchers that maintain that it was Judas upon the cross.

At this time – one moment, Master Jesus is coming forward. Judas was present but not on the cross that was depicted as being the one that Jesus was upon. Jesus was there physically and holographically. What happened at that point in time, and this is what was is so difficult for people to understand which is why it has not been a subject that has been brought up, because it was a time in space where 3 dimensions were being experienced all at once. There were 3 realities being played out simultaneously of which all participants had become interwoven in. The Ascended Masters as you know them were a part of the process. It was during that time that there was the deep wish and hope that much of the abuse and trauma as a result of man’s ignorance could be ended; however, it did not unfold in that way. Instead the focus on man being a sinner and Jesus having to be crucified on the cross; him being the martyr who died for the sins of man then became the focus. Do you understand?

Sort of!

Sister more and more information is going to be revealed in the near future. It is very difficult to explain many dimensions being experienced simultaneously. It has happened before – 9/11 was another one of these. There were 2 dimensions of reality being played out, but unless one understands time looping one cannot understand how holograms are created, how alternate, parallel, simultaneous and multi-dimensional realities are experienced all at once. They are ineffable. Do you understand?

Thank you.

But give yourself time, be patient with yourselves, for already you are understanding things that had we tried to explain it to you 5 or 10 years ago, you would not have had a cooking clue what was going on, yet now you sit in the space with the Masters and you are living it, so be patient with yourselves. Is this clear?

Yes, thank you.

Beloved ones, we wish now to focus the energy on the Easter resurrection process. Each of you are being called into the realms of resurrection where Master Jesus and Mary Magdalene await you. They are the overlighting divine presence for this time of immense change, and the planetary initiation unfolding. The old consciousness relating to who Mary Magdalene was and the role of Master Jesus is what is coming to its end, and all the teachings of every scripture in existence that has promoted an either exaggerated version of the truth or an illusionary version of the truth is dissolving, which is why I say the discovery of the writings of what Judas’s true role was is the prelude to this. So brace yourselves for many new teachings coming to the fore.

Master Jesus and Mary Magdalene are experiencing the final shift where she takes over the 6th ray and Master Jesus becomes the official Chohan of the 6th dimensional ray of fluid love. These 2 vibrations are what will carry humanity spiritually into the future, bringing a whole new level of understanding to the religions of the world so that religion versus spirituality is not a war waged on one another, but rather an interaction, a diverse expression of the creative embodiment of God that formulates a greater body of experiencing the expression of Mother/Father God. This will end the separation and instead of divorcing ones self from another because of their belief systems, their behaviour, or their attitude toward life one can embrace them unconditionally and feel if there is anything one can contribute of value.

Don’t ostracise those who need love the most. Work on yourself so that you are strong, so that you stand without judgement or bias in your heart, so you will lead through this time. The resurrection of this Easter initiation is resurrecting all of the original ancient truths which are being seen as new discoveries which are simply the original plan for humanity. This is therefore the true liberation of the soul.

Declaring war on one another because of the belief that your God is better than any other God, or that your way of living is better than any other way of living, is dancing with the devil so to speak, plain and simple. War can never be fought in the name of God. Never. When you declare war it is because you are at odds within yourself and you have recognised conflict in another resembling that and you make an agreement to fight one another on it. God has NOTHING to do with it, so please don’t get Him involved.

This is the time where humanity will realise this and not because they are told so. It becomes an inner realisation, questions being asked from within regarding this, and stumbling upon the truth so to speak, and this truth will evoke the desire to answer more questions, questions that will automatically lead to the truth of your origin and the origin of everything that exists around you. The only way that energy can truly be accessed is if there are sufficient of you in your power, confident in your connection with spirit, confident in your relationship with your self, and this will ensure the new structure, the new world, being able to anchor itself within the 4 Buddhic columns we have spoken of and create the new world as it has been described. Is this clear?


We have not taken you out of the altered state of consciousness that you went into with your breath work and when you connected with the Masters, and we are not going to do this; all we are going to do is help you draw your consciousness back into your physical body but keep the connection open to the Masters and to this time of death and rebirth. On the 26th of April we will facilitate the sealing of those energies within each one of you individually. Mary Magdalene and Master Jesus who are overlighting the project will take care of this, as will the 1440 Masters of the Light who are connecting in all the deserts across your world.

Each desert holds a gift. The Namib Desert is the gift of prosperity; it is the seed of golden consciousness that lies within it. Travelling to this place is recapturing that golden seed, the innocence and the purity of the inner child, the reclaiming of your golden child. Is this clear? Are there any questions?


Lord Kuthumi, I feel a little bit like a child in kindergarten compared with perhaps a lot of the other people because I haven’t been exposed very much to your teachings. Am I still going to gain the benefits on a more conscious level perhaps apart from a spiritual level, going to Namibia?


Absolutely, sister. You see, the body physically responds as much as it would emotionally, and as much as it does spiritually. We suggest that you simply surrender to the experience of Namibia, and allow the magnificence of the desert to speak to you. Observe nature and how it communicates with you. Be aware of your surroundings and how everything is being communicated to you through the surroundings: the people that shall journey with you, the people at the various locations you will journey to, the crystals, the animals, nature, all of it has a voice to be heard and you will be spoken to when you are awake and when you are asleep.

Thank you Lord Kuthumi.

You are most welcome.


Lord Kuthumi, is there a relevance of today being the Passover, and could you explain this to us if it is?


Certainly. There is most certainly a relevance to this, brother. You see this is, in fact, the time of the passing over of those energies of the old paradigm, which is why the activation of the mass exodus gateway has taken place today. There are billions of levels of release that shall take place related to every aspect of life in existence. It is a passing through and passing over of trapped souls, of energy, of waste. There are so many levels brother; we could not even begin in a month of Sundays to give you all of the information. Therefore I suggest feel it within yourself; you are very good at doing this, but the relevance of it being on the Passover is because of the passing over of all that which is old and obsolete to make way for the passing in of that which is new, that which embodies the golden quantum consciousness. Does that answer your question?

Thank you Lord Kuthumi.

You are welcome. Blessings be with you.


Lord Kuthumi, I’d just like to know if the area I’m working with is Sheffield and Ballito, the area I’ve been living in?


What about it?

Is this the area that I’m connected to, is this the porthole that I’m working with for this initiation?

Sister, that porthole is complete. You are working with one of the Namibian portholes. You are connected specifically to the place of – whalefish?

Walvis Bay.

Thank you. Do you know this place?

Not well, no.

Participant Comment: you’ll smell it!

K: Thank you. Something fishy going on, yes?


Sister your move away from that place was the closure to all that has been done there. The work there is complete. Do you understand?

Yes, thank you.

So enjoy some time in the icy waters of – Whalefish Bay!


Anything else?


Kuthumi, will those of us who are not able to go physically to Namibia, benefit from the inner child release work?


Did I not make this clear – enough?


It is clear that those who will be staying behind will be undergoing what those who are travelling are undergoing. Those who are travelling physically to Namibia will be undergoing much of the physical process of it, representing the initiation and the transformation of all that the Masters require of them there and that is part of their personal process. Those who are staying behind are holding the energy here so that when those who are in Namibia are taken from their bodies at times, through consciousness that is, those who are remaining behind in their geographic location of their abode will anchor the energy so that both aspects are kept balanced and clear at all times.

Thank you, that’s beautifully clear and now I really understand it!



Lord Kuthumi, those of us who are remaining behind, are there specific times that we should connect with the group there so as to enhance or strengthen the energy, the link.


Clearly I did not make that clear either! From today until the 25th of April was the time that all need to be connected.

I meant the time.

Throughout the time.

That’s clear, thank you.


Lord Kuthumi, I’ve been working with Lady Nada in preparation for Namibia on a specific project and I would just like to know if she could give me some feedback. Am I on track or has she got any further advise for me?


Looks like you will find out in Namibia, yes?


Sister, it is part of your journey with her to access some of the mystery school information that she has there for you. This will be accessed specifically by you at the Brandberg Mountains. Do you understand?

Yes. Thank you Lord Kuthumi.

The whole trip as a collective experience will unlock many cellular memories in your association with her but the Brandberg Mountains, specifically, is an important one for you. Is this clear?

Yes, thank you Lord Kuthumi.

Now we would like to just address momentarily the people who are travelling to Namibia. I know not all of you are here, but please will you give us your name and I will address you personally.


Greetings, sister. Your journey to Namibia is outside of the group that is travelling. This means the outer perimeter of the inner core activation taking place is what you are responsible for, kind of like holding the fort, so to speak. It is part of your internal journey of self, in the process of expressing the divine self through femininity and unconditional love. Do you understand this?


Thank you.

May I ask for Peter, who unfortunately can’t be here?

He would represent the male aspect of that.

Thank you.

You are welcome.

Lord Kuthumi, it’s Carol.

Greetings, sister. You are carrying the flames of St Germain which shall facilitate the protection of all of those who are in the core group and their personal release process; the 7 flames enfolding the 7 chakras, and the 7 stages of the initiations that shall take place. Do you understand?

Yes, thank you.

Let me add at this point; there are 7 stages yet you are all working with the 12 dimensions. At the end of the 12 weeks you will have integrated a divine aspect of your 12th dimensional self as a result of everything taking place at this time, whether you are making the trip physically or not. Those who are making the trip physically are contracted to the geographic place, and are contracted to the crystal kingdom, Lady Nada and myself, Kuthumi, to carry this task out. At the same time you are being facilitated in doing very deep inner work linked to the geographic area that may not be as intense as those who are not making the journey. Do you all understand?


Very well. Please continue.


Greetings, sister. You are bringing one of the new energies linked to the pearl beings into physical existence in your trip. This means that through the initiations you undergo your personal journey of awakening and integration will link you with the consciousness of the pearl beings. Many of these beings are ready to incarnate. A number of them are the souls who left the planet in the tsunami not too long ago. They have received their initiations through leaving through the water and have completed all their initiations on the other side and can now anchor the pearl being wisdom and energy. They will make themselves known to you at the right time. This we will not force in any way; it is something that you will open to in your perfect time. What we suggest, however, is that you be receptive, that you do not push your thoughts and your feelings aside as mere imagination, or insanity, but to entertain it. Do you understand?

Yes, thank you.

You are welcome.

Hi I’m Carol.

Greetings, sister. You are taking with you the energy of Melchizedek, Metatron and Maitreya. These three threads of energy are what will support the group’s collective union with all of that that has become separate in the past. It is through these energies that spirit and science can merge within a so-called infertile place, anchoring the realisation that the desert is in fact an oasis of life. This will come to the fore in the realisation of such within self. Is this clear?

Yes, thank you.

I’m Diana.

Greetings, sister. You are carrying the energies of two beings; one is what we call the wise old woman who embodies all of the wisdom of Mother Moon; therefore as we speak with you now Mother Moon is facilitating a strong psychic connection to you for it is during that time you will be able to access the encoded energies within the sand of the desert. This links you with a being known as the Touareg. This particular being of immense power will speak to you through the sand. You are to if possible, bring enough sand back home with you to be able to lay upon a tray. You are then to learn either with the assistance of another, or through the guidance of the Masters, to use the sand to give guidance to others. Have you ever heard of scrying with sand?


Something to do research on! We do believe there is one such lady, an Egyptian lady, who does this. She uses the sand of the Sahara desert. It is your turn to use the sand of the Namib desert. Is this clear?

Thank you. Is she is South Africa, or is she in Egypt?

If we have our information correct, she is in South Africa.

Thank you.

You are welcome. Blessings be with you.

Lord Kuthumi, it’s Chantal.

Greetings, sister. Your journey is as we have explained earlier on, with Lady Nada, to access some of the ancient mystery school teachings related to the work of a project you are currently working on. Is this clear?

Yes, it is.

Greetings Lord Kuthumi, it is Janice.

Greetings, sister. What if we told you, you were just going on holiday? To surf the dunes!

I’ve been on holiday for a long time, I feel!


Sister, your journey to Namibia is for the purpose of healing the ancient wounds of the feminine presence within the cultures that were severely abused by western consciousness. This means you are tapping into all of the feminine lineages, all of the energetic imprints where they were severely abused. It may not necessarily be of a sexual nature, even a physical nature; even spiritually abuse can be soul destroying. It is linked to the denial of the value, the treasure that is present within the feminine aspect of every community; therefore the masculine and the feminine aspects, their roles, must be reunited and this is part of what you shall undergo. Do you understand?

I do, Lord Kuthumi. Is this also linked with the goddess temples then, that work?

Yes it is, yes.

May I also ask for Conrad as well?

Certainly. Brother Conrad will also access information from the ancient mystery schools linked through my energy Kuthumi, going all the way back to Thoth, specifically. It is here that he will enter the fibre of the caduceus in order to retrieve the memory of ancient times past. It is vital that he write as much as he can during the 12 day trip. Is this clear?

Yes Lord Kuthumi. Thank you very much.

You are welcome.

Greetings Kuthumi, Arend.

Greetings, brother. Your journey to Namibia is for the purpose of reclaiming your lost golden child. You are going there to reconnect with your origin and your truth. It is a time of preparation as well for great changes to come. Part of the process will be reflected for others within the group because you were raised there for the first early years of your life and it is a part of your fibre. It is vital that this healing take place so that you can harness the treasures of the desert rather than the aridness of the desert. One can see the desert as a place of death or a place of life, and the aridness that has been inside of you as a result of whatever traumas you experienced in Namibia can now be washed away. The amount of water that has flowed through Namibia has been for the purpose of clearing Namibia’s emotional body for there has been immense trauma and abuse within that area. This is also been aggravated by the presence of the military some time ago; therefore the subterranean world of Namibia has undergone immense abuse and shock and still the areas that people are not allowed into, there is stuck energy, trapped souls so to speak, and the mass exodus porthole is helping to draw them out of there. It is not just because there are diamonds lying around. So son, trust that you are reclaiming that part of you that has felt missing for all this time, but know that your karmic cycles have too come to an end, and move on you must, as must everyone else around you. But trust that whichever way the changes unfold it is in accordance with the higher plan. Is this clear?

Yes thank you. Is there information for Michelle?

We must ask her permission. One moment please. It appears she wishes to receive this information in the stillness of her meditations with me. Are you clear, brother?


Very well. I would like now to address those of you who are remaining behind, by confirming that your collective presence is a body of energy. Its body embodies a golden thread. This golden thread is what all of you are using to weave the tapestry of the golden template. Much work has been done on this already but all of you are contributing to this. It is important that you remember that what you contribute, what you weave into the tapestry becomes a part of the reality. I have said it many times before but I shall repeat it again: this is your time to anchor heaven on earth. It is a time where you have the opportunity and the power to bring all of your dreams to life. This is the time where you can expect sudden endings, sudden deaths, so to speak; changes, relationships ending, battles that you have had suddenly ending, resolution, completion; it is the end of a very, very important time in your lives and humanity’s ascension cycles but it is also the beginning of something exquisite filled with many treasures, ones that promise eternal peace and happiness. Is this clear?


Very well. Beloved ones, those of you remaining behind, you will be utilised as the anchors for the retrieving of these treasured energies, therefore it is important that you all write as well. If you feel a specific connection to any group member specifically travelling to Namibia, please speak to them about this, or connect with them energetically throughout the time. Follow their itinerary if you are able to, and know that with each of the channellings that we conduct in Namibia all of you will be participating in on an energy level as well; therefore following the itinerary will give you an idea of when you could expect to be compos mentis and when not!


Is this clear?


We would hate for you to be in a board meeting and we yank you out your body, yes?


But that could be amusing of course.

More laughter.

Especially when you are being asked "Should I push the red button?"

Beloved ones, I will take a few more questions, if any, before we end this transmission.


Lord Kuthumi, can you tell me a little more bit about the Golden Gate where I had been asked by Mother Earth to take a group in February?


Sister, all the points of golden energy like the Point of Gold in Mocambique, like the Point of Gold in Johannesburg, South Africa, are dimensions that embody the 8th dimensional energy of Christed abundance. The platinum gates are the ones that embody the energy of 6th dimensional fluid love, therefore the group that went with you was linked to activating another aspect of the golden energy of 8th dimensional Christed abundance, assisting each participant and those in the area, to tap into their divine right to trust in their Christed ability to allow all their needs to manifest as met, to integrate the Christed consciousness that inspires one to live motivated by love. Does that answer your question?

Thank you Lord Kuthumi. Can I ask one last one quickly? Please forgive me everyone. The place that I’m going to go on Sunday, will that be the appropriate energy for me to end my 3rd book?

It appears so, yes.

Thank you very much.


Lord Kuthumi, I don’t know whether you have mentioned it. I’m sorry if you did and I didn’t hear. The Point of Gold in Namibia, where’s that? And can I ask another question please? If I may know whether I am connected to a specific place in Namibia?


The Point of Gold we refer to is in Mocambique. Dune 7 is a very important energy or point of gold energy, as are some of the others. We haven’t plotted all of them out. Sister Lynette, you were at another one. What number Dune was it?

Dune 42.

Thank you. Sister Salome, if you have some time at some stage, perhaps that would be a good one for you to do is plot the golden portholes on the dunes in Namibia. Would you like to go on a trip?


Up and down all the dunes in Namibia.



Tell your husband to brace himself!

More laughter!

I will, thank you.

An expedition through Namibia to mark all of the dunes. He will honestly think you have lost your mind!

Gales of laughter.

It can’t get worst than what it is already!!

And your connection to Namibia specifically has been through the healing of your inner child and the family consciousness. You spent many of your years in Namibia, not so?


Therefore having travelled backwards and forwards as you have, you have woven this golden energy so to speak, but it is linked specifically to the healing of the family dynamic. Is this clear?

Yes, thank you.


Lord Kuthumi, a question from Conrad. He specifically wanted to know what he could use as protection against X-Rays in the theatre, as well as a lot of the machines leak gases. What would be appropriate protection for him to use?


Quartz crystals are very good to use on the individual, at their feet if possible when taking X-Rays. With regards to the gases being emitted by the machines we suggest that he ask that the environment be protected and cleared during and after the utilisation of such. This he can discuss with Lord Arcturus and they will come up with a plan for him. All he need do is ask. Is this clear?

Yes Lord Kuthumi, thank you.

You are welcome.

Beloved ones, I shall take one last question.


Lord Kuthumi, yesterday I went to the elephant sanctuary, and one of the things I came to learn about was that there are too many elephants in some of our National Parks and the only way they can bring that into balance because they are destroying all the vegetation is by culling them. Surely there must be a better way?


Brother, do not despair. There are lightworkers who are currently working on this dilemma and we are happy to say that within 2 years maximum, a resolution will have been found. Is this clear? Or shall we say a solution will have been found.

It’s nice to know, thank you.

You are welcome. Beloved ones, so now we bring this transmission to an end; however the energies we have activated for all of you are still very active.

Know that this Easter period, even though it is one of profound death, it is also one of miraculous rebirth. Celebrate it with joy in your heart, try and let the tears fall another day as you move through this time saying goodbye to the old and fearlessly embracing the new, because you all deserve it.

May the light of Mother/Father God always shine brightly upon the pathway before you, may every step that you take be a confident one, moving in the direction of your truth, and may all always be well in your world.

I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom, and I greet and bless you in love. Adonai.


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